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  1. G

    Can magnetic connection harm my iPhone?

    Hi guys! I have seen an ad of Lightr smart charger recently, it is a small charger that connects to your phone via magnets. Is it possible that magnets can harm my iPhone X?
  2. novandak

    How to fix the problem of photos taken by iPhone X but unreadable on Computer

    When taking pictures with iPhone X and both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, by default Apple will choose to set new image format. The problem is that you can only read this format on an iPhone that can not be shared to other devices, such as Windows, older MacOS version and even Android smartphones. The...
  3. Chris Crocker

    Best fast charging accessories for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

    Currently, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus support fast charging and compatibility with third-party fast charge accessories. Apple has also unveiled the C 29W USB charger, which will allow the iPhone to charge 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes. In addition, users can also spend more...
  4. BillEssley

    Choose the built-in protection shell and double the battery life of iPhone X

    Many customers have complained about the battery life of the iPhone X due to its slim design - which is what happens with most ultra-thin smartphones. However this can be resolved through the Zohmo iPhone X Battery Case. The promising cover extends the battery life of the iPhone X. Although...
  5. marciayudkin

    Taking screenshots with physical buttons on an iPhone X

    With the previous generations of iPhone then with the Home button, we will be taking photos by pressing the two buttons Home + Source. However, with iPhone X has no Home button, so the operation will be a bit different. To take a screenshot on an iPhone X, you will need to press Source key +...
  6. marciayudkin

    How to avoid iPhone X screen burn-in problems

    Burn-in is a defect of AMOLED screen technology, if not properly used, you may encounter this problem on iPhone X. The phenomenon of burn-in on iPhone X is a phenomenon that occurs when a high contrast image is continuously displayed on the screen for a long time, it makes the diode illuminated...
  7. HelenR

    iPhone X tips?

    What are the best tips for using iPhone X? can any one share me?
  8. marciayudkin

    iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8?

    I researched and have comparisons between these smartphones but to be honest I could not decide which is better. Here are the specs of each one What about you? if you have a choice to buy a new smartphone, between iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8, which one will you choose?