Is Nokia really out of the picture?

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I grew up loving Nokia phones since it is very user friendly and had the state of the art technology back then.
But why is it having a hard time today keeping up with the market?
No, I don't think so, if they know how to serve needs from users then they will be back to the market. They releasesed any good models now and if you need a cheap smartphone but quality then Nokia 2 smartphone can be a good choice and its price is about $100 only.

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Wow. I didn't know that they've come up for an android phone already. Good to know that they are now trying to compete with other android phones company. Anyway, I have Nokia Lumia which is supported by Microsoft. It is also user friendly but there's a limited apps offering on their operating system.
Nokia was never out of the picture. I guess, it is just the other big mobile companies, such as iPhone and Samsung, which surged up sales in the market dramatically, because of the innovation of smartphones. Maybe they just did not recognize the importance of software at that time.

I used to like Nokia because of how sturdy it is compared to other brands. But due to the new features other phone companies offer, I tend to try it out for myself, and sadly put my Nokia phone behind.
JB Fernandez
Same case with me. I still keep my old nokia phones due to sentimental value. So sad to see a very popular company during my childhood to be out powered by the new players in the market. They should have invested on the research and development.
I think nokia is not having a hard time in the market. It is just that other companies have gained the attention of the people. So for nokia to come back to the top again they must launch products who can change people from looking to other products.
It's good that Nokia change it operating system from windows to android for their new smartphones. I like windows operating system but not for smartphones. I don't think windows is successful in making smartphone operating system it's over the top, not easy to use and it offer less free and good applications. So I hope they bring back their glory days.
No, Nokia isn't really out of the picture because the company is still on the market. There are other leading brands which are on top compared to Nokia.


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No not really. Nokia is not out of the market yet. With it's new nokia 9 and nokia's switch to android os, it surely making noise in the industry. Dont count Nokia out yet.
No, Nokia is still out there. Although their market is not that really high like before, they're still trying to get into the picture. They're trying something new every now and then, like the last thing I heard was they switch to android os. Maybe still looking for what suits them in this new generation of phones. But they should definitely move fast, because new brand phones keep on coming out left and right. And some looks promising. Not to mention the best ones nowadays which are Samsung and Apple. It's like they release new model of phones every year. So they better work hard to stay in the market.
No, definitely not. Nokia was just like having its day off for quite some time. But they are back in the business. In fact, the world witnessed its returned last year 2017 by launching its flagship "Nokia Edge" Android Smartphone. Thanks to HMD-Finland who acquired the rights to revived the Nokia brand name from the Microsoft after their contract not to used the name expired by the end of 2016.
I believe it's still not over for Nokia. I too grew up loving their technology. With all the nonsense and anxiety-inducing stuff smartphones have nowadays, it's understandable why most users prefer the simplicity they offered back then. Remember when phones were used mainly for their true purpose? Like calling and texting. Now, people are consumed with obsessive apps and etc. I wish Nokia would bring back the classic phones with upgraded features but without losing its focus on simplicity and communication.
Maybe in some locations, but Nokia is still out there competing with other brands. It may take some time for them to be next or even with Iphones and Samsung but i hope they will again. I remember back in the days when they used to lead the cellphone industry. For me, maybe they just wanted to have their own thing before realizing to adopt new OS such as android, better late than never.
Nokia is still up for competing with Huawei, Ericsson, and other well known consumer electronics brands before. For now Nokia is an emerging company in the Information Technology industry. As I was looking for a job before, they are looking for R&D Senior Software Engineer here in the Philippines and I think they are into developing 5G (faster data transferring than what 4G can do.) R&D engineer is a C++ language expert responsible for plan, design, integration and maintenance of software that they are developing.
And in our field, they are also into product distribution, they give materials such as antennas which are intended for in building solutions construction.
Nokia is very well known nowadays in telecommunications field, and, maybe not in consumer electronics.
But who knows, maybe one day, they come back again, and surprise us with amazing yet durable smartphone products.
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I am still using Nokia today although I love Samsung more than other brands.I don't think Nokia is out of the picture because as I can see Nokia is still competitive with any other brands.
I would say that of all the cellphones brand that I bought and used, Nokia is the most durable and its kinda hard to imagine that this Finnish brand is out of the picture. However, I am still very optimistic that this brand will surface again and claim somehow if not surpass popularity that they had before. Wait till February of 2018.
I think Nokia is now rising again as they adapt to the trend. Besides they have a good name for their product‘s durability. It may take time but as Nokia satisfy the consumer’s demand and get a trend to the latest innovation. In fact, what they need is a break through, a new kind of innovation for smartphones which of cost-effective features and services.
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