Samsung tablet?

I will be in medschool soon, and I am planning to buy a tablet for my studies which is good in downloading and storing ebook files. Hope you guys can suggest one! Thank you!!
This tablet is the most affordable slate Samsung sells but it still offers a decent set of features. Its 9.7-inch display is big enough to stream video at an OK resolution. Parents will be relieved to know that Samsung didn't forget about younger users, as this slate offers Kids Mode to limit their usage to safe, child-friendly content.

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Hey rizzywrites,
I can't help you when it comes to Samsung tablets, but I can suggest you the Nexus 7 for variety of reasons which cover your needs.

It has great internal storage (32gb) which should be more than enough for ebooks, shows, movies, songs and even game apps.

It is very slim and can fit in some pockets making it easy to carry around, and it is VERY affordable. In fact it's dirt cheap for the punch it packs.

One more thing I would like to mention is that it is perfect for penetration testing and other such shenanigans should you be inclined/interested in that field. It can be customized to be a pentest device (while maintaining full android functionality)

I've had a total of 6 tablets in my life, and I can easily say hands down the best for School/work activities is the nexus 7. In terms of cheap price and durability (mine fell down like 10 times and it stills kicks flawlessly)

Now if you want to go over the budget then take a look into the Note series.
These are my two cents, I hope I've helped.

If you ever DO get a nexus 7 hit me up, I'll help you customize it.
I wont recommend you any brand since it may come out biased. But if you were to use it for studies, choose a tablet PC with at least 4 processors and up at 2.5 Ghz and up. Ram should be at least 4gb (8gb ram would be better). This would enable you to multitask and switch between apps smoothly. Buying tables without benchmarking them would really be a big waste of time and money in the long run. Storage doesnt really matter since its just for the sake of you saving your files in them. Doesnt contribute to the processing speed of the gadget. Hope this helps :)
I highly recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab S3,The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the best Android tablet to date, headlined by an HDR-ready screen, four powerful speakers and an upgraded S Pen that’s included in the box, although you’re going to have to pay for the keyboard. Just don’t expect to see much HDR video content right away, or have Android meet all of your 2-in-1 tablet needs next to a similarly priced laptop.


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I will be in medschool soon, and I am planning to buy a tablet for my studies which is good in downloading and storing ebook files. Hope you guys can suggest one! Thank you!!
Since you say that you are going to be using it for your schooling I would point out that you may want to look at durability in a tablet and not just the features and pricing.

A lot of times devices that are being used in this kind of environment are subjected to more bumping, dropping and other physical impact so durability is a big factor.

I have owned A LOT of tablets over the years and the Lenovo brand of tablets have been the ones that have been the most durable in my own experience.

You may want to look into this brand. Their Yoga Tab 3 and 4 models are really good and durable.
If you are planning to buy a tablet the best table that I can suggest is surface pro 3. Surface pro 3 is thinner than the ordinary tablet in the market and it is lighter as well. It is 12 inch display and higher resolution. For a student like you it is very helpful. Here are some spec of surface pro 3.
CPU: 1.9GHz Intel Core i5-4300U (dual-core, 3MB cache, up to 2.9GHz with Turbo Boost)
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Storage: 256GB SSD
Camera: Two 5MP webcams (1080p HD video)
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I like this idea, your recommended specs like a PC or laptop. To be honest, I was going to buy a Surface pro in the past because it looks professional and easy to use for works like a laptop but I bought a Samsung tablet because its price is more cheaper and I can call when needed.


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I can confirm that this is a good one. A friend of mine is in possession of this one and it looks amazing. Although, he uses it to casually play some high quality games, but since you're looking for a tablet to study, the 256GB SSD might be a little bit overboard. If possible, for studies I'd recommend more HDD memory space, unless the apps you use for college (and maybe some fun on the side) are very big apps, like Visual Studio for programmers. I'm not sure what you guys in medschool need, but if it's just to save study material and write down your essays, than HDD memory should be more important to you than SSD.


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My advice is to go with the Google Nexus 9. It's a beautiful device and has all the specifications, if not more than you actually need.

Android 5.0 Lollipop; 8.9-Inch IPS LCD TFT Display;
32 GB Flash Memory, 2 GB RAM Memory
2.3 GHz Processor

I think you shouldn't care too much about the price since you need the best quality for such a high profile school, i know that feel when your biggest problem is lag and a randomly shutting down-device.

Hopefully this was helpful :)
I recommend lenovo tab 2 A8-50 if you're into reading e-books. It's nothing fancy and it costs just only around $150. I think it can still be available online. But, if you just want to be in the latest, go fro Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7
Im planning to buy one for myself for reading pdf files related to my work.
I would suggest to you the Samsung Galaxy Tab E (9.6-inch) because this tablet is the most affordable slate Samsung sells but it still offers a decent set of features. Its 9.7inch display is big enough to stream video at an OK resolution.
Samsung Tablets are a good choice. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, has a good 8.4" screen size, and is very reliable, it has almost the same specifications as the Samsung Tab S3, 9.7" screen size, but with a more affordable price tag. The size would be very convenient as well, since you would be bringing it back and forth between school and home. Usually administrators at schools purchase that size of tablets because they are easy to handle.
I will be in medschool soon, and I am planning to buy a tablet for my studies which is good in downloading and storing ebook files. Hope you guys can suggest one! Thank you!!

Hello @rizzywrites . First I would like to congratulate you and wishing you all the best of lucks and God Bless as you enter and start your med school life, Hoping you will do well there and of course enjoy it more, . By the ways regarding your questions of the best tablets use for med school. I am hoping that the link below will be a great help. Please take a look

And also this video Which had a review for about 1 year ago, that usually for Useful Apps for Ipad and Iphones for Med School Student.

Hope it really helps
Seems you have already gotten a lot of good replies, but I would also like to weigh in and suggest that you get an Android tablet. While iOS devices have very reliable hardware and ease of access, in terms of being able to access and modify ebooks I guarantee an Android device will serve you much better.
I've been looking into the Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet as well. I'm not sure if it's the right tablet for me? Any Tab S3 owners here? How are your experiences with it? How long have you owned the tablet? Have you experienced any lag or slow down within the OS or tablet's performance?
I would suggest Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education, Perhaps one of the most versatile tablets on our list, the Galaxy Tab 4 Education is a perfect day-to-day tablet that students can use for in-classroom assessment and at-home learning. It's not the flashiest tablet, but with an extremely vivid, 10.1" display, 16 GB of internal storage, 1.5 GB of RAM, and Android Lollipop 5.0, the Tab 4 Education offers all of the computing power necessary for the average classroom. Once Google activated, the Galaxy Tab 4 Education can access the Google Play for Education store where students can download education-specific apps in a safe online interface.
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