What do you think of the new samsung galaxy s9 and s9+??

There are several good and bad reasons whether you "want to buy" or "not to buy" this newly launched smartphones of Samsung. Based on my initial assessment on the phone I can say that; in a good reason, an eye-candy kind of phone. Aside from the fact that it's the latest from Samsung, it's also packed with new technological advancement in smartphone arena. Samsung claims that they "reimagined" the whole concept of their camera. It now sports "dual aperture" lenses (F 2.4 and F 1.5) that adopts like the human eye, according to Samsung. One of the advancement in imaging technology, and the coolest :cool: yet, is the 960 fps image processing of the S9 and S9+. If Apple has "Siri" then Samsung has "Bixby", an online live translator application. Apple isn't alone when it comes to personalized emoji, Samsung had developed "AR Emoji" of the user and use it on social media or even personalized messaging. Another cool thing with Samsung's S9 and S9+ is that they didn't eliminate the 3.5 mm headphone jack that's absent on the other competing brand. Advantage of having 3.5 mm jack is that you have the luxury to use different kinds of earphones, headphones, and earplugs that are compatible with the earphone jack, specially when the stock earphone is damaged or broken. As far as security is concerned, Samsung's S9 and S9+ has two choices whether to use face ID or the fnger print scanner located at the back of the phone, below the rear camera lenses. One good reason to make your smartphone packed with security features not just relying on your face that's undergoing physical changes over time.

Not good reason to buy Samsung's new flagship phones is because of its pricing. It's price offering cost an arm and a leg, specially to those common people like me :), that are just minimum wage earners only. If you currently have or own the predecessor of this phone, I think it's unwise to switch to this new one. Well, if you have the means to acquire then why not, right? Another reason is that Samsung's development of smartphones are so rapid. In the span of 6 months to 1 year Samsung will launch a new smartphone again that is more advance and more intelligent than its predecessors.

Lastly, if you have the means to acquire this highly sophisticated phones then go for it. But always think of the Return of Investment (ROI) protocol, because this phones will only last in limelight for about a year and there will be another one to emerge on the market. (y)(y)


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In my opinion, it's the most beautiful phone Samsung has made so far. The aesthetics are amazing, it looks so elegant and colorful. Regarding the specifications, it is even better. 4 GB of RAM on a phone is ridiculous. It is definitely worth buying if that is what you are looking for , obviously. If you have the money and you want luxurious phone, go ahead. :)
According to me, it is an update from S8 and S8+ but with better specifications. Anyways, you need to have them on hands to feel which is real from these smartphones.

Here's a review video about galaxy s9 and s9+ for your reference.

As we are watching its hands on from different people on youtube and other social media it seems Samsung has really pushed theits technology to the limits.I habe used S8 and S8 plus they are amzing phones so far and i heard the S9 camera has beat the any smartohone camera so far even iphone .x
Thats something you can see how they arr getting better and better .
I am reviewing both phones and came across the camera. Both are almost similar to each other, I like the S9's feature of super slo mo and can make my own gif picture. If I don't want to use the facial recognition, it's ok and it doesn't require me to enter a passcode. Some phones like the iphone x does that. The video capture has sharper details and more accurate colors than the S8. I'm still thinking if I'll get myself one though...
Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful-- although it's not enough to make me switch from my current S8. Trust me, I've been living with S8 versus S9 videos for weeks now.

I had S7 just last year but quickly switched to S8 when I saw the design. For the S9, I'll possibly have to pass for now. People have been gushing on the better aperture shift for the S9, and when I tried it myself, I could say the shots taken were better compared to my S8 BUT I'm not delving deep into photography so while it's pretty impressive, it's not enough for an upgrade, maybe if you're into higher quality camera shots, then go for it.


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We can't deny that Samsung is one of the best smartphone in the market and even if we know that their development of their smartphone is so rapid people are really attracted to buy the latest version of it. Why? Because Samsung always make sure that every time they release a new versions of their phone, it is always packed with amazing features that are definitely irresistible. I think if it will make you happy, for sure it's gonna be worth it. By the way, my favorite feature of it is the security features plus the quality of the camera that will make you feel like a photographer and if only i can afford it, i would definitely buy it!


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Bigger better battery. Stop short changing us. When will these companies realize that with all these powerful do everything phones - a bigger long lasting battery is needed....
I have a Note8 which has everything I could use and more. The S9ers are good phones in their own right and I thing they will make a lot of owners happy. I just think it's new features are marginal compared to the 8 so I'll see what the Note9 has to offer.
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I have been drooling for this new Samsung smartphone. I wanted to buy this one but I cannot. It's too expensive for me but I'll try to save up for this one. The features are so fantastic. I have never imagined a phone to be that great, It exceeds my expectations. It is another breakthrough of Samsung. Personally, I have not tried yet the S9 but I would be willing to buy it when I have money. I'm sure I Samsung S9 would not fail me in terms of satisfaction.
It might seem small, but for me the most standout thing is the dual aperture for the camera. I've been really impressed in general by smartphone cameras and it's pretty exciting that they keep pushing the boundaries on these tiny things. With optical stabilization and now even adjustable apertures they're really making headway catching up with 'real' cameras.
I used a different kind of cell phones and I believe that Samsung is one of the best smartphones until now I use my Samsung. I love the camera so much I can't wait to have my Samsung S9.


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I still using my samsung S5. The camera is great and easy to use. But I am planning to switch to Huawei now as it has a good reviews. Huawei Nova 3i is best in the market today. This is Huawei Nova series and mid range phone. It has a high quality of front and back camera that will surely give you the best photo.
Of course, it's quality. But there seems to be lacking on the Samsung 9. I really think that the design does not show that it's $1000 phone. The design is a simple one. Comparing to other phones that the colors of the phone have some variants. Though I would prefer performance than appearance.


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Samsung is a reputable brand in the industry of smartphones and electronic devices. For several years I have been using Samsung phones like Galaxy Y, Galaxy W, Corby, and the one I am currently using, the Samsung J7 Pro.

Basing my personal experience in using Samsung devices, I can say that it is worth the money. The devices looks luxurious and sophisticated with superb specifications and smooth running software. The best thing about Samsung is the camera, the captured images looks crisp and natural compare than other brands.

Taking a glimpse of the new Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, The key features of this phone will surely attract Samsung lovers and phone enthusiasts.

Display - 5.8 inches super AMOLED display with Bezel edge and infinity display fits just right to your hand.
Camera - The flagship in dual aperture camera of f/1.7 and f/2.4. Images and videos will look vivid and clear even in low light.
Sound - Dolby dual stereo speaker - Enables to play sound or music in two devices simultaneously. Cool stuff for music enthusiasts!
Security Features - Face unlock and Iris detection is also to common to other smartphones.
Battery - the 3,000 MAH seemed to by a little bit small for heavy gaming and movie marathons.

These are the features I considered in buying a new smartphone. For more info on the new S9 and S9+ check out the link below




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As cool as it seems, I really see no need to pay that much for a phone that doesn't mean more to me than the phone I currently own. Others will think I have a brick in comparisson to this device, but for the reasons I'm using it and the amount of time I spent with and on it, it's pretty much the same device for me, and I won't pay 4 times the price of my brick if it works the same for me.


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Wow, I mean it looks awesome and the specs are great, without a doubt, but I don't see myself paying that much for a smartphone. I can get it at a reasonable price, especially now during the holidays, but it's still too much. I don't use my smartphone that much, and for the things I want it to be able to do, as well as the time that I can do those things, I'm happy with a cheaper Samsung model.
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