Which one I should buy a brand new samsung a8 or a second hand s8 plus edge?

I've been using my phone over 3 years.So, I plan to buy a new one.I like Samsung Galaxy A8 but I'am having a second thought.Because a second hand Samsung S8 plus edge is much cheaper compare to the Samsung A8.The specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is really good.So what should I buy?


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I would strongly advise against buying second hand phones. I know it looks appealing and cheap, but you don't know what that phone has been through and how did the owner treat it.
Maybe it's a wreck of a phone and it will completely die within a few weeks or months, regardless of how it looks from the outside.

I think you should just save some more money and buy a brand new, safe and reliable one. It will not fail you and the performance is going to be incomparable to the second hand, unknown one.
Just my advice though. :)
I'm starting to sound like a broken record but if you're willing to do a little research and be patient, I think a secondhand phone is the best purchasing option! Less money, less waste, great phone... I think it's 100% worth the effort. ;)

So, a few things before jumping on board:
  • How cheap are we talking? Samsung isn't selling S8 refurbs yet (let alone S8+) so I'll be using Amazon's refurb prices as a baseline. The S8+ is going for about $520 right now so I would stay away from any secondhand deals under $500. Of course, this is still significantly less than the retail price of $600+ for an A8!

  • ONLY buy phones that come with warranties. This will almost completely negate the risk of buying second-hand. However, please check that the warranty is still valid by looking at the date, ID and registering the warranty ASAP. The seller should be understanding

  • Are you willing to meet the seller in person? If so, you may be able to get a better deal
    since direct sales tend to be cheaper than ordering from Amazon. However, if you are willing, please be careful! Bring a friend, let people know where you're going and meet in a very busy, public place - all the typical rules for meeting strangers

  • If you are directly purchasing, please make sure you spend enough time examining the phone. Check everything to your heart's content - the exterior, the WiFi connection, whatever. Don't stand there for an hour but make sure everything is in working condition. Feel free to ask them why they are selling the phone, which can alert you to possible deception. If the seller seems nervous or encourages you not to do so, that's a red flag. Be very wary of suspect behaviour and don't be afraid to break off the sale! This isn't a blood contract :d

  • If you're not willing, only purchase from reputable/trustworthy/large sites. Amazon and eBay are my go-to's since they have solid return policies, but depending on your country there may be a more reliable, smaller platform. For example, I purchased my current phone from an Asian secondhand marketplace. The seller was friendly and even more concerned about the phone's condition than I was!
As for whether the S8+ is comparable to the A8, well, you said it yourself - indeed they are! The A8 is basically a smaller S8, though with a 16MP camera instead of 12(not necessarily better).

Overall? Go for a secondhand phone if you're willing to put in a little extra time and effort. If so, you can reap the rewards for a better phone for cheaper. :) Just please make sure that you find a reputable source within your country and that there is a money back guarantee of some sort! If you're really worried about the phone's condition, go for a certified refurbished phone (which is like-new) instead of a direct sale.


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Hi! With your question getting a new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or Samsung A8, I would definitely say neither of them. If I where you I would most probably get the Oppo f5 with the 6MB RAM than those 2 Samsung units. Well you can try to test them in the store and you will probably see what I am talking about. It is much lower price but the capabilities is superb. Well I tried them just yesterday and that's my take on it.


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Well that is an interesting suggestion, a very unique and creative one if i might say.
You claim that they are much lower price but the specifications/performance is better than both of those Samsung devices? If true, that is absolutely insane. I am actually beginning to get interested in it now :D
Also i guess that's a typo and you wanted to say 6 GB of RAM, instead of MB. Nevertheless, can you give some more feedback on that phone since you have experience with it?

I might just found myself a new phone, might give up on that iPhone dream :D
If you prefer to buy a second hand samsung smartphone, then, any China branded smartphone would be better than Samsung seciond hand smartphone, so, the decision is abput you want a Samsung new smartphone or a China branded new smartphone, should be easier to make the decison!


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I always recommend buying a new one. Never buy used phones, at least not from strangers or anonymous people online. If you were given an offer by a trustworthy friend, then you could consider it. Not saying that friends could pull off a d*ckmove on you like that, selling you a phone that's not worth the price you bought it for, but the odds should be significantly lower. And otherwise you'll know who not to trust from then on.
If I where you just buy a new one so you can't have any problem, there's a lot of cheap new phone but its working good. But if you really like the s8 edge for 2nd hand just search first the phone that you are going to buy and check if it still really working good and buy to the legit one.
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