iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8?

I researched and have comparisons between these smartphones but to be honest I could not decide which is better. Here are the specs of each one

iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8.png

What about you? if you have a choice to buy a new smartphone, between iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8, which one will you choose?
Base on the specs, I am putting my money on Galaxy Note 8. I mean that is a wonderful specs, but not just about specification. I've been a Costumer Service Before for both Apple and Samsung, and when our costumer ask for the best phone, we always tell that it is not about the specs, but how the phone will help them in their daily needs.
From the specs you have uploaded, in terms of CPU, iPhone is so much better than Note 8. But if I will be the one to choose, I'd go with Galaxy Note 8. For one, it is cheaper, bigger RAM and battery life is longer. I think this phone is more than enough to keep up with my everyday use. Also, I like android than iOS since I'm more familiar with it.
I would go for the samsung note, the iphoje might have a greater storage but you could always plug in a memory card on the samsung and it also have 6gb of RAM so thats better and you'd save 50 bucks! You could buy a case or any accessories for that to make your phone pretty!
Based on the specs given I would say its hard for me to choose although I feel Iphon X has more advantages .I think I may decide to get Note 8 because its easier and a bit cheaper.
I will choice Galaxy Note 8. iPhone OS will be choice by the mac users. By windows based desktop or laptop user will take the Galaxy Note 8. I am a full time freelancer and outsourcing worker at marketplace. I need to stay online full time and should need also long time battery capability. From my choice of view- I will must select Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

When choosing something I want I usually based on the quality and user-friendly thing. After that I would look for its RAM, how fast it is when using it. Then, its design and the price. In this case, choosing between iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8, I would go with Galaxy Note 8 based on its RAM, Micro SD, Price. In addition to those specs I would also want to consider how many are using it in the area where I live in, how many shops that knows and checks the gadget. This is important to consider in case problem occurs with the phone.
Sometimes the performance of a device depends on how good the operating system performs. There are device that has greater specs but got out perform by a device that has a more balance specs. In my opinion, Iphone x may have a lower specs than Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but Iphone x surely has a better operating system than Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
Base on that info, i will definitely go for Galaxy Note. First thing it is cheaper, it is a no brainer thing that cheap is cool if it has great specs. Second is it has greater value or bigger size of RAM. Bigger size of RAM means doing a lot faster on your phone. Especially if you are a gamer. A Bigger RAM is an apple in the eye. Third thing is it can be put in an extra memory, means you can actually put files on your memory card to lessen the space of you phone. And last of all, Android phones are easier to use than iOS. :)
I choose Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Because of the specs and reliability of the gadget.
It's higher ram that you cannot lag easily the quality is good. The gadget is almost the same as the i phone.
but I phone it hard to use sometimes you cannot retrieve your password if you have a little mistake and it will not open. Samsung is easy to you and durable. I watch some videos on youtube iPhone vs Samsung and they put coca cola on the phones then they put it on to the refrigerator for a whole day and the Samsung is working and iPhone has malfunctioned.
some adds attract people the way they prefer to show it. I suggest that we don't have to get so exited by the things we see on the social media unless we examine things carefully. Each phone does have its weaknesses and strengths. Some phones provide advance features and more apps for free. Others proved their quality by providing better virus security. But we can focus on what we need not on what we want which I think would help us address which phone brand to purchase.
I would definitely go for Galaxy note 8 because of the better specification than the Iphone. We all know it is quality over quantity, but as you can see the quality of Samsung is worthy compared to buying the Iphone. Plus, I will also buy accessories for my Galaxy Note 8 and that will cost me to pick out money on my pocket. :)
I have been using iPhone for a long time. I am used to OS features, but I haven't bought iPhone X yet. However, if I have to choose between iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, based on the specifications you have provided, I would definitely pick Galaxy Note 8. It is such a good buy, knowing obviously that they have a cheaper price compare to iPhone X. This smartphone really put up a notch to compete with the most popular one.
Consider your habit in using a phone upon purchasing. What are your likes? Are a gamer or more of a call and text purposes only. You can find the right specs of a phone base on your personality and habit.
If I were you, I will choose Samsung Galaxy Note 8 than iPhone X from the specs that you have provided. It's so obvious that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is more durable than iPhone X. And based on the prices that you have provided, I will buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 because it's lesser than the price of iPhone X.
Agree! The specs make it pretty obvious which phone is better. And it costs less. But you'll still have your Apple fanboys that will argue all day that any iPhone is better than any Samsung phone.
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Definitely Note 8. Granted I am biased because I currently own a Samsung and will be getting a Note 8 next, but I just think the Note 8 is a better phone.

It has more RAM, which means the phone will run better when using lots of different apps, the camera is unbelievable, and it has a MicroSD slot, which means you are able to add storage space if needed. I use the MicroSD card in my phone to store all my music and pictures.

You're also able to customize your Samsung phone because it uses Android operating system.
I rather choose Galaxy Note 8 than the Iphone X. Considering the price, the Note 8 is much cheaper, still it got better specs that the iPhone X. And for me Android phone are much more convenient than an iOS device. So many features can be found in android, and it is convenient. And i think Samsung devices are better too in terms of durability. So if you're a practical person, you would choose the Note 8.
If you are visual enthusiast and you consider photography and cinematography as a hobby, you choose Iphone X. Currently, I am saving my money for Iphone X since its camera specs are way way way better than Samsung. It can already match the professional digital cameras like DSLR Canon 6D, or Sony a. It can already reach some of the points from RED camera and I think that this is too amazing. Iphone X gives very detail, crisp, and sharp camera and video resolution compared from Samsung.
Based on the specs that you gave, I would go for the Galaxy Note 8. It's just that I have been using an iPhone for a while now and it is what I am used to.:) It's kinda user-friendly. Androids, for me, are kinda confusing. If you are into photography thought, I think the iPhone X has the better rear camera. Galaxy Note 8's front camera, I think, is clearer but the iPhone X's front cam is brighter. iPhone storage is also bigger but the Samsung's storage is expandable via the microSD. :giggle::giggle:
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