1. Neya

    New phone: Galaxy Note 9 or Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    Hi to everyone! It's about a couple of months I want to buy a new phone (I currently have a Galaxy S5). I'm not the type of person who changes often their phone, thus my new should last at least three or four years. Eventually I came to a point where I don't know which to choose between a Note 9...
  2. Chris Crocker

    How to enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android

    Finally, you can also turn dark Dark Theme on YouTube for Android phones, help you watch videos in the long run because it will not hurt your eyes like in light mode. To use this feature you can follow this way. Step 1: Make sure your Youtube version is up-to-date, by going to the Play Store...
  3. novandak

    Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9

    Despite the huge choice of smartphones in the modern electronics market, two flagships can be unequivocally distinguished, which deservedly occupy a leading position in world ratings and sales lists. One of them was Apple's product - iPhone X , which competed with the equally popular smartphone...
  4. Chris Crocker

    Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

    On February 25, Barcelona hosted the long-awaited Mobile World Congress , which was attended by representatives of the global mobile industry. It was a presentation of new smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Representatives of the Korean company managed to impress the...
  5. Chris Crocker

    How to improve performance of your smartphone on Windows Phone

    To improve the performance of the smartphone on Windows Phone, it is usually enough to free the internal memory of the device from files and applications by transferring them to an SD card. For this you need: Go to the settings; Select the menu item "System" / "Storage", where the amount of...
  6. Martinsx

    Windows 10 on Android Devices

    The current Windows Phone platform is no longer popular in the market because of the slow development of features and applications. But if you love the simplicity and transparency that comes from this interface this article will guide you on how to change the interface Windows 10 in phones on...
  7. sandraharriette

    What are some of your recommended custom ROMS for android?

    Cooperhead, Lineage OS, etc. -- I have heard of a few. This is for those who want alternatives outside of Google's ecosystem and a little more customizing control over what their phone does and can do.
  8. Lazard

    How to save contacts to Google on Android ?

    Hi everyone ! It's been several years since I got my first SIM card, I saved all my contacts on it for a while. Now, to benefit from the user picture and more, I save my contacts directly on my phone. The problem is, when I will change my phone, I will need to use a application to transfer my...
  9. Lazard

    The rise of One Plus

    Hi everyone, Back few years ago, when the One Plus One just released, I was jealous of a friend who just got it day one. The design was a bit square-ish but it looked really cool and I remember it was really powerful for a smartphone of this price. And then, I never heard about One Plus...
  10. DenisMNE

    How to install Android apps on PC

    Anyone using an Android operating system knows that there are a huge number of interesting applications for the same. However, even if you do not have an Android phone or tablet, you can try it by installing it on your computer. Learn how to do this in the text below. You can not just install...
  11. Martinsx

    How to turn on double layer security for your Gmail

    Double Layer Security for Gmail is a feature that supports sending a verification message when you sign in to your phone, thereby making Gmail safer. To enable double layer security please follow the following procedure. Step1: Visit and sign in to your...
  12. DenisMNE

    What are the best cheap speakers for iPhone/Android

    I am interested in buying speakers for my laptop and would like to know which speakers are the best and budget friendly. Does anyone of you own any speakers or intends to buy them? If you do, please let me know what speakers do you own and how would you describe them, including the price ?
  13. EfficientNinja

    How often do you restart your Android or iOS device?

    It's been a common practice to restart our desktop computers or laptops daily when we are done using it, whenever it feels slow, we have to apply changes, or when something is wrong. How about your smartphones? Do you have a regular schedule of restarting it? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or not at all?
  14. Martinsx

    What is Root?

    Root is the system to gain control of the device, which you can customize the installation to overcome barriers to high security by the manufacturer. What are the benefits of rooting machines? Root can help adjust the clock and voltage for the CPU to speed up processing or save battery, add...
  15. Martinsx

    How to protect your phone when it comes to fire

    The recent Carina fire has made people nervous and try to learn more about their skills and limit their damage. Is there a way to protect your phone? This article will give you some tips to better protect your phone in case of a fire. 1. Disconnect all power The first thing you need to do is...
  16. BillEssley

    Which version of Android are you using?

    I think Android is the most popular smartphone OS nowadays. May be more then 50% of smartphone users is using this OS. However, there we have lots of Android versions with cool features. Currently I am using Android 6. What about you? Which version of Android are you using? and why you are...
  17. ShaneW

    How to login Wifi without needing password on Android smartphones?

    I heard that there are some ways that allow us to login to any Wifi networks without needing password on Android smartphones? Is that possible? How can I do that?
  18. Chris Crocker

    How to use 3G, 4G to broadcast Wifi on your Android smartphone

    Broadcasting Wifi on Android or Wifi Hostpot is the feature that uses 3G data, 4G to broadcast Wifi for other mobile devices use. The following post will guide you how to enable this function. To broadcast Wifi on your Android smartphone, do the following steps: Step 1: Go to Settings on your...
  19. Chris Crocker

    Apps must have for low-end Android smartphones

    For low-end Android smartphones that handle very slowly, also the data storage space and applications are also very limited. This post will introduce to you some applications should be installed on low configuration smartphones to help you use more stable. These applications are the developer's...
  20. aceofadsense

    How to turn off the predictive text on Android

    The predictive text on Android are words suggested during the typing input process. But this feature sometimes makes users unhappy, and here is the way how to turn off predictive text on Android. To turn off predictions from on Android you do as following steps: Note that each smartphone has...