Is it true smartphone brings happiness to us?

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I know all of us has Smartphone to use, we have different kinds of a unit of the smartphone.

We have Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Nokia, and many more. We choose a better smartphone for everyday use.

We use a smartphone to talk, and also to communicate to our loved ones and also to our friends.

For me, smartphone brings joy and happiness to me, because it helps me a lot of things. Especially if I have my Internet, I can do what I want to helps me to search for any of my questions and also I can download any games I want from play store.the smartphone is also my stress reliever, I can listen to a music I want. I can have a selfie and video of myself.

Wherever you go you can bring your own smartphone, you can also put it in your pouch or in your pocket.

I think our day is not complete if we dont have smartphone because smartphone has everything that very important.
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Yes, definitely it brings happiness, but let's go beyond; it is about connection to other people, your loved ones, and a lot more. But we should be mindful if we just focus on the abilities of smartphones, we shouldn't let ourselves get indulge, because we might not know the people with us physically, will get disconnected from us.
Yes of course it makes every smartphone user happy because of its ability to make us busy just playing it. We forgot a lot of problems and even help us when we are feeling lonely. It kills our boredom and gaive us a enjoyable life. And also because of its differents apps that can help us in our dsily lives. Making all the things in a computer that we need a handy one. But, there is also a downside of too much of this. We take away ourselves from our social life and we lost the chance of meeting some place and people if we always choose to sit in one place and cling to our smartphones.
I think it is one of the biggest fact nowadays, due to technologies people tend to find it important because through this they make things more easier. Just like smartphones, it is definitely important because it brings people happiness. Smartphones creates happiness to the people through meeting the daily needs of its user.
yes because smartphone bring the features that we want they know what our needs and what are the benefits to us when they have a smartphones. Smartphones bring the hapiness satisfactory to us and all users that use smartphones. Smartphones is commonly a small computer that is easy to use.
For me, smartphones bring more than joy to me, it brings me closer to my family and love ones. With smartphone, it's more than knowing how well they are, but talking to them face to face through video and audio calls. Seeing them on screen is connecting to them in a private and personal way. We do a lot of travelling during weekends, downloading a navigation app will get us there faster. Smartphones are so useful that it makes our life easier and happier.
Nowadays, yes, it does bring happiness to one's life. Some people use smartphones for entertainment like games, videos and many more. We can also use smartphones to connect with those people who are far away that we truly value and love. With the help of these smartphones, communication are now easier than ever, we can communicate even with those people thousands of miles away from us. But everything has a downside. Smartphones can also break relationships, some are too busy exploring the wide range of what smartphones can do that they tend to forget about the real world communication where we talk face to face and bond together with the people around us.


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Definitely..smartphones brings us joy and happiness in many ways. The physical appearance of our smartphones of course gives us some pleasure:)...buying one gives us a sense of fulfillment :giggle:. But i think the most significant one is how the technology behind it brings us closer to reality.

Let me tell you an example... An overseas worker or a soldier, most of them leave their home for months and even years. What is the hardest part? work... the danger? nope..... Its homesickness:cry:, being far away from your family for along time is a daily struggle. A soldier is one of the bravest human being in the world, but they bend when it comes to family. You may give the highest salary for an overseas worker but there's no money could buy them a family. Imagine those days your lonely and you need someone to talk to, specially a love one but there's no way you can . A voice could make a difference...even a minute of it!

This is the very thing why a smartphone nowadays is so essential. Hearing a voice of your love one is a life changer. A morale booster, a stress reliever and a sense of purpose. What more if you could interact with him or her through video applications. One can enjoy a moment even he or she is not around. Enjoying a recorded video sent to you via social media or an application, messaging, even posting a simple event. Money can't buy that feeling...

You see guys the smartphones integrated technology gives us if not the best, a better way to be with one's family...and that's what i call happiness. :love:
A smartphone now is a thing or should I call it a 'tool' that I can't live without.

