How to recover deleted data from your smartphone?

Hey Jedi, If you accidentally deleted important data from your smartphone or your data got damaged, you can use DiskDigger photo recovery software to recover everything in just a few simple steps.

How to overcome the situation above? Let's follow these steps:

Step 1: First, download and install the DiskDigger photo recovery application for your smartphone, compatible with devices running Android 2.3 or higher.

recover deleted data from your smartphone 1.png

Select the appropriate file scan mode.

Step 2: The interface is quite simple with two modes including Basic scan and Full scan (requires root). For Basic scan, DiskDigger photo recovery automatically scans all the folders on your device for previously deleted files.

Step 3: When finished, users only need to check the files to recover and then click the Recover button, then select the corresponding storage place such as email, Dropbox, Google Drive or uploading files to an FTP server.

recover deleted data from your smartphone 2.png

When done, you can either archive the file to the cloud or send it via email.

Step 4: If your smartphone has been root, you should use Full scan mode to take advantage of more functions. Specifically, users can specify the directory and file formats (images, video, audio, documents...) to scan, this will save time compared to conventional scanning.

When done, do the same to restore your data or share it with friends with just a few simple steps.

Hope that helped.
Is this really possible? This means that those data or files I've deleted can still be recovered? Now, this is something. Is there a way to delete something that I want to really delete and not be recovered?


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Hi @arcsmart18 , the deleting method of a smartphone is somehow similar to a computer or a laptop. When you delete a file it breaks the file into a non system binary or ascii file. These files are non readable by the system. If you try to open it with a system application like for example a note pad, you will just see a bunch of characters. A deleted file is also compacted into a single file containing the information. Now these files are usually hidden with a different file extension, these files are stored for recovery options. In order for the files to be recovered, a software is needed to assemble the file deleted and return it to the proper file type or extension. Just like a puzzle;)!

There are apps that recover the deleted files and that is the process of recovering it. Now if your asking about deleting it permanently or securely. There are also apps that is available for a secure delete. These apps remove the binary information stored during deletion. This apps simply clean crumbs:p!

Here are some apps for your reference:

Have a great day:coffee:!


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I heard that there are several ways that help smartphone users to recover deleted data from their smartphone but not sure it is possible or not. Can any one answer me?
Hi @Jedi Knight Muse , one way to recover your data directly from your internal memory is thru a software called [email protected] This software uses the USB debugging mode of the smartphone for connection. After the USB debugging mode is enabled, connect the smartphone to a computer where the software is installed.

The software will access the internal memory of your smartphone and will consider your memory as physical disks. It has a scan feature that collects all the data on your smartphone. After the scan, a list of available files is shown for you to choose. This will allow you to copy and transfer the data shown to a new storage.


Note: This software only works on android

You can check the link for your better understanding:

I hope this helps:coffee:!
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