Which smartphones that can shoot the milky way from earth?


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Hi, I would like to know the lists of the smartphones that can shoot the Milky Way from Earth. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks
Hi @windbriker ,smartphone technology nowadays have these features. Of course you need some tools and an application to enhance the result of the pictures.
One tool to consider is a tripod, a good tripod can make your pictures on focus and still. Choose a tripod that includes some features that fits your needs like positioning features, access and control options. One certain product is called Studio Neat, you can check the product here: https://www.studioneat.com/products/glif

Another thing is enhancing your smartphone camera capability specially during night. One application for you to consider is CAMERA FV-5 this application runs on Android. This app gives you smartphone a DSLR feature.
You can check the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flavionet.android.camera.pro&hl=en

Another app that runs in IOS is NightCap Camera, it's a powerful app that takes amazing low light and night photos, videos and 4K time lapse.
You can check the app here: http://www.nightcapcamera.com/nightcap-camera/

Take note that there may be more much better apps out there. I also think that the smartphones specification is a significant factor in creating good pictures.

I found an article about space photography for your reference:

I hope this helps:coffee:!



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Took me a while to understand what you wanted to ask :D These are some that i found online, take a look and see what catches your attention.

Google Pixel 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy S8
OnePlus 5T
HTC U11 Plus
Huawei P10
Motorola Moto G

The first one also happens to be the best one, by far. It is quite pricey, but i think it's absolutely worth it, since that is what you are looking for in a phone. It has 12.2 MP camera but there is a new technology implemented in it, which makes it way better than it's competition.
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