How to improve performance of your smartphone on Windows Phone

To improve the performance of the smartphone on Windows Phone, it is usually enough to free the internal memory of the device from files and applications by transferring them to an SD card. For this you need:

  • Go to the settings;
  • Select the menu item "System" / "Storage", where the amount of occupied internal memory and SD-card is shown;
  • Find the section "Saving points", where you specify that all downloaded files should be saved to the SD card.
To transfer an already installed program, you need to go to the menu "This device" - "Storage" - "Applications and games". This feature is available for all applications except service.

Other ways to improve performance on iOS or Android

A universal way to improve the performance of your device and increase its speed - regularly update the operating system to the latest version. In the smartphone on Android, this function can be found in the "Settings" and "About the device" menu.

Similarly, you can update the OS on the iPhone . For this you need to use the menu item "Settings", go to the "General" section, where you select the item "System Update".

Some programs installed in the device are not of great importance for work, but they use a lot of useful resources. To improve the performance of your smartphone, it's best to just turn it off .

For example, this refers to:
  • Live wallpaper;
  • Animations;
  • Synchronization with services that are not too important for the device;
  • Widgets on the home screen - many of them regularly run in the background and slow down the device. The smaller the home screen is loaded, the better in terms of performance;
  • GPS - due to the fact that it negatively affects not only the speed of discharge of the battery, but also the speed of the smartphone.
So, there are a lot of methods to improve the work of the phone/smartphone . You need to choose them depending on the installed operating system and the specific cause of the hang. If you regularly perform these simple actions, you can not only quickly improve performance, but also avoid more serious mistakes later.
It's better to know your device to know the capabilities and drawbacks of your phone. To enhance its performance, you can update your phone and then remove or disabled unwanted apps. For the running apps, upgrade them to see new features. I advice to use a high-speed memory card but keep fewer Widgets. Avoid using live wall papers if possible and also can turn off some animations.
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