It basically makes my life easier. A good example of what in saying is, a couple of decades ago when I need to compute something, I use my calculator; need to see what time or need to use a stop watch then I use a digital watch with stop watch function; if I need to shoot a photo then I'll get my camera, which means I have to buy film first and after taking pictures, I have to pay again to get it developed and after 1 to 2 days, I can now see the photos that I took. See, the Smartphone can do all this things and more in seconds. It makes my life easier.
Ever since I got introduced into the world of smart phones my life has been much more easy and happy. I do virtually everything on my smart phone, it is my closet friend and also my business partner. I do my freelance work with my phone though I have a laptop but I prefer my phone because it is faster, I do all my bank transactions with my smart phone and also watch movies with it, I keep in touch with friends, families and foes too lol. Yes am smart phone brings happiness to me, I don't know about you.
The fact that we need phones to make our day complete is something very sad but to be honest also kind of important in our lifetime. I wouldn’t be able to go through a shill day without phone or laptop, because most of the things I do can’t be made on paper. We are “forced” to use technology and not everyone is happy about it. But overall, I think it makes more good than anything else if you use it wisely.
In this era and age, I consider having a smartphone as a necessity especially in this times where social media is exceptionally powerful. We cannot deny how important it is to have a smartphone since it could be use for communication, shopping, gaming and other stuffs. Well, I once accidentally forgot my smartphone at home for an entire day and I already felt so agitated, incomplete and unhappy. That whole day was enough for me to realized that I got to to always keep my smartphone within my sight. So just an advise to everyone, never leave your smartphone at home, lol.
Well of course! smartphones are the most important and very useful device in this generation.It brings happiness to this reasons
-communicating with your family friends and loved ones.
-entertainment purposes
-helps your job easier
-information needed
I definitely think that they do. All of the different things you can do on them compared to the older style of phones is just a positive thing in my eyes. Not to mention how much easier it is to type on them! I don't know about you, but I'm possibly the slowest at texting when it comes to doing it on a non-smartphone, haha! The touch screen just makes it infinitely easier to navigate and type. You can just do so much on a smart phone! Sure, they might have lower battery lives, but there's ways to charge them everywhere, even wireless chargers!
Does it really bring happiness to us? I guess I would be neutral to that. A smartphone makes our life easy but sometimes difficult. A smartphone is a good thing when it is in the hand of a good person. And that is a big yes. It gives us joy because it is something that connects us with our loved ones from a distant. also, a smartphone is something we use for complicated things; and, sometimes complicated things puts us in trouble at times. Although we humans do like complicated things we still do want it. I can see that. We are a complicated being after all, lol. Well, it's just an opinion.
It's neutral. Using smartphones is part of our lifestyle. We use it everyday. It's our main device for communication and a bit of entertainment too. I mainly use it to browse for news and my e-mails; if you read good news then that happiness but obviously tragedy dominates. I rarely browse social media platforms. It's bombarded with narcissistic heads.
Of course happiness!
Happiness whenever I search important information on the internet using my smartphone.
Happiness to kill time by playing a lot of games that you could download/store using my smartphone.
Happiness in communicating with friends and love ones by sending them text with emoticons, pictures, etc. using my smartphone.
Therefore, smartphone is synonymous to happiness!
Happiness is not just about having a good smart phone with you. It's all about how you would best utilize it. You can be happy with your smart phone if you make others happy with whatever good you share with others through your smart phone. No matter how costly or cheap your phone is, what makes a great difference is how you make others richly satisfied many by sharing them sincere and encouragement through your phone. It all depends who handles it, that will make others sad or happy.
Personally, I think to say that a smartphone brings you happiness, is kind of a broad statement. Because in my opinion, no electronic device can bring true, genuine happiness.

From an initial psychological perspective, yes, a smartphone can bring immediate joy and a feeling of satisfaction. This satisfaction then releases endorphins into our brain, which we call "happiness". Some people are extremely attracted to material objects, especially ones that have significant status value (like a high-end Samsung or iPhone). For me, I do not find joy in possessing a high-end smartphone. My own personal joy in regards to a smartphone, comes from the convenience and efficiency of staying connected, helping me out with daily tasks, etc.

Simply put, the ultimate satisfaction and happiness I get from my smartphone, is when the phone itself makes my life more convenient. In one regard, yes, a smartphone does bring a sort of happiness in my life. At the same time, it is simply an electronic device doing its job. Ultimately, however, finding happiness in a smartphone doesn't truly satisfy me, nor bring me genuine happiness.
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