Hello Everyone!

I have watched this video in YouTube browsing for some things that I think was important and useful one.
However I find this so called Smart wallet so I want to ask for member's idea or if any of the member's forum regarding their experience or encounter with this called Smart Wallet..

Try to watch this video, Is it real and true???

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Omg this is something, and I can't imagine how expensive this wallet are. You can literally charge your phone with that? just wow.
Joey Mercado
Joey Mercado
@carol0502 yes I am totally agree with you that is why I post it here to now if some of the members here has this kind of wallet and what is/are their experience regarding this. This one is a good nvention and an update of the technology isn't it? this one is really cool right?
I just bought a pendo/pendopad last week. Its style is cool and already has windows 10 installed. The only thing that bothers me is that when I connect it to my mobile hotspot, it consumes a lot of my data allocation so quickly. For example, a 1gb data allocation would only last for 30mins to an hour with just web browsing, like accessing this site. No streaming or downloading. I was wondering if there's any way to fix this or if it's just how it is. I was planning of getting a postpaid plan but it will not be worth it if this is the case. Like a 10gb data allocation which is supposed to last for 30 days will only last for a day or two.

Looking forward to your suggestions and bright ideas. :)
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It maybe on your automatic updates, windows 10 has an automatic updates setting which is enabled by default. These updates are usually system and components related, which are basically updated or downloading on background. You may see nothing on your menu but its actually downloading.

These updates are essentials in keeping your system updated but if you want to control it you can download updates manually by changing the setting so you can manage your consumable data.

You can check the...
Joey Mercado
Joey Mercado
hello @bernztein_22 , This one is quite a good post and I am agree with @Fishbate Windows 10 has an automatic update setting. So i suggest that aside form this kindly check the other setting s of your applications and make sure you will use the spaces very well. Thank you
Are there any phones out there that can actually compete with a professional camera? Let's talk about all the areas, not only video/picture quality. I'm thinking about the zoom, colors, fps, resolution, basically everything.
Is there anyone out here who has experience with high quality camera phones that can share that experience with us? I would really appreciate some feedback considering how much phones are improving and evolving, i think this is a very realistic discussion. I was watching a video where they showed a P-900 camera recording of the moon and the optical zoom was so insane that you can basically see the moon as if you are extremely close to it. Is there any phone out there that has similar quality camera? And if not, which one is the closest, the best of them all?

Here is a picture of that moon zoom, just found it.

Feel free to share pictures, videos, phone and camera specifications, anything that can contribute to this topic.
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I mean professional cameras are built for professional photography. Where smartphone cameras are built just for social purposes. My answer is no, professional cameras are way beyond the smartphone cameras. But there are devices that you can attach in smartphones to improve their cameras. An example of these devices is Moment Lens. It can improve the quality of cameras in smartphones.
I agree with you. Camera is made and upgrade for cameras while Smartphones is made for different features it upgrades not only with it's camera.
I have some previous discussion that is related to this topic. I have also found some articles where an smartphone is being used as means of taking photos professionally. In the article you can see that the photos are quite remarkable specially those underwater shots which was taken from an iPhone.

You can check the discussion here:
Hi @windbriker ,smartphone technology nowadays have these features. Of course you need some tools and an application to enhance the result of the pictures.
One tool to consider is a tripod, a good tripod can make your pictures on focus and still. Choose a tripod that includes some features that fits your needs like positioning features, access and control options. One certain product is called Studio Neat, you can check the product here: https://www.studioneat.com/products/glif

Another thing is enhancing your smartphone camera capability specially during night. One application for you to consider is CAMERA FV-5 this application runs on Android. This app gives you smartphone a DSLR feature.
You can check the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flavionet.android.camera.pro&hl=en

Another app that runs in IOS is NightCap Camera, it's a powerful app that takes amazing low light and night photos, videos and 4K time lapse.
You can check the app here: http://www.nightcapcamera.com/nightcap-camera/

Take note that there may be more much better apps out there. I also think that the smartphones specification is a significant factor in creating good pictures.

I found an article about space photography for your reference:

I hope this helps:coffee:!
In my opinion the newer iPhone generations' cameras are A1

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