What is your current smartphone?

I am using Lenove P1MA40.
2gb RAM and 16gb with up to 64gb expandable memory.
You have good specs on your smartphone, 2gb of ram is good enough and 16gb internal storage. I have bellie g1 smartphone 1gb ram and 8gb internal storage, I'm looking phone like that but how much it cost? Because my phone is so lag because of low ram even if I play mobile legends it's kinda hang, freeze etc.
I have a not so popular phone, Xiaomi Redmi 4x. Umm actually the first thing I am looking at a phone is its specs. My phone has 2gd RAM and 16gb ROM, Octacore and it has 15mp and 10mp camera. The Specs of my phone was not to high but it is already a win win for its price. I brought it for just $100+ because it is on sale. I own it for about half a year and It still work.
I am currently using Vivo V5. It has 4gb ram and 32 gb storage, 20 megapixels front cam and 13 megapixels at the rear camera. It also has a wide screen which is good for gaming and watching videos. It's a pretty deal for the price of Php13,000 or $260.
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20 megapixels? I am curious how is the quality of photos that you take from your smartphone? and when have you bought this smartphone?
Yep! 20mp front camera.. Reaaaally good for taking selfies. It also has a soft light for taking selfies at night. I bought it last September 2017. To satisfy your curiosity, here is a sample of a photo taken with my front camera. :D (sad to say i can't upload the original picture taken from my camera, it always says file is too large to be uploaded) I included herein a screenshot of the photo taken with my front camera instead.
-bummer even a screenshot cannot be uploaded i am so sorry about that.

This is what it says when i tried to upload the full screenshot.

This is the only screenshot accepted.????????????????
I hope that I did not disappoint you.
I am currently using Sony Xperia Z2. It has been almost 4 years now since I bought this phone and it is still working fine like just out of the box but with few scratches. I chose this mobile phone because it suits my needs, I can take underwater photos plus I can play games for hours without thinking about my battery. Only problem with Z2 is that it the battery can't be changed and so with the screen unless it will be done by a certified mobile phone technician.
I am using Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro and just curious what is your current smartphone and why you chose it?
I'm using a Cloudfone Infinity, its performance is really great, I like it's cam the most, with a 20mp x 13mp dual flash with screen flash

It also has a facial recognition and finger print scanner.

What I like most is the price, it's cheap at $225. For a 2.6 GHZ / 4 GB x 64 GB phone that's very affordable.
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I am using Huawei at this time. I like its specs and it's very handy. It is also very user-friendly. The thing that I like about this phone is that it has "scanner" which I really need a lot for some of my important document to upload and save it. It is very cheap but it's not out of style.


This is how it looks like. I googled it and I saw this Huawei which is similar to my phone.
I am using Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro and just curious what is your current smartphone and why you chose it?
I am using Samsung Smartphones too but mine is SamsungA7 2017 series☺. I chose it because it has this multi-view feature? which allows me to do multi-tasking also.


Furthermore, it has 3 GB Random Access Memory and 32 GB built-in storage which allows me to browse faster and perform task without hassle.

I also love the very thought that it's dust and water resistant.  It's camera, both front and back has 16 megapixels! How cool is that?


I've been a Samsung fan for years simply because I'm satisfied with their products.
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Me, I have a Lenovo A1000, I’ve been using it for almost 2 years and still in good running condition, I have some complaint about this phone-battery easily drain, slow processing. Anyway, it’s worth its price, I’m always tempted to buy a new phone with higher features and upgrades but considering my practical usages of my phone such as calling someone and texting, this will do. It's just that I’m more inclined to the main function of my phone rather than comply with the latest trend.
I have the samsung galaxy s7 edge and it does what it does. At first I really wanted to but this phone because of its good looking appearance and its performance and capability to multitask as well. When I got the phone I was really exited to what it offers. Few days later I finally realized that it is the main function that I will use in the long term like calls and messages as well as the internet and instant messages not the special features of the phone.
I am using iPhone 6 for 3 years now. I know it is not the latest model from iPhone, but I can work with everything that I need in this phone. I'm using my smartphone to browse the net, look at my social media accounts, online shopping, and the normal calls and texts. I'm not yet thinking of upgrading since I'm still benefiting from it.
I am using Vivo Y51 for about three years now and i'm not really picky when it comes to smartphones, for me as long as they don't, lag, have a good internal storage, i could use for my necessities(calling, texting, taking pictures, sending emails etc.) and is durable then its okay, my relatives offered to upgrade my phone but i declined and asked for cash instead, im used to it already and its still good so i dont see the need to replace it.


