Google Drive supports backing up contacts, calendars, photos from iPhone to Android

Google has responded to Apple's Move to iOS application to help users backup data on the iPhone to switch to use the Android smartphone faster and more convenient. Accordingly, the upgraded Google Drive app for iOS will allow for the backing up of contacts, calendars, and photos in case users move to Android can simplify them.

This backup option with Google Drive can be found under Settings -> Backup. Google allows back up with contacts, calendars and photos/videos at native resolution. To back up your Google Drive with your iPhone, this app requires you to have a WiFi connection and not be left out of the app as well as the right screen to light up.

This is a step to help users want to transfer from iPhone to Android is more comfortable than Google. Without backing up all the data, contacts or images are the most basic things that people will need when moving to a new environment.


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To be honest, I already used Google Drive as a means to back up things I don't mind being stolen or hacked, and accordingly don't get touched because hackers won't find any use to it if they get their hands on it. Contacts and calendar things, I already have back ups from elsewhere.

But this is great, now I can make back ups for my back ups :p
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