I prefer YouTube because their variety of shows to watch that are not found on TV channels ,I can watch them when I want to but with TV shows I have to be their at that exact time not to miss a particular show .what's your thought TV shows or YouTube ?
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Today, smartphones are equipped with larger battery capacity, allowing users to use more than a day at normal frequency without having to recharge. In addition, the availability of an increasingly inexpensive rechargeable battery is an extension on smartphones.

How to save battery when your smartphone is running out of battery.jpg

However, there are cases where the device is running out of battery and forcing you to resort tricks to save energy. Here are ways (maybe negative) but will help you to use your smartphone for a while:

Turn off wireless connections
Wireless connections like 3G/4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi always take a lot of energy and if you do not need it, turn it off. The GPS positioning is similar and you should not turn it on when the power is running low, or if you want to store more power for further.

Limit phone checks regularly
One of the habits of modern humans is to regularly check their phones, even doing it unconsciously. Turning on and off continuously also consumes some battery power.

Switch to airplane mode
If not required, plane mode is an option that saves battery life. However, it means you can’t receive any calls or messages, means you are out of mobile network.

Make the most usage of available power
If your laptop, rechargeable torch, AC adapter...have a lot of power, it can be used to charge the smartphone temporarily.

Disable notifications
Notifications from email, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger...always consume a lot of power, so need to turn off to save battery.

Reduce screen brightness
Monitors are always the most energy-consuming part, so you should reduce the brightness to save battery power, as well as limit the power on and off.

Send text messages instead of calling
Messaging can be time consuming but does not consume energy while making phone calls. In addition, messaging also helps to communicate with message more specifically. Of course, you also need to know when to text, when to call depending whom you communicate.
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Try turning off unnecessary applications that tend to run in the background. People always leave them on and it annoys me so bad :D It just kills your battery in a matter of minutes. It might seem like a unimportant thing but it's one of those small things that can really turn into a big deal.
Great and informative post smarttips, thanks! One thing I personally do with all my devices is make sure I'm cycling the charge from full to empty. This is better than just charging your phone when you feel like it (30%, 50% ect) and can increase how long charge will be held and how long it will take to charge. Hope my little tip manages to reach someone that needed it! :)
What also works, is to turn off as many apps that you don't need running at all times. Take me for example, I always keep my games running, even when I'm not on my smartphone, but even though my smartphone is turned off, those apps are still running and making my smartphone lose battery. I don't care too much since I got a power bank, but I sure find it worth mentioning.
Can you guys tell me reasons why BlackBerry is not popular as iPhone or Samsung smartphone? I have not used this BlackBerry before because old versions of BlackBerry is very hard to use due to it has keyboards but now they removed that but still can not become one of favorite smartphones for users?
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From what I understand Blackberry simply doesn't offer as much compatibility or customization as it's competitor's products. I could be entirely wrong but a lack of features in something as important as a smartphone can set you behind much more than a lack of features in other certain industries such as clothing, art or storage.
I have never seen an ad for a Blackberry device. I've seen them in stores and if they're good, I'll buy them, but most of the times, a Samsung or Huawei device at the same price is just a little bit better.
I think the main reason would be their promotions. Samsung and Apple promote like crazy, while Blackberries just modestly exists and wait for a new owner. That's how I see it.
I was cleaning out my room and found my iPhone 1 from 10 years ago. To my surprise, it still works! What are some fun, creative things I can do with my phone? Is it worth selling?

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Valerie Green
Valerie Green
Save it for now and sell it some 10-15 years later. It will rake in some decent money.
I think the effort or money to maintain/keep it for 10 - 15 years later even more than the money you sell it.
You should not sell that phone! It would be good if you waited a few more years and then sell it. It will be worth a fortune in a few years, trust me!
Well i'm very curious about Samsung phones, Why their so famous ? Is it because they are also one of the first brand that release with an android OS? Or because of the great durability it brings? For now it is still a big question at the back of my head.
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Well, when mobile phones hit the market way in the late 80s and early 90s,(depending on the country and region) everyone including me were super excited about owning the gadget through the price dictated which brand to go for. As the competition heightened so came the test on quality.
That's when Samsung started to stand out from the crowd to deliver user-friendly phones in terms of size, quality, usability...name it. With time their reputation grew because they seemed to be ahead of the...
I have a Samsung phone which I am very fond of.I like mostly the camera as takes high quality pics, with high resolution.There is the battery as well showing up durability, it takes me using more than 20 hours till I have to recharge the phone again.There is a wide range of features and applications to choose from.Altogether my Samsung device has all the qualities I am expecting from a phone in today's technology world.
Samsung phone is more easy to use than the other phone and the camera is very clear. The Samsung is very competetive to the other brand.

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