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I'm using an android phone, A y4 series among the popular Y series android phones.I went for this particular series because of its specifications and features, it has a 3GB Ram,16 GB memory space, very clear camera and latest features too to give one a good smartphone experience.I have had it over a year now and I don't think I have any cause to change it, because it still very productive unless I would just want a change of phone.
I am using Samsung S7Edge. This was given to me by my husband a year ago. This is my first time using Edge phone. It kinda is annoying at first because it's so sensitive and I just don't know where you should be holding the phone correctly. But once you get used to it, it's amazing. I love that when I forgot to silent it, and when it rings, I can just cover the front face and the ringing will stop. I also love the feature that I can get it voice activated. When I misplace it around the house, I'd just call his name. And the best part is it only answers to me. :LOL: And lastly, I love that it's water resistant too. My son loves the underwater shots while we're taking a swim.
I have a Samsung S6 and Vivo V5. I like both my phones but i think i am now using my Vivo mainly. I enjoy new features from this phone. It is like owning an iphone or any equivalent for a much cheaper value. My phone is just 4 months old but i am getting used to it and enjoy using it. I am planning to have a another Vivo phone sooner maybe the V7 or if a new model will be released in the near future.
I bought my Samsung Note FE (Fan Edition) last month, and I must say that I am very impressed with its performance. The Samsung Note FE is actually an upgraded version of Samsung Note 7. It was recalled 2 years ago because of faulty batteries. I am a gamer so I liked that it has a really big screen. It has a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. So far I haven't experienced any lagging and it runs very smoothly, for now. I also liked that it has an S-pen, it's a whole new experience for me. Here's what it looks like and its full specifications.

My current smartphone is a Microsoft Lumia 535. I've had it for close to three years.It's nothing fancy, though Nokia had better phones than Lumia. Lumia phones have a charging problem. Mine had a problem after one year, which is not fair considering how much it cost. I'm glad Nokia are back. Thinking of getting a phone from them. The disadvantage is that they are Android now and the Lumia is a windows phone. I find Windows Phone's better, because I feel like I'm using my laptop, they have the same features.
I'm using a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, I'm enjoying it for six months now. I'm attracted to buy this because I like mobile phones with big screens. It's not expensive but not cheap the price is just right for the phone's performance. It has an 8-megapixel front camera that is perfect for selfies and video calls. Downloaded games runs smooth and I haven't experienced any problem yet. I'm just a little bit disappointed with the 16G memory capacity, the good thing is that, it has a microSD slot for your additional files, and that is why I love android. I heard good reviews with the Samsung Galaxy Note8, I planning to have that smartphone soon.
I've been using a Huawei p9 for nearly a year and I'm fully satisfied! Huawei is kind of a big deal in my country. I primarily fell in love with Its fancy design. It has 5.2" 1080p display, looks so elegant, so neat. Also, I really like the camera quality, I mean, carrying a dual-lens Leica in your pocket is a big deal! ;)(y) Each lens has a 12mp sensor and Its focal range is way wider than in some other phone cameras. The Huawei p9 is powered by 1.8GHz octa-core HiSilicone Kirin 995 processor and it comes with 3GB RAM memory. It has 32GB internal storage that could, of course, be extended.

What I don't like about my phone is the video recording quality. It says that the phone can record 1080p videos but the reality is a bit disappointing. The video quality is actually way lower.:poop:
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