Battery life of iPhone

You can not find a such smartphone with 4000mah or 5000mah but you could find a iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 Battery Case 4000mAh to help your battery use longer.


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I would just recommend buying yourself a portable charger. There's a lot cheap ones out there that should make your smartphone run for twice as long. I paid 8 euro for mine and it can store up to 3500mAh. So for a smartphone with 4000mAh, that would mean you could fully deplete your smartphone, then almost fully charge it, and use it as much again. That way, you'd have 7500mAh, and even more if you choose to buy a better portable charger. There are some that store more than 20.000 mAh.
As of now, you can never find such iPhones carrying that size of a battery or maybe soon? We do not know, they are still focused on performance and fine-tuning the current flagship iPhones. Better to use portable power banks or well-known power bank cases.
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