That is actually what the app is called cash out and it is on the Google play store. So what is cash out app?

Cashout is a great app and I have tried and tested it and I highly recommend this app. It is a make money app, all you do is join it free and make money by doing the tasks it tells you to by surveys or downloading apps.

You collect points along the way, the more points the more cash you earn. You can withdraw earnings into PayPal or Amazon gift cards. I used this actually today, I earned over 7000 points and cashed put $5 which the payment was in my Paypal within 5 minutes.

This is an excellent app and I will continue to use this and as well as other apps I use regular.
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I will certainly try this app. But I'm not sure if this is available here in Philippines. Anyway, thanks for your info about this app. Surely, it's a fun way also of earning money.
I've also got an app similar to this. It's called Make Money, it also pays thru Paypal. All you need to do is collect coins and coins can be earned by inviting other people to download the app and use your referral code, and doing tasks such as downloading a certain app and reaching a level in it, you can also watch advertisements and be paid one coin for every ads watched. Lots of way to earn coins in this app, plus what I love about it is that you're given 10 coins everyday for just...
Everyone who still reads this, there are still a lot of apps like these out there, and I just want to say that you should watch out for which one you download. They may not have virusses, but you may end up doing things that profits the developer and you ending up with nothing. Always check the rating of the sites and apps and read the reviews.

Think logical as well: If the deal sounds too good, it's a fake. Just like all those Youtube videos telling you how to make $100 a day. This is what...
This is a method I use for years.

For some people, taking screenshots is a completely routine thing, and when someone says they do not know how to do it, it's not an excuse.

Here we will handle the ways I personally use and recommend ..

Download Lightshot program

Clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the download site, in the upper right corner you will see the download option, when you select it will show you the options for Windows or Mac depends on what you use to select this option.


Install the app.You do not have to start it as it will be stored automatically by your device.

To activate screenshot press PrtSc / Print screen, depends on what type of a device you use, on your keyboard.It, usually looks like this :


After that, you will get an option to take a cut the picture on the surface of the screen the way you like.In a simple way, move with the mouse cursor, select where to start and hold the left button to select the surface you want to take.Release when you want to stop.
After that, you will get something that looks like this:


Click on upload and you will get the link of the picture.Type it on address bar and you can download it or share it.


I hope I helped.
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Nice, easy and simple.The way I like it.
A lot of people have problems with screenshot on Windows since it is not very smooth when it comes down to making picture after you take a screen shot, and some people do have problems with where the file was located.
This is the app I used for some time and it never failed me.
No problem @EfficientNinja and @DenisMNE .
Its a useful method.
Its super fast.You can get a screenshot in literally 5 seconds.
The only thing that makes it different but better in same way, is that you get a link to download, so if you need to share it online you will have much easier time then...
It's a great improvement for my Print Screen button! It's more quick and easy instead of having the trouble of going through the start menu for the snipping tool or paint. :D
Looks good if a print screen is too much and you can't properly crop using Paint. However, I rather use for screenshots. It's also a small piece of software that adds in option quickly take a screenshot of your screen, currently opened window or a selected area you define.
Then it saves it on your account online, meaning that your screenshots aren't being saved on your computer, saving you some space, although you can always save it on your computer afterwards.
It's also easy to share...
This is just a general question. If you like to read, would you rather read from a physical book or read it as a png file (or however it's done) on your phone or tablet?

Personally, I prefer the physical book. Mainly so that I always know how long the current book still is. It gives me that constant reminder in my head that tells me how close we are to the plot point and the ending. I also love the smell of newly purchased books. I don't know if eBooks have it, but in fantasy stories, there often a map of the world the story is situated in, giving you a better idea of where the protagonist is and where who is planning to go somewhere. Also other valuable information, like a glossary or other books in the series or by the author.

And all in all, I just love holding a book and turning pages, rather than scrolling. It would make me feel like I'm scrolling through a long post on 9gag. And being on my phone, I usually let myself be distracted by games or 9gag, to the point where I forgot that I was reading a book.

So what about you guys? Physical books or eBooks? Or both?
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