1. BillEssley

    New features are updated on iOS 13

    Recently, Apple has introduced to everyone a major update in iOS 13, creating a new look, optimizing the applications you use every day. So what are all the new features updated on iOS 13? 1. Dark Mode iOS 13 will be the first update to integrate Dark Mode, one of the features that iOS users...
  2. Dracindo

    Is iOS better for gaming or not?

    I know that not every generation of smartphone is like the ones that came before, but generally speaking, should I keep the operating system in mind when looking for a gaming smartphone? I personally don't think the operating system will matter much, but if iOS would be a slightly better choice...
  3. BillEssley

    How to download applications over 150 MB using 3G or 4G on iOS 12

    In the past, if you need to correct the date, you can download games over 150 MB using the mobile network on iOS devices, but the above method has not been successful with the new version. The following article will guide you how to download applications over 150 MB by 3G/4G on iOS 12 without...
  4. BillEssley

    5 best wallpapers apps for iOS

    Do you like the Home screen on your iPhone to be new and unique with strange and eye-catching unique wallpapers? I will introduce you to 5 best wallpapers apps for iOS! 1. Unsplash Unsplash gathers a lot of themed wallpapers: people, nature, things, landmarks,...with free, high-quality images...
  5. monre509

    What’s the best cheap iPhone nowadays?

    I’m looking for an affordable iphone that is still very usable today? What version of iPhone do you recomment in your opinion? Is it worth buying an old verison of iphone?
  6. monre509

    Should I Update my iPhone to The latest iOs?

    I currently have an iPhone 6 and my iOs version is on iOs 10. I did not update my iOs because they said that it slows down my iPhone. With that reason I am hesitant to update to the latest iOs verion for my iPhone 6. What are you recommendations?
  7. SS1234

    Should I buy the iPhone XS Maz 2-3 years from now?

    The iPhone is a product known for its greatness, it features top of the line specs although it cuts down some features such as extra storage and a headphone jack. As a user of android phones from varying brands I have experienced and have seen many things that are quite a disappointment for me...
  8. novandak

    Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9

    Despite the huge choice of smartphones in the modern electronics market, two flagships can be unequivocally distinguished, which deservedly occupy a leading position in world ratings and sales lists. One of them was Apple's product - iPhone X , which competed with the equally popular smartphone...
  9. Chris Crocker

    How to improve performance of your smartphone on Windows Phone

    To improve the performance of the smartphone on Windows Phone, it is usually enough to free the internal memory of the device from files and applications by transferring them to an SD card. For this you need: Go to the settings; Select the menu item "System" / "Storage", where the amount of...
  10. Chris Crocker

    Tips to improve Performance of your smartphone on iOS

    Smartphones on iOS are less likely to lose performance. Therefore, the user is offered not so many methods to combat this phenomenon. The easiest way to improve the performance of the smartphone on iOS is to free up RAM. For this you need: - Press and hold the power button until the device's...
  11. Martinsx

    New iOS 11.4.1 update against hackers

    Apple recently released updates for its devices, including Apple Watch , iPhone and Apple TV. According to one of the features of the new update iOS 11.4.1 against hackers easily cracked. To check if your device has received an update, you will need to do the following: Step 1 : Go to General...
  12. Martinsx

    Top 5 most favorite features on iOS 12

    This is a test version of iOS 12 has been released more than 2 weeks, and there are hundreds of new features added to the new operating system this time. Many positive reviews have been made around the world. In this article, let's explore the five most favorite features on the iOS operating...
  13. EfficientNinja

    Copy movies or other files on your iOS device using iTunes

    Hello everyone! If you are new to iOS and you would like to transfer or copy files to your iPhone or iPad, you should try this. :) Step 1. Download the application that you will use on your iPad or iPhone on the App Store. If you would like to play videos, download VLC. If you need to read PDF...
  14. EfficientNinja

    How often do you restart your Android or iOS device?

    It's been a common practice to restart our desktop computers or laptops daily when we are done using it, whenever it feels slow, we have to apply changes, or when something is wrong. How about your smartphones? Do you have a regular schedule of restarting it? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or not at all?
  15. Rob Reece

    iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 Plus?

    So I’m thinking it’s time for an upgrade! I am having an iPhone 6 for almost 3 years and it has been a great phone although I used it beside my Samsung S8 now! The battery isn’t really good anymore and it lags/freezes often now. I’m ready for something bigger! First and it worth...
  16. Rodney Olson

    Best Apps for Recording Calls on Android and iOS?

    Can you guys recommend me some best apps for recording Calls on Android and iOS? for any reasons I want to record a few calls from my colleges to serve for my works later.
  17. HelenR

    Apps to create Funny Pictures on Android and iOS?

    I am using both Android and iOS on smartphones and needing to create funny pictures and sharing my friends to make them LOL. What are the best apps for this task?
  18. Rodney Olson

    Use Google Handwriting Input on your smartphone

    The new Google Handwriting Input tool, developed by Google itself, will help you edit text just by drawing on the touch screen. Google Handwriting Input is currently available on the Google Play apps store and can download it here to experience or it also can install with * .apk file on the web...
  19. ShaneW

    Apple adds new privacy icon to iOS 11.3

    Apple has provided a preview of the iOS mobile operating system, which has a pretty interesting change on the Privacy icon. The preview of iOS 11.3 has been provided by Apple developers, with a long list of new features. But one thing that Apple did not mention in the list is the new Privacy...
  20. Maxwell

    Be the master of battery management on iOS 11.3

    Enable Battery Health in iOS 11.3 on iPhone to effectively manage device performance and prevent unexpected shutdowns. Apple has introduced Battery Health - a feature in the Performance Management tool of iOS 11.3 (beta 2) to provide more detailed information about the battery health of the...