1. aceofadsense

    Question Google play services update?

    Hello! I recently received the December security update. However, my Play Services update is stuck on October 1st. My friend, who also has a Google Pixel 6 on Verizon, has had the November Play Services update for a while now, and her phone is in the process of updating to the December security...
  2. BillEssley

    How to transfer accounts on Google Play in a simple way

    You have many different CH Play accounts, and it often takes a lot of time to log out and log back in when you change CH Play account. Because of that, here I will guide you on how to transfer accounts on Google Play in a simple way 1. How to add a Google account to the device 2. How to change...
  3. socialagency

    Google: Huawei's running devices are still supported access

    Recently, Huawei has been discontinued by Google and several hardware providers due to some political issues as well as users' security for Huawei devices. A report from Reuters states that Google will stop most of its partnerships with Huawei and the company's new phones will not have access to...
  4. Valerie Green

    Can Google Smartphones can create monopoly in the market ?

    Google has launched it's phone sometime back, but I don't feel like it has captured or created a market base.
  5. Dracindo

    Google file manager

    This is a file management app that helps you free up space, find files faster and simple browsing, share files offline with others, fast and without data, and back up your files to the cloud to save space on your device. Link to Play Store...
  6. Maxwell

    Google Drive supports backing up contacts, calendars, photos from iPhone to Android

    Google has responded to Apple's Move to iOS application to help users backup data on the iPhone to switch to use the Android smartphone faster and more convenient. Accordingly, the upgraded Google Drive app for iOS will allow for the backing up of contacts, calendars, and photos in case users...
  7. Martinsx

    Google Chrome not connecting

    I have been experiencing a hitch with using my Google Chrome browser recently, it keeps giving me the notification of "Bad Request". What could be the cause of this problem? I will upload a picture of the error message which I normally receive.
  8. Lazard

    How to save contacts to Google on Android ?

    Hi everyone ! It's been several years since I got my first SIM card, I saved all my contacts on it for a while. Now, to benefit from the user picture and more, I save my contacts directly on my phone. The problem is, when I will change my phone, I will need to use a application to transfer my...
  9. vpatella

    Disable Squeeze function on Google Pixel 2?

    Hey all, I have a question about the Pixel 2. I've seen a couple articles about remapping the squeeze function but nothing about disabling it, which I find odd. Is it simply built into the system or is there a way to disable it that I haven't heard about?
  10. Rodney Olson

    How to find your lost Android smartphone by Google?

    I heard that there is a way to find your lost Android smartphone by Google but I am not sure about this or how to do it. Can anyone help me out?