I am thinking to buy a new smartphone. Which one will you suggest for me?

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I am a full time freelancer and outsourcing worker. I need to stay full time online and need to access different times on different section to complete the work. At the same time I will be need high Performance of batter life also. Currently I am using Samsung Galaxy Nxt Pro J1.

Will for me I only download DU battery on appstore, my phone is kinda cheap but the performance is good until I use that app, long lasting battery and fast charger also its kinda anti virus and it works well for me.
If you are a android user, I suggest you should try either Asus ZenFone AR for gaming or Sony XZ for photography. But since you are in the business of freelancing and a outsourcing then an Iphone is more suitable for you.
I need to stay full time online and need to access different times on different section to complete the work.
I am sure you will need a large screen size for new smartphone but it will be more helpful for your work when working on smartphone sometimes.

Are you still using Android or move to iOS? and how much money are you having for new smartphone? the suggestions also depend on your budget too.
If you are an android user, i think i will suggest you to buy a samsung galaxy s8 because its have a best quality specially in processor and its have a large internal storage (ROM) and its also good in photography its also capture the real you and its long lasting battery. In Security feature its have an eye scanner finger print and advance password to secure your files for me its one of the best smart phones in history.
I would suggest you to research well both on IOS and android according to your work or career nature. They say Samsung is way better when you are self-employed because it is easy to manage. Apple on the other hand will take your time studying the settings or specifications, but you'll do well with this tho.
I can't tell which you should use, my likes and tastes are different, I don't use a big phone with well known features I use itel1513 and this is what I have been using to earn and do my freelance work so far. I don't mind what kind of phone it be, as far as it can browse then I will make the best use of it, go on an check it out on net but I think you buy the idea of Techno CammonC9.
Since you are always online you will need a good mobile phone with a very good battery life. Samsung Galaxy S8+ have a good battery life and also a very wide screen that makes it easier to navigate. Check the specs before buying, in your line of work battery life is the most important thing.

I know that so many people may oppose, but I would choose iPhone 6. Is also a freelancer and the most important things for me are camera and apps that can be used on the phone.
iPhones has all the important features for you to do almost anything and if you have a MacBook, it can be all synced together, which really helps with sharing documents, emails and overall confort.
The people I know who use phones for business or work, most of them use Samsung smartphones. Preferably Samsung Galaxy Series. Number one reason is that Galaxy series has a perfect cameras and screens are big enough also batteries last longer. Especially the latest ones. You just need to pick what's best for you or what suits your work. Also the best for gaming because of big screens and battery life
I would go with a Samsung Note 8. Huge screen, fast processor, great battery life, and on and on. I think it would be perfect for you. And with Android phones you are able to do all kinds of customizing. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge but will be getting the Note 8 very soon. I'm very happy with my S7 Edge, but just want the upgrade with everything that I'll get with the Note 8.
There is nothing more perfect than buying yourself a new Samsung phone. Any of the model would do, depending on your budget. I have been a Samsung user for more than 10 years already and all of my phones lasted long. I just have to replace it because of other new products in the market. So if you are a freelancer like me get a Samsung phone right now and enjoy another 10 more lasting years with it.
I would suggest that you buy samsung because it is very user friendly that is why you can easily manipulate it for you to be able to do the things that needs to be done easily. another is that samsung is very durable. I also drop me phone accidentally some times many times a day but samsung still stay functional and intact for a couple of years.
Samsung Galaxy 9 is coming very very soon in just a couple of days. And it will be an evolutionary upgrade. There's is going to be some mild design changes on the back. The camera and sensor orientation will be repositioned. It'll have a slightly slimmer bezel to display. It'll look a little bit better but overall it's gonna be design-wise and very similar to what's currently out there right now with Samsung Galaxy S8. Most of the changes will be happening on the inside with the new Snapdragon 845 series processor. But overall it'll be a little bit sleeker and a little bit cleaner than the older, Samsung Galaxy S8. The battery life will be increasing by 200mAh which will be a welcome change. Also, Samsung will be keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack when every other company wants to get rid of them, like Apple. Samsung Galaxy 9 will be a sleek, clean and evolutionary upgrade and by the way, the launch date will be on February 25th this year at Mobile World Congress.

You can take a look at the specs and price here:
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