Smartphone selection criteria?

I choose a smartphone based on these conditions:

CPU cores

The rest is price, if it matches my budget for a new smartphone then it is good to go with.


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you're right but as of now most of the apps is strict in there OS correct me if I'm wrong. Like if you're not an iphone user you can't install that app.
For me it's these:
the size and weight of a smartphone - I don't like big ones, if possible up to 5" only
RAM - at least 2GB
storage - at least 16GB
battery - can last at least a day
OTG capable - I really love this feature and can't go without it ;)
and of course price - I wouldn't buy really expensive phones :giggle:

I would choose android over iOS, though I haven't used iOS but from what I've heard from friends, they're having a hard time using it. Maybe android phones are more user-friendly in my opinion.
In my opinion, i would consider these qualities first:

RAM - should be 2gb or above so that it wont lag
Internal storage - since i have a lot of files and im a hoarder id pick a phone with 16gb or above internal memory
Mega pixels - i love taking photos but i and so i always consider quality and for android phones; so far sony has the best camera for me
Screen display -since you dont want your phone looking like a tablet or too small, should be 5"-6" screen display for the average hands

but if youre going for an iPhone i think all of these qualities are already there so you shouldn't worry too much


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Of course the specs of the phone which is the Ram, Memory, Cpu, Camera, Size of the screen and the Battery. When these specs are good in a phone. This will be a perfect one cause I always play games on a smartphone and I use it to capture memories.
As a matter of fact, now, I am struggling which smartphone to buy. Well personally, when buying a phone I am considering the best specs that suits my taste for smartphones.
Here are the things I keep in mind when buying a phone.
First, the style, I always see to it that my phone is handy, and the case is a bit rubbery so that it won't easily fall when being held.
Second, what I usually do with my phone. During my free time, I use to play mobile games and watch videos online. With regards to this, I see to it that the phone which I am about to buy is 2GB RAM or above so that games that eat much temporary memory on phone won't lag, and that the phone is 4G capable or even 5G in the future.
Third, it should be suitable to my work. I am currently working in a construction company, and surveying sites is included in my job. So in order for me to get the best quality of images to present in my report, the camera as well should be good, should have at least 13Mega Pixel primary camera.
RAM very recommended
CPU cores very recommended
ROM very recommended
External memory size capability recommend
Battery not recommended

the price is recommended too but if you have a money so buy a good one
i'm using samsung because i trust them a best quality because some of my friend buy oppo f5 but its lag so im not recommended to buy that i recommend to buy samsung galaxy like s8 or note that good core and ram that can ran a smooth and freely games.
For me I like a high-end phone with an affordable price. Second thing I look for a mobile phone is the battery life, I am a heavy gamer and loves to watch online so battery life is a must. Of course if you love playing games you should also look out for the internal memory and also the maximum external memory you can use.
Choosing a smartphone to buy can really be hard because of many brands. Criteria is you should look for high internal storage, atleast 4gb of ram and a powerful processor and GPU. Camera should be a factor too choosing a smartphone. Well whatever choice you make you should always consider what suits you.
For me there are 5 components to a good smartphone and these are:
1. Water Proof / Scratch Resistant Glass - it's always a plus if the phone is water proof, no need to be careful when it rains or in times that you get your phone wet. And having a scratch resistant glass screen ensures that your phone screen is always clean and new to look at.
2. Processor / Ram - Having atleast an Octacore for a processor and a minimum of 3 to 4 GB ram will ensure you a fast internet experience.

3. Internal Memory and Storage - A minimum of 32GB internal and a storage of 128 GB means a lot more apps and downloaded files for your phone.
4. Camera - A 16MP X 8MP or 20MP X 12MP cam with dual flash is a big plus for good picture and selfies
5. Speakers and Audio - Front speakers is a must for loud volume output. I seldom use earphones, I like listening to music on speaker.
Choosing a smartphone to buy can really be hard because of many brands
I thought there are only two big brands are Apple and Samsung, so it will be not hard for you.
Criteria is you should look for high internal storage, atleast 4gb of ram and a powerful processor and GPU. Camera should be a factor too choosing a smartphone. Well whatever choice you make you should always consider what suits you.
With these criterias you could spend above $200 for a good smartphone, right?
I just like to have a phone that doesn't take too long to load up things. So, I'd have to say, I look for a decent processor and RAM. A camera wouldn't be a bad idea either for taking photos. I like to take pictures of my dog, so that's a plus, but not required since I also have a digital camera. Oh, and a screen that isn't too small is something I also look for.
I look first for the amount of RAM, minimum of 3GB RAM would be good. Then Processor, Operation system, Android version, the Battery, and lastly the screen glass, Gorilla Glass 4 is a very good one.. I'm not into cameras, I would rather buy a high class camera than spending money to buy a smartphone because of the camera.
I need it to have a user-friendly interface, one that isn't too complicated for me to customize it. A medium sized screen is also a must and a good camera won't hurt either. Memory should be expandable too since I like to transfer photos from my digital camera and I download too many apps. I really like Samsung because it's not too expensive plus it meets my standards and more.
Well for me, I use my smartphone all day, it should have battery that lasts for a very long time. I also consider how big the screen is and what it's made of, I prefer AMOLED at the moment. Watching videos and playing games with an AMOLED screen is an awesome experience. I research about smartphones that have a large amount of RAM, like 4GB minimum. I also consider its CPU and GPU, I play a lot of complex games and I need a smartphone that can keep up with them. I'll go for Razer or Samsung, they have awesome specs.


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For me it has got to be, obviously specifications first. So, RAM, CPU, good quality camera, speakers and a internal memory of at least 64 GB. Followed by that has got to be aesthetics. I like my phones black, sharp edges, with a lot of metal on it. It has got to look classy and elegant.


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I’ve had only two or three models of phone since i’ve had smartphones and now i stick to apple. What i love about iphone is that it is very user friendly, even kids can use it easily. Maybe that’s the reason as well why i cannot change smartphone brand because i am used to this kind of OS, besides i’ve tried other brand and i think i kind of had a very hard time navigating it like there’s so much windows popping up and it confuses me a lot. So, the first thing that i consider in choosing smartphone is how friendly user it is, second is the GB, third is the camera.
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