Which tablet should i buy?


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I am looking for a tablet that will mostly serve the purpose of playing movies and for reading books/articles.
Don't need anything too pricey or too crazy with the specifications, just a useful, stable and viable tablet that will last for a long time.
So basically no more than $200, if that is even possible in this day and age :D

Thanks in advance, let me know which one do you think is the best for that money :)
With the budget about $200 while you don't require high configurations then I would suggest some tables such as

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Samsung Galaxy Tab E.jpg

Huawei MediaPad T3 10.0

Huawei MediaPad T3 10.0.jpg

Lenovo TB-8504X

Lenovo TB-8504X.jpg

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" 2016

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.jpg

Masstel Tab 10

Masstel Tab 10.jpg

Check them out and see which will match your requirements :)


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A friend of mine has a Huawei MediaPad T3 10.0 and he's very satisfied with it, especially for the price you pay. It also has an SD slot, which is good to have more memory, because 16GB is filled quickly, especially if the system already uses around 8GB. However the charger that came with it apperantly charges slow, but it's good for him, because he only charges it at night when he's asleep.


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That Galaxy Tab A7 looks so beautiful. I will definitely check it out. The aesthetics is amazing. Also just got back from checking out specifications and i have to admit i really like it :)

Thanks so much for the insight, you helped me make up my mind, big like and much respect for being so helpful. :)
Last Christmas I bought tablets as gift to my mom and aunts. I bought:
- Samsung Galaxy Tab E, 3G Tablet PC, 9.6", 8 GB (eMMC), Quad Core
- Huawei MediaPad T1 7, 3G Tablet PC, 7", 8 GB (SSD), Quad Core
- lenovo tab 2 A8-50

Above are not expensive ones in the market but i reviewed their specs and made an evaluation sheet.
I find the Samsung the most fun to use because it's bigger and nice to watch movies. I gave it to my mom.
I used the Huawei and it's quite basic but can be pretty handy because of its size 7". I bought two and gave to my two aunts who are aging. They are getting old so I thought of giving them the basics first.
I got for myself the Lenovo and it's great because of the longer battery life. It's also great for watching movie for its size of 8 inches. However it gets heavy after handling it for an hour. I used to lay on my back while watching that's why I hold it the entire movie.
Anyway, these are my picks for you. They're still available mostly online.


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I also gravitate towards Samsung. That massive screen and well known, popular brand are almost like a magnet :D
How is that Lenovo tablet serving you? I head good things about them, but never got my hands on one. Do you perhaps have any pictures? :)
Hi! I enjoy using my Lenovo for a year now. The 8 inch screen size is not small and not that big, it even fits by backpocket. I enjoy watching movies on it. I also use it for reading newsfeed. You won't have to zoom always because the screen is adequate. Even if it's old model now, i just upgrade to the latest android version. here is a picture of it.

The Huwaei Mediapad M3 8.0 is the best cheap tablet right now, combining an excellent screen, a whole heap of power and slick Android interface in a slate that offers great value for money. One of the best things about the MediaPad M3 is its slim, light aluminium frame that looks and feels good while being seriously practical.

The screen is sharp, and has colour modes that provide both more natural and saturated tones, while the speakers are another high point, delivering impressive volume for a tablet this slim.


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What about the general quality of the device? Is it going to last? That's one of the issues i am worried about the most. Also does it tend to lag? I really hate when the device starts having those kind of problems early, considering that i am a student and i need for my education. Lag and similar issues would really slow down my studying ways...


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Huawei MediaPad M3 is the real deal. It is Huawei’s latest mini tablet out there and I've got one. We’ve already seen plenty of new Android tablets get unveiled in 2018 but trust me M3 is the best I've used so far. The display is extremely superb and the 4GB RAM make it more fantastic and quick to use. And it has an excellent screen resolution and enough grunt to easily handle any app or game in the App Store. Get yourself one and trust me you will have no regrets. It's one of the best Tabs so far.


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I love the Amazon KIndle Fire. It is a low budget tablet for sure, but it can do alot. You can also download apps and games from the kindle store, watch Netflix videos and game as well. It is wonderful for the user on a budget.
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