1. D

    Are you using the right document editing application?

    If you are someone whose life is drowned in documents then you need to ask yourself are you using the right document editing application? This question naturally comes with a number of counter questions. Some of the basics like Can you choose different fonts? Can you change the size of the...
  2. SS1234

    Samsung Galaxy or Apple Iphone?

    Smartphones are things that we use in our everyday lives, that is why it is important to choose your next smartphone based on your preference and how convenient the smartphone is for you. Among other brands in the phone industry 2 brands come on top each year: Samsung and Apple. Samsung is a...
  3. laurel4evers

    Has anyone had problems with the new iPhone Xs dropping calls?

    My boyfriend recently purchased the new iPhone X, and making calls is a crucial part of his job. However, the calls are constantly dropping 5-20 minutes into each phone call, even though we live literally next to a cell tower and have never had this issue before. Verizon claimed it was the...
  4. TSM

    Ideas on what I can do with my iPhone 1?

    I was cleaning out my room and found my iPhone 1 from 10 years ago. To my surprise, it still works! What are some fun, creative things I can do with my phone? Is it worth selling?
  5. MittensFX

    Best Iphone?

    A lot of people are against the new Iphone X as they say it has a lot of bugs as well as its not worth the price you pay for it.I was looking forward to buy one but then I changed my mind due to a lot of people complaining about it. Now that I'm finished with that decision,which Iphone should I...
  6. Uyj143

    Is iPhone x dust resistant?

    According to Apple's iPhone X and iPhone 8 webpages, the new devices have exactly the same dust, splash and water resistance just like last year's iPhone 7 models. In other words, iPhone 8 and iPhone X are still rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529.
  7. Joey Mercado

    icloud ID

    Good Day forum members, I have a friend that was not able to use his Iphone 5s phone because he forgot his Icould ID/Password. I would like to as what is the best way for him to do so that he can use it again, since the phone is still in good condition. Hoping for your reply. Thank you
  8. antho

    Personal Hotspot not seen the first time

    I use Iphone 7+ and most of the time I want to share my internet and I switch on my hotspot, it's not always seen the first time, I don't really know why:confused:. I just switch it off and switch it on again and then it works Anybody knows why it happens this way?
  9. EfficientNinja

    Copy movies or other files on your iOS device using iTunes

    Hello everyone! If you are new to iOS and you would like to transfer or copy files to your iPhone or iPad, you should try this. :) Step 1. Download the application that you will use on your iPad or iPhone on the App Store. If you would like to play videos, download VLC. If you need to read PDF...
  10. DenisMNE

    What are the best cheap speakers for iPhone/Android

    I am interested in buying speakers for my laptop and would like to know which speakers are the best and budget friendly. Does anyone of you own any speakers or intends to buy them? If you do, please let me know what speakers do you own and how would you describe them, including the price ?
  11. Joey Mercado

    Most Preferred Iphone!

    I would like to ask every forum member especially the Iphone user since then about their exeprience since a lot of version and units of Iphone have been upgraded since then but still using the old one and not upgraded because they are already satisfied with the performance of the phone. So is...
  12. DenisMNE

    iPhone X vsSamsung Galaxy S8+ Speed Test!

    Check out this video that gives a decent review on speed when it comes down to two of these brands. Do you own any of these two ? Please do not hesitate to share your experience with us ! My favorite is an iPhone, do you agree and why and do you disagree and why ?
  13. DenisMNE

    Any app that lets you listen to music in the background that is free ?

    Is there any app which allows you to listen music in the background and it costs nothing ? I have a AudioTube for years, it has been taken off the market for some time and I was unable to find any new ones. Anyone uses some apps that can do it ?
  14. Martinsx

    How to protect your phone when it comes to fire

    The recent Carina fire has made people nervous and try to learn more about their skills and limit their damage. Is there a way to protect your phone? This article will give you some tips to better protect your phone in case of a fire. 1. Disconnect all power The first thing you need to do is...
  15. Martinsx

    iPhone doesn't recognize sim : This is the remedy

    Your iPhone does not receive sims, constantly searching and you do not know what to do. Following these steps would help you to the cause and how to thoroughly fix the iPhone status does not recognize the sim. Leg contact Sim is stuck The copper surface on the sim is dirty. This is a common...
  16. Martinsx

    How to turn off iPhone performance on a low battery

    When the iPhone gets a low battery, the system immediately limits the performance of the device to ensure battery life is adequate. However, this feature sometimes annoys the user because of the jerky performance of the device. The following article will guide you how to turn off performance on...
  17. HelenR

    When using iPhone as a hotspot, can I see what devices are connected?

    I want to use this feature on my iPhone but I am just curious it is possible to see what devices are connected. If I know this, I can limit devices that allowed to connect to my network which can make my hotspot clean and more faster. Thanks!
  18. Jedi Knight Muse

    Is there a way to add music directly on iPhone?

    I'm wondering if there is any way to download and add music to the iTunes app directly on the iPhone without using a computer at all (also without using the iTunes store app). I feel inconvenient every time I used iTunes on my PC and it consumed me more time for this work. Please suggest me!
  19. Ronald2505

    Is iPhone considered a smartphone?

    I am being confused with this question. Because some articles I've read on some websites states that iPhones are not a smartphone. Can someone clarify this topic to me? I want to know your thoughts!
  20. Rodney Olson

    How to create and customize vibration alerts on your iPhone

    Did you know that the iPhone has a customizable vibration alert for ringing tones, messages, and emails? Surely many people want to customize their own ringtones or vibration exclusive on their iPhone. With this feature you will be able to customize the vibration intensity to more easily...