How to find your lost Android smartphone by Google?

Hello Rodney,

Losing the phone is the age-old obsession of many smartphone users. In many cases, the owner can still find the lost "mobile phone". Thanks to the support application if the crook does not close all connections or reset the device.

Find your Android smartphone.

However, Google Search itself has a similar tool for Android smartphones. Therefore, you do not need to install any other application for this task. However, the tool may only be suitable for finding the smartphone that is forgetting somewhere, because it can not operate when the smartphone has shut down or is not connected to the internet.


Just type in the keyword "find my phone" to ask Google search your phone.

The complication comes if the scammer unlocked the device and change the Google account of the machine, the functionseems invalid.
This is different from the third application. Accordingly, it is possible that the scammer will miss the third application that continues to exist on the device during use or sale so that users will still be able to track the smartphone remotely.

To use this feature is very simple, just go to Google Search, type the keyword "find my phone". Wait a minute for Google to connect to the smartphone, get location information and will appear in Google Maps on the screen.

In the process, that lost smartphone must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G. The smartphone screen may also display a notification that is sharing location information.

Once localized, you can use the above feature of “Google Search” to sound the highest volume level for 5 minutes (until you press the power button), lock and change the security code, or clear personal data from that device.
Jedi Knight Muse
Yes I tried this method and it worked but it only works when you turn on location and your smartphone is connected with internet as 3G or Wifi.

So, to make sure you can find your smartphone when you lost it then you should always turn on location feature and 3GB is enabled. Also, it should be found for 1 or 2 days before your smartphones is shutdown when it run out of the battery.
@Jedi Knight Muse, you are so right about this Find my Mobile feature of smartphone. Its mandatory to be connected via internet. I think its a bit of a disadvantage that your phone should be connected to a WIFI or in mobile data if your going to track its location. What if the scenario is someone snatch it and you are just texting, so you are not using internet by the time someone stole it?
Hmm, I believe there may be other apps with more advanced functionality that allow you to access your device without data.

However, it makes sense that you should always keep your internet/data on since there is little real way your phone can communicate otherwise! Data saving mode comes packaged with most phones now, so I do not think someone who wants to be able to find a lost phone should expect to do so without having given the phone online access.

Of course, there's always the old-fashioned route of calling the phone/authorities or retracing your steps and hoping for the best!
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