1. novandak

    Effective Ways to Utilize Dynamic Island on iPhone 15 Series?

    Hello Everyone, I'm thrilled about the new features on the iPhone 15 Series, particularly Dynamic Island. However, I'm looking for effective ways to make the most out of this feature. Can anyone share their tips, tricks, or creative uses for Dynamic Island? I'm eager to learn and enhance my...
  2. Rodney Olson

    Repeated calls shown in recent calls list in iPhone?

    I just looked at the recent calls list because I missed a call from my mom and I saw that all of the calls listed were repeated so that each call appears twice in the list with the same time. I have AT&T. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how I can solve it?
  3. aceofadsense

    Syncing data from iPhone to OneDrive?

    I'm having trouble finding a straightforward solution for syncing data from my iPhone to OneDrive. I want to sync not only photos but also contacts, documents, and text messages. Is it possible to set up a sync that covers all of these types of data, and if so, what are the steps involved? I'm...
  4. aceofadsense

    What is the best protection in a case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max?

    I'm in search of a reliable and protective case for my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I used to use the Pelican Protector with my previous iPhone 8 Plus, and it saved my phone from damage several times. However, I recently purchased the latest version of the Pelican Protector, and it doesn't seem to be as...
  5. D

    How To Recover The Iphone Data

    Hi Guys, I Lost my data entire data which is stored in my mobile. And, that is very important data that i need to recover. Is there any recovery apps for ios
  6. Valerie Green

    Battery life of iPhone

    Is there any possibilities even we can find 4000mah or 5000mah in iOS smartphones ?
  7. monre509

    What’s the best cheap iPhone nowadays?

    I’m looking for an affordable iphone that is still very usable today? What version of iPhone do you recomment in your opinion? Is it worth buying an old verison of iphone?
  8. ivandelrey

    If Apple made an iPhone with Android OS, would you buy one?

    Everything looks like iOS, functions like iOS, with Apple internals/hardwares but Android OS... Of course apps will be downloaded from Google Play, not from the App Store. Would you buy one?
  9. monre509

    Should I Update my iPhone to The latest iOs?

    I currently have an iPhone 6 and my iOs version is on iOs 10. I did not update my iOs because they said that it slows down my iPhone. With that reason I am hesitant to update to the latest iOs verion for my iPhone 6. What are you recommendations?
  10. Maxwell

    Google Drive supports backing up contacts, calendars, photos from iPhone to Android

    Google has responded to Apple's Move to iOS application to help users backup data on the iPhone to switch to use the Android smartphone faster and more convenient. Accordingly, the upgraded Google Drive app for iOS will allow for the backing up of contacts, calendars, and photos in case users...
  11. koki12346

    Iphone Xr problems

    It appears every capacity and color of iPhone XR model on Apple.com is still available with launch day shipping (October 26th). This raises one obvious counterargument: maybe Apple managed to make so many iPhone XRs that it can meet any demand? The problem is this isn’t convincing. First, Apple...
  12. Bravosi

    My reasons as to why the Galaxy S9 is superior to iPhone

    1) The fast charger comes with the box! Fast-charging is a feature that has often come in handy, and it comes standard with the Galaxy S9. Meanwhile, if you want to take advantage of the iPhone X's fast charging, you either need to buy a separate charging item. 2) Galaxy is cheaper As we all...
  13. D

    Are you using the right document editing application?

    If you are someone whose life is drowned in documents then you need to ask yourself are you using the right document editing application? This question naturally comes with a number of counter questions. Some of the basics like Can you choose different fonts? Can you change the size of the...
  14. SS1234

    Should I buy the iPhone XS Maz 2-3 years from now?

    The iPhone is a product known for its greatness, it features top of the line specs although it cuts down some features such as extra storage and a headphone jack. As a user of android phones from varying brands I have experienced and have seen many things that are quite a disappointment for me...
  15. SS1234

    Samsung Galaxy or Apple Iphone?

    Smartphones are things that we use in our everyday lives, that is why it is important to choose your next smartphone based on your preference and how convenient the smartphone is for you. Among other brands in the phone industry 2 brands come on top each year: Samsung and Apple. Samsung is a...
  16. laurel4evers

    Has anyone had problems with the new iPhone Xs dropping calls?

    My boyfriend recently purchased the new iPhone X, and making calls is a crucial part of his job. However, the calls are constantly dropping 5-20 minutes into each phone call, even though we live literally next to a cell tower and have never had this issue before. Verizon claimed it was the...
  17. deejaycee

    IPHONE XS - Thoughts

    What do you think of the new IPHONE XS? Do you think the price is worth the specifications of the phone? What do you think of the new features of the new iPhone?
  18. bachiekins

    Still an iPhone 5s User - Need Phone Upgrade

    Hi! I'm still an iPhone 5s user (please don't kill me). I am trying to look for a new smartphone that can easily support my needs. As follows: Email savvy - can be used almost as a laptop. As I am on the go and need to constantly reply. Should be able to hold multiple email accounts as well. I...
  19. Martinsx

    What's the latest iPhone now?

    I have seem to lost track of the latest iPhone version in the market at the moment. I think that I heard something about a new version being released but I'm not sure. I would like to know the latest in market now and it's cost. Thanks.
  20. TSM

    Ideas on what I can do with my iPhone 1?

    I was cleaning out my room and found my iPhone 1 from 10 years ago. To my surprise, it still works! What are some fun, creative things I can do with my phone? Is it worth selling?