Are you pursuing a truly automatical smart home system? Mijia gateway upgrade, which is a totally new updating of the previous version, features exquisite craftsmanship and multiple control functions which can make cooperation with other intelligent devices through Mi Home APP, helping you enjoy the remote control at anytime anywhere.

Product Features:
● 1200 Internet radio broadcast, multi live online radio optional.
● 16 million RGB lights, can be used as the small night light, light color and brightness adjustable.
● Equipped with a light sensor to distinguish between day or night.
● Built-in human sensor, automatically light when someone pass in the dark environment.
● Dual-protocol with Zigbee and WiFi, ensures stable and fast linkage simultaneously in terms of high sensitivity.
● Can connect up to 30 smart devices, the subdevices can still work properly when WiFi is unstable or even interrupted.
● Customize doorbell ring, not only supports upload MP3 (Android only), but also can record your favorite sound as ringtones.
● APP control, more convenient to use.
● Exquisite design, the case is added the fire-retardant materials to ensure safety.

Mijia multifunctional gateway now supports a variety of smart devices, you can use your imagination, set a variety of intelligent scenes, enjoy the smart fun brought by technology:

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Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Gateway Upgrade Version.jpg
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Clothes make the man, neat and tidy attire will make a good impression no matter in a meeting or daily work. However, sometimes when we are on the trip, our clothes will become wrinkled. At that time, this Xiaomi Deerma foldable garment steamer is your best choice. Just take it, and it won't let you down.

Product Features:
● Foldable design: only 13cm high after folding, convenient to store and carry.
● Pressurized circulation heating system: 10s to achieve jetting steam, no need to wait for ironing so long time.
● Killing bacteria while removing wrinkle: physically clean, safe and convenient, no worry about chemical residue.
● Patented water reserve design: maintain high steam injection, effectively solve the problem of steam shortage.
● Customized storage box: reasonable planning of storage space to avoid accessories scattered.
● Long distance roundabout airway: keep the steam dry, water stain is not easy to leave when ironing clothes.
● Double security protection: equipped with thermal fuse and temperature controller, automatic power off when high temperature.
● Work as a hair remover: used with a cleaning brush, the dander on the surface of clothes can be removed before start steam ironing.
● Multiple ironing methods: flat ironing/hanging ironing/tilt ironing, no location limitation.

From the bulky iron to the home-mounted garment steamer, the flexibility and convenience is always the strong demand оf users . This Deerma DEM-HS006 uses a flexible elbow design to make the volume of the handheld garment steamer shrink again. The folded body can be mastered with one hand, can be easily stored at home and carried in your bag at any time:

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Deerma DEM-HS006 Foldable Handheld Garment Steamer.jpg
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I only have google chrome as I use it on daily basis, recycle bin since you really need one, haha and a folder that contains stuff I often use.
I do not have the need to have many icons since I am very simple guy that does not do a lot of gaming recently, since games would occupy majority of my screen when I was younger.

So, how many of them you have and why ?
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It is advised to have minimal info on your desktop for optimal PC performance. There is a hard drive provided solely for storage purpose. Even today, many professionals fill up their desktop space with many files, images and sticky notes. The hard drive is hardly utilized which results in slower performance of the PC. I always make sure I have only the very necessary info on my desktop. All the other information goes straight into the hard drive.
Wait, all these icons are mere shortcuts, who only take up a few bytes of space. Is it really possible that a bunch of shortcuts can slow down your PC?

I mean, if your computer is getting slow, shouldn't you just consider uninstalling a single big app you don't use anymore, rather than clearing...
I have too many shortcuts. Every application even Microsoft office has shortcuts. It seems that my whole screen is filled with it. What a mess!
I don't really use my shortcuts anymore, they're just there because I was too lazy to uncheck the box for "Add shortcut on desktop". But as long as you can find your stuff relatively quick, then it would be an organized mess. And otherwise, you can always press the start button in the lower left...
I only have 10 icons in my desktop. I only display the important and the icons that I always used so it will be easy for me to find it.
Hellow, I was born in a century where everyone is being dominated by technologies. Technologies which may soon be the future of today's generation. I am Rjan Gian and I am a teacher. The fast changing phase of technology would be of great help to me in improving professionally and will be able to help and understand my students with today's rapid technology advancement. I hope this forum could be of great help in developing my capacity and facing the real world of technologies specifically smartphones that is being used always by my students for their studies.
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Rodney Olson
Rodney Olson
Hello Rjan,

Welcome to Smartphones Best!

I hope you enjoy your stay here and reading your posts!

I am currently using Vivo phone. At first I hesitated and has doubts if this kind of smart phones are worth it but then I bought a Vivo phone, V5 Lite and it suites to my taste as a techno enthusiast. The camera is clear. The systems and apps didn't lag that much. Besides the phone can be charged instantly based on my experience. It's also lightweight and has a nice storage capacity. For me I gave Vivo a thumbs up.

So how about you, what do you think?
Why Vivo phone is spectacular?
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