Smartphones are one of the most fastest evolving devices i know. The big players research and development team are always highly funded and always on a quest. That is why we enjoy all the awesome features on today's smartphones.
Smartphones today are equipped with the highest technology available in the market. From bio metrics, facial recognition, Bluetooth, and other integrated sensors that is
With the strong competition among smartphone producers in the market today i'm pretty sure that all new releases will always be at the edge of technology. The best part of that is, all of this technology and all of these features are for us to consume:p.

But have you ever wondered what is the next big thing? A jaw dropping feature or technology of a smartphone:eek:. What do you think is the future Smartphone? :alien:

check this out guys:
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I would really like to see the technology from the movie Ready Player One to be built inside a smartphone and add also the tech from Black Panther. Maybe some time in the future, smartphones can really be transparent like glass, like the one used by Iron Man, it would really be cool with holograms and applying air touch.
I am so happy that I made it here. For almost 1 month of finding a legit site finally I found this site. From now on I will really strive hard to influence and give opinion and information about smartphones that can help other people. I hope I'll make it as long as this site is functioning. My expectation in this site/forum is that we will treat everyone well and we will be friendly.
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Joey Mercado
Joey Mercado
Hello @ruxxy18 . welcome on this forum , We are lucky to have you . And please don't hesitate to ask, to participate here and ask some questions if you have doubt in your mind/

I hope it helps. Thank You :)
You are very and come my friend @ruxxy18 to the forum You are rest assured of learning so much phones and other gadgets, as well as applications to help you get the most out of any device you are making use of.

I have have learnt a lot in this community ever since I joined it and I'm sure that you're a going to enjoy your time as well.

Welcome once again.

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