Choose the built-in protection shell and double the battery life of iPhone X

Many customers have complained about the battery life of the iPhone X due to its slim design - which is what happens with most ultra-thin smartphones. However this can be resolved through the Zohmo iPhone X Battery Case.

Choose the built-in protection shell and double the battery life of iPhone X 1.jpg

The promising cover extends the battery life of the iPhone X.

Although this is not the world's thinnest iPhone X enclosure, it's more important to have a built-in battery to extend your iPhone usage.
Here are some highlights worth watching from Zohmo iPhone X Battery Case that iPhone X users can not ignore.
- Charge everywhere: It's annoying if you notice the battery is running low. Whether it's battery life for important things like business and interaction, or even Instagram testing, it's annoying to carry the charger or any power outlet. With a mobile charger, you can recharge your phone anytime, anywhere with a full charge of only about 90 minutes.
- Super thin: The power coating for mobile phones from Zohmo is quite light and thin, which makes the user uncomfortable. The black box can be removed quickly and easily in the bag, and when attached it will also help protecting your iPhone X from scratches.

Choose the built-in protection shell and double the battery life of iPhone X 2.jpg

It also supports Qi standard wireless charging.

- Extend battery life: It integrates a 3000 mAh lithium polymer battery that not only increases the battery life of the iPhone X with the promise of an additional 14 hours of talk time or 10 hours of web surfing. This helps you avoid turning your phone into battery saving mode or shutting down tasks for a few minutes of use.
- Handy palm and 1 year warranty: You do not need to worry about getting entangled with the Zohmo charger. It works, protects and brings a very friendly experience. It is also guaranteed to have a one-year full refund policy if you have a problem.


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Wait, how exactly does this work? This is the first time i am ever seeing such a thing. Seems ridiculously cool though. The future is here, just amazing. It is even fairly thin and practical considering how useful and strong it is. What is the range of the price of this battery case? I might just get one once my iPhone arrives :)
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