Don't let its retro design fool you because the JKR-8100 alarm clock Bluetooth speaker a multifunctional gadget! This cool gadget will serve you as a Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, alarm clock, and LED light - this is everything you need beside your bed. Thanks to the integrated microphone, you can use the Bluetooth speaker with LED alarm clock for hands-free calls.

Listen to your favorite tunes from your Bluetooth-enabled device or FM stations and relax before bedtime or wake up on time the next morning, but you need to set the alarm function. This alarm clock features an LED night light that creates a warm ambient. You can listen to the music from almost any device, thanks to its Bluetooth connection and AUX input. And there is one more music playing option, listen to music from your own TF memory card.

Product Features:
● Unique dual alarm clock function, you can set alarm reminder for two different time periods according to your needs.
● Using the output power of the 52mm dual magnetic horn, achieves a comprehensive sound quality.
● Large LED display that has a smooth mirror surface and shows the time, alarm, battery, etc.
● Equipped with Chinese and English prompts, vocal voice reminding makes you feel closer.
● Night light at the top, three level brightness adjustable.
● Built-in microphone for hands-free calls.
● FM radio function let you enjoy listening to stations from your area.
● Using the integrated buttons, you can set the time, alarm, change track or FM station, etc.
● Bluetooth 5.0 transmission to enhance signal stabilization and reduce signal loss.
● Support TF card to broadcast and common mainstream music format playback.
● High quality AUX audio input supports 3.5mm interface device.

With alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker two-in-one design and two stylish colors for you to choose from on GearVita, the JKR-8100 will bring you a different fun and experience:

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JKR-8100 Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker.jpg
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With the Xiaomi Mijia 1080P IP camera, you can sleep soundly! The built-in 8pcs 940nm IR-cut LEDs and quiet motor enable this surveillance camera capture clear night vision images up to 9 meters distance silently. Besides, the rotatable design of the IP camera makes it capable of monitoring wider range in the horizontal and vertical direction via the APP control. What is more, the concealed TF card slot provides not only a beautiful and integrated appearance but also a convenient storage method for you.

Product Features:
● With the holder and accessories, the IP camera can be installed anywhere in many ways.
● Floating window of the APP for watching.
● Built-in 10pcs 940nm infrared cutting LED and quiet motor, enable it to capture the clear night vision image at a distance of up to 9 meters.
● Pan/tilt control with dual motors, 360 degree panorama viewing angle, maximumly reducing the blind spot.
● The rotary design enables it to monitor a larger range in horizontal and vertical direction through APP control.
● Hidden TF slot not only provides you with a beautiful and integrated appearance, but also provides you with a convenient way to store.
● You can set the detect time and direction, if any abnormality occurs, the IP camera will record 10s videos and send alarm to your phone.
● 1080P resolution, shoot high-quality and smooth video.
● Two-way audio, with internal microphone and speaker.
● Separate antenna, strong wireless signal to shooting smooth video.
● Support Android 4.0 and above, iOS 7.0 and above.
● "Mi Home" APP, download from Google Play or Apple Store.

Connection is also very simple, only three steps needed. First, download the "Mi Home" APP. Second, power the IP camera. Third, open the APP and connect the device. Then, you can use it. GearVita provides this powerful Xiaomi Mijia IP camera with the price of $34.99, you can go to buy:

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Xiaomi Mijia Smart 1080P IP Camera.jpg
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I'm looking for some fun games that I can play offline. Currently, I'm looking for RTS (real time strategy) games, and downloaded a survival game in the meantime.

Does anyone have any other good games that can be played offline? Feel free to suggest any game you know and like. I never know if I end up liking a puzzle game, altough I'm pretty tired of Candy Crush and other match 3 games, so before suggesting any like those, make certain there's more to the game than just match 3, complete level and move on to the next. Also, free games! I'm not paying for mobile games. If they're really that fun to play, I'll be able to buy a game like it for PC.

Shortly put, I need mobile games that are:
  1. Offline (online options, but not required to play)
  2. Free
  3. NOT match 3 games.
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I've played some good offline games before and you can try them if you like.
Here are my list:
1. Mini DayZ: Zombie Survival
(Challenging Survival game where you'll reset from the start if you die)
2. Wild Tamer
(Shaman gone wild!)
3. Gladiator Rising: Rougelike RPG
(Don't die, or you'll go back from the top)

Hope you'll like it
The Mini DayZ looks kinda fun. I think I'm going to download that one and see if it's as fun as it looks. Wild tamer has a different art style, but I don't think it's a game I'll enjoy. Looks can be deceiving and I could be wrong, but I'll keep it on hold for now. The last one is a questionable...
Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
I would like to recommend these games

Smash Hit
Airattack 2
Table tennis
Badminton League

They are interesting games that can make you addicted.
Try them and let me know what games do you like best :)
Has Sony got the best look, most aesthetic tablets on the market, while also being one of the most underrated companies regarding the tablets?
It's actually a bit awkward how nobody is talking about them. Not only are they extremely gorgeous, but their performance is top notch.


The elegant, black color, the smooth edges. Extremely classy and elegant looking tablet. The edges are made in such a way that the tablet almost looks like a folded book, which is ridiculously cool if you ask me.
Why are these bad boys not getting enough love? They can most definitely compete with every other tablet and their physical appearance is, in my opinion, unmatched


Take a look and let me know what you guys think. Do you like the way they look?
Do you think they are overrated and if so, let me know why. I am more than willing to discuss anything you want about this topic :)
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I got to say, it looks really professional. But I think Sony doesn't take a lot of pride in their tablets, I don't see any ads about their tablets anywhere. They just have them and see if people want to buy them.
I'm personally not a fan of tablets, but I'm going to keep an eye out for these if I ever need (or want) one.
What's the price for this one, exactly? And do they have other tablets?
Hey, there.

I was wondering what would the best backup app for Android be ?

I am thinking of rebooting my phone completely, deleting everything then installing what I had.

Is there any app that would save my files out there ?
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Titanium Backup is what you need I think. I use it regularly when I want to change my OS.
With Titanium Backup, not only you can backup/restore your data but also you apps.
A neat feature also is that you can automate and schedule a full backup so you will never fear about losing you data.

Sure they are a lot of backup apps but Titanium backup has proved its worth.

Here you can find it.
I know that, unless you had another ROM and used something like F-droid to install apps (which I don't have direct experience with yet), Google Play will have a list of all the apps you had on the account associated with that phone.

If you want to back up files, there's the cloud backup.

I suppose if you want to get more advanced and treat the phone as a PC, a backup system might help in that case.

I saw that root was required with Titanium Backup. You may have to do some things...
Honestly, I don't know. I just have a Google Drive account for the unimportant things and everything important is backed up on my computer or a USB flash drive. I don't need apps if I can alternatives that don't fill up my smartphones' memory.

Try considering this as well. I'm sure these kinds of apps aren't big, but there's nothing as simple as connecting your phone to your PC and then dragging your stuff over there.

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