OPPO camera quality?

I don't have any of the phones but I have observed that Oppo's camera is probably almost the same as iPhone's camera. I would prefer Oppo's camera because when it comes to price Oppo is a lot cheaper than Apple products and as I observed it's just the same. Oppo is just like an iPhone that is android.
What I know of is that Oppo has dubbed themselves as the selfie experts so one of their main focuses is having a good selfie camera. A lot of people relate how good a camera is based on the number of maximum megapixels. Oppo has pride in their selfie cameras boasting up to 16-megapixels (I don't know if there is a bigger selfie camera sensor now from Oppo) while the biggest selfie camera currently for Apple is 7-megapixels. If we base it by the MP numbers, it seems Oppo's camera is better. However, the megapixels is not the only factor for image quality. You have the quality of the optics of the lens. The software in translating what the camera's sensor has captured (this is where noise reduction and sharpening comes into play) and the sensor's sensitivity to light. Based on comparisons in this site, it seems the Oppo's camera is only good during daylight and suffers a lot in quality when it gets dark. It doesn't have a flash effect as well to compensate on the darkness of the environment. It bows down to Apple's versatility which has good quality regardless of lighting conditions. It has a selfie flash effect as well by using the screen. https://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/reviews/oppo-f1-plus-review-821421
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Oppo has pride in their selfie cameras boasting up to 16-megapixels (I don't know if there is a bigger selfie camera sensor now from Oppo) while the biggest selfie camera currently for Apple is 7-megapixels. If we base it by the MP numbers, it seems Oppo's camera is better.
I am curious if you can show me any images that took from both cameras (Oppo and iPhone) so we can easily see the result and know which camera is better.
This might help:

Based on the video, they are almost the same with regards to quality during daylight. iPhone though has a little bit more pop in their colors. If I look into the pictures closely, iPhone photos seem to be sharper and have more details. During nighttime, the iPhone produces more details on the darker portions, while in Oppo you can't see any details on those dark portions.



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I currently have an Oppo F1s, and its camera has a very good quality especially when capturing selfies. I can say that its camera is almost the same with the quality of iphone (but still depends on an iphone version), but its selfie camera is the best for me. Its images are clear even at night for both selfie and rear camera. Before, I had an iphone 4s and its camera is not that good. My friends also uses iphone and I can say that my camera is better than their phone cameras.

You can see the images I compared captured by Oppo F1s and iphones below.

(captured on Iphone 4s and Oppo F1s - front camera at night mode)

(normal front camera)

(normal rear)

But still, it is up to your way on how you can capture clear images.
My partner is using Oppo. Its camera is awesome. It can take pictures even at night and still you can get a wonderful and clear photo.
Between iPhone 6 cam and Oppo phones cam if we're talking about front cameras then Oppo wins, it's their best feature but when in comes to the totality of features including the back camera iPhone definitely is the best for me.
For me, I'll pick iPhone's camera over Oppo. I find the picture from Oppo as too edited and too filtered. But recently I'm amazed by huawei's nova 2i. Kindly give it a try.
I think Oppo camera has a good quality image but it seems that the image are edited unlike with the Iphone which shows the same image with the bare eyes. But for me I would rather to like Iphone image because it is clearer.


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iPhone most definitely has a much better quality. I don't really see how OPPO can even compare with it. iPhone has much sharper images with way better color spectrum, focus, and the videos seems to run smoother. Of course if we compare OPPO to the old iPhone cameras they would win, but i just cannot see it competing with the latest iPhone devices :)

Hopefully this helped you. Also this is only my personal opinion, don't take it for granted :)
As for me, Oppo has focused on their "selfie expert" campaign and it does prove itself to be one. I don't own any of those phones, currently I have J7 Pro but J7 pro aside, Oppo has an advantage for selfies in comparison with Iphone especially if you are fond of taking selfies. Oppo has brighter selfie images than that of IOS. As for the rear camera, I think Iphone stands out of the two. It has clearer and sharper photos.

I still have to bet on Iphone. For me, images taken from IOS are much more realistic compared to Oppo which looks like its edited.
Oppo brand of cellphones today is really getting noticed nowadays not just for it's similar features to Iphone but specially to its camera's quality. Oppo's camera provides a much clearer and more appealing photos for its user and is getting known today all around the world as Iphones challenger. For me, when it comes to camera quality, Oppo is one of the best phone brands that gives a unique quality of photo. It takes the beauty of captured photos to a much higher quality and and more satisfying pictures to its users. Oppo's camera quality is a complete package for me it is because it can adjust to every angle, every situations, and everything. Oppo's camera quality, the best quality.:):love:


Base on my experience, Oppo has an excellent quality that captures great images everytime you take some photos around. It is exactly known as the best selfie expert among the other brands. Iphones maybe the best of all but for me it's practical to have a great one with an excellent quality and yet affordable.
I have personally tried taking pictures and videos with iphone and oppo then I found out that the quality is almost the same. They are similar in the sense that they both give beautiful and has very good quality. But iphone can give you more satisfaction in the video quality. If you are really into the quality of the camera regardless of the price then you should go for the iphone X. I think you should choose according to your purpose because even if the price is high yet it does not give you the pleasure in using it.
I really wanna compare the quality of Iphone's to Oppo's camera. Which one is better?
I may not have either of the phone stated between the OPPO and Iphone. But if it will be just the camera basis and based on the real documentaries and proof given by the other members here . I think I would suggest go to OPPO when it comes to camera per se, because I have observed here that Oppo camera seems to be comparable with the Iphone Camera and seems to be a good quality whether it is day or night, You will see the good quality of the image. And the price is definitley cheaper than Iphone. But still it is your decision to made. Hoping that these replies in the forums help you decide :) Cheers


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iPhone hands down has the best camera when it comes to smartphones. Oppo comes close though. It's great especially during daytime with bright lighting. You could almost not tell the difference whether it was taken by an iPhone or an Oppo smartphone. What makes iPhone special as I've observed is that even during nighttime the images still look sharp and of high quality. During our prom, a lot of the pictures are taken using iPhones and they look legit. But if you're on a budget and considering to buy a new smartphone with a great camera, I'd suggest Oppo smartphones because they're price are reasonable given the features that it offers.
I have tried the quality of the camera of the oppo because I just bought a new one for my partner as a gift for her birthday last year. I was really impressed in the camera of the oppo because it is very clear and it doesn't make much difference to an iPhone camera. It is really a great deal for a cheaper price for those people who cannot afford to have an iPhone because of its expensive price. I was really happy by that phone because it was really worth the price that I paid for.
I know Oppo is known for its camera. But I still think, Iphone is the far better choice. I think when you use an Oppo camera, there is too much enhancement and beautification done to the photo. This would result to photos coming off as fake or too enhanced. I think the Iphone is better since you still get natural results to photos taken.
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