Lenovo Watch 9 smartwatch combines the functions of traditional business watches and sports watches, providing more intelligent and convenient services for you. Its ergonomic design is suitable for daily use, sophisticated display keeps you constantly up to date about your current health status. Reach your fitness goals in no time with the heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and pedometer intergraded into this beautiful sport watch. You can get enough rest, recover fast, and gain optimal results thanks to a built-in sleep monitor.

Product Features:
● Premium sapphire glass, 9H hardness rating, good light transmittance.
● Stainless steel shell, excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance.
● Special high-end medical grade hypoallergenic silicone strap, gives the skin a long-term and comfortable experience.
● Luminous pointer allows you see clearly even in the dark.
● Imported gear box and the Nordic imported smart chip, structure more reliable, control more intelligent, last up to 12 months.
● 5ATM waterproof ensures normal use under 50 meters water pressure.
● Bluetooth smart connection, supported android mobile phone, iOS 8.0 or above.
● Maintain a stable connection within the range of 15 meters to 25 meters, also can upgrade the watch APP firmware online.
● The mobile phone and the watch are interconnected, you can use the pointer in the APP to adjust the time.
● Short press the side button twice quickly, the watch will automatically trigger to find the phone function, once the watch vibrates once, and the phone will automatically ring.
● After the mobile phone and the watch are interconnected, the alarm time can be set through the mobile phone APP.
● After the permission is set, calls and messages will vibrate at the first time, short press or shake your wrist to hang up the phone.
● Enter the watch APP camera interface, short press or shake the watch to quickly take pictures.
● Monitor your sleep duration and sleep quality through your body movement during sleep.
● Great for workout and running, capable of monitoring your steps and creating scientific running guidance for you, helps to improve your health status anytime and anywhere.
● Automatically monitor your activity status, when you sitting for a long time, it will send you vibration reminder.

It is with exquisite appearance and available in two color options on GearVita, black shows your maturity and white shows your elegance: https://gearvita.com/lenovo-watch-9...-fitness-tracker-support-ios-and-android.html

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This Huawei CM33 earphones are a wired headset with mic and allows you to enjoy your favorite music tracks in crystal-clear clarity. Featuring a response range of 8 to 25000Hz, this headset reproduces deep lows, clear mids, and powerful highs. It features a USB Type-C connector that makes it compatible with many smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the in-line control, you can easily control your music with this headset. Designed with a microphone, this headset can also be used to make hands-free calls while on-the-go.

Product Features:
● Hi-Res Audio
High-resolution authenticated digital output and Huawei Histen 3D audio technology, delivers immersive CD quality sound.

● Ergonomic Design
Classic ergonomic half in-ear design, fit and comfortable.

● 3-button Remote Control
Ergonomic 3-button remote control to free your hands, enhenced wind noise reduction design for crystal clear voice.

● USB Type-C Connector
Seamless and reversible USB Type-C plug with built-in decoder IC, plug and play.

● High-quality Material
Made of excellent materials, durable in use, with simple and stylish appearance.

The classic white design makes it meet different scenarious in everyday life. Price is also affordable, only at $19.99 on GearVita: https://gearvita.com/huawei-cm33-type-c-earphones.html

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The Xiaomi MiTU balanced scooter is designed for kids between the age of 3 to 6 years old, this is a very good gift for your kid as it comes with protecting and features that would make them love it.

The handlebar part adopts a three-level adjustment design, ideal for children of different heights and ages, also tough enough for continuous daily use. The scooter has a C-shaped handle design and is completely wrapped in soft rubber for a better grip. In addition, the handle is in line with the angle of the grip of the hand of the human body, so when operating it becomes easier for children.

The scooter features a dual-spring gravity control system to help keep the balance. It has an integrated luminous lamp, so it allows our little ones to use it to play even in the dark. It also comes with an anti-slip cover to ensure more security. With this all this in place, if your kid is on it, you are sure of safety and fun play.

Product Features:
● Double spring gravity steering system to help children maintain balance.
● Cool flash wheel increases the fun of children playing at night.
● C-curve design, more in line with the human hand angle, easier to clean.
● The entire upper part of the handle is completely covered with soft glue for comfortable grip.
● 274 square centimeters super large area pedal, maximum bearing capacity is 50kg.
● Wide and thick PU rubber wheel, high quality wear-resistant and excellent shock absorption performance.
● Three adjustable heights to meet the needs of children of different stages and heights.
● Widened brake cover with solid and simple triangular structure.
● No obvious metal exposure in the whole body, avoid the accidental injury that the metal edges and corners may cause to children.

The Xiaomi MiTU balanced scooter has a pleasing appearance and is safe to use, it is a fun companion for children to grow up with, also a good toy to train the balance ability of children. There are three color options on GearVita to choose from such as blue, yellow and pink: https://gearvita.com/mitu-balanced-scooter.html

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first thing is when you use a computer, and you tried to visit a site or download and install an application from the internet. you won't be sure if the application you have downloaded or the site you have visited is secure. there are times that when want to do something,like download a certain app or visit a site that you heard from a friend we kinda ignore the idea that our computer might be put to a great risk. another thing is when you own an internet cafe, you can"t always get a hold on what websites your costumers are visiting. Well, let me share an App that automatically deletes or removes everything that has been stored in your PC once you reboot it. It will avoid your computer from getting malware stored on your PC's. This app is called "DEEP FREEZE" it is an App that once you activate using its boot frozen mode. it will automatically set back in its previous state from the time that it only has what it has at the time the boot frozen mode was activated. all the other future stuffs that you decide to save will be deleted by the time the computer was rebooted. In fact I am using it now in this my PC that I am currently using. and I have no worries visiting sites in terms with my PC's concern

*Not applicable to secure your online transactions such as your email or bank accounts passwords*
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Thanks, this software look very useful !
Personally, I prefer using a "true" backup system like Acronis but it has some limitations.

Your app looks like it's made for temporary use of a computer, like a throwaway session.
I'm glad that I am of help by sharing what little things I know about security for your PC.
Or you could stay away from fishy websites as much as possible, and stick with the sites you know are safe from hackers and virusses trying to get on your computer. Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, DeviantArt, Patreon,... You know, anything with https in the hyperlink is considered safe, or you'll get a message that your trying to access an unsafe site or no site at all. At least, that's what I've been taught.
Can you guys tell me reasons why BlackBerry is not popular as iPhone or Samsung smartphone? I have not used this BlackBerry before because old versions of BlackBerry is very hard to use due to it has keyboards but now they removed that but still can not become one of favorite smartphones for users?
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From what I understand Blackberry simply doesn't offer as much compatibility or customization as it's competitor's products. I could be entirely wrong but a lack of features in something as important as a smartphone can set you behind much more than a lack of features in other certain industries such as clothing, art or storage.
I have never seen an ad for a Blackberry device. I've seen them in stores and if they're good, I'll buy them, but most of the times, a Samsung or Huawei device at the same price is just a little bit better.
I think the main reason would be their promotions. Samsung and Apple promote like crazy, while Blackberries just modestly exists and wait for a new owner. That's how I see it.

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