Should I upgrade to the latest version of android?

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I am using Android 6.0.1 and my smartphone noticed to upgrade to Android Nougat version 7 but I am afraid after upgrade I can get any issues but with the current version my smartphone is working stably and no errors. Should I upgrade to the latest version of android? Yes or No? Why?
If the current version is working properly for you and no issues whatsoever though an upgrade offers for stability or additional features that you may find to your liking. Essential or not is up to you. I've got an upgrade with my phone recently,just a minor update for my phone OS but my phone started malfunctioning, so I decided to return to my previous version since it works better. I've rather choose stability than new features being offered.
The 1st thing you should consider if if your phone is capable in upgrading OS version. Because some of phones are just meant to have its current OS. Some issue you may encounter if you upgrade your phone even its not capable in upgrade are. 1st some malfunction in you system may occur like you camera will not work, Lagging issues. 2nd Your phone may drain its battery quickly. Coz the higher OS version may consume too much power from you battery.
I upgrade my android my phone using Oreo you can download it on playstore.
The next generation of Android is here. Android 8.0, dubbed ‘Android Oreo’, was launched by Google during the Eclipse this week and has immediately begun rolling out to Google’s Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. Millions of other Android phones will follow.

On the surface Android 8.0 Oreo is a subtle upgrade, yet delve deeper and it adds some really important improvements – specifically around tangible performance, battery life and security. It will arrive on every major Android smartphone released over the next year and there’s a lot to know.
For me NO , Just stick with your old operating system :) , Upgrading it might slow your device, and it might cause you some errors, just like desktop computers or laptop computers, when your hardware is already advance you could give the latest operating system a try, though most of us here in my place chooses to stick with the old ones/operating systems to make use of our computer's fire power up to the fullest, updated versions of operating systems requires a large amount of system requirements, which means it will consume a lot of your hardware's power just by executing the operating system itself, however using an older version of an operating system will let you squeeze more of your device's true Power/performance.
It’s always easy for us to skip cellphone updates because they can be time consuming. Updating android is a fundamental issue and will always be present. When it comes to the effects of updating android on my phone, there will always be phone lagging, apps that are not working properly and battery drain. It is very frustrating, but I think it has been my routine to update everytime there is an available update.Eventhough I always encounter problems during and after update, I still recommend for you to update your android to its latest version. Why?, simply because it gives you benefits that only the updated version has.

There are several reasons why updating your android is very important. First, it usually fixes problems or issues on your phone that you are not aware of. Second, it fixes bugs.Third,it gives you better compatibility to other apps.


This photo shows why an update is important, it is already stated that once a system update is available, install it, because not doing so will only make you vulnerable to bugs. Always remember that an update is not made for nothing, it may cause you inconvenience but trust me you'll need it in the future.
I recommend that you update your android. My android version is Jellybean and its very dissapointing that I cant update it to the latest version because my phone doesn't have update or not available on my device. I've been having this issue quite a while. There's an app called boomerang its an app that i discovered in instagram and I wanted to download it and when I am in the play store it said that my device cannot download this app because its not updated or it need to be kitkat(android version).
I am using an android 7.0 version and I would not really suggest for you to upgrade them since sometimes there are some errors that occurs that might disturb the capability of your phone. For example in my new phone starmobile that I bought a few months ago after I initiate its software update I observed that my phone starts to have an error regarding sim processor and it doesn't receive anymore any text messages only phone calls are allowed. Aside from that every time I would insert my memory card it would always restart very often but when I discarded the memory card it functions well already. I tried to research some solutions in the web but sadly all of them didn't works. That is why think twice before making any software update since it is very hard to fix sometimes when there are some error in updating your mobile phone.
It's always best to keep your smartphone up to date. But of course the risk is always there, like what you have said. But if you choose to stick with the old version your current applications will always do an upgrade and your operating system can't run it smoothly. Upgrading sometimes can enhance the phone's performance when it comes to WiFi or Data connections.
I usually don't suggest to update your phone's android version. If you are satisfied with your current phone's performance then that would be fine. Apparently, android phones having the latest android Oreo version, have higher quality specifications. The latest android phones having the latest android Oreo version comes with higher RAM, higher battery's mAh, and any other high quality specs. If ever you will upgrade into the latest android version, unfortunately you can't upgrade your phone's RAM, battery's mAh and other specs. That doesn't sounds satisfying. So, I suggest to just stick with your phone's current android version.
For me, I would suggest NOT to upgrade your Android 6.0.1.since your current version is working perfectly fine so no need to worry about any issue that you might encounter if you upgrade it to the latest version.One of the most common complaints on Android 7.0(Nougat) is the battery life.It easily gets drained.
I would not really suggest that you upgrade your phone to the latest version if it doesn't really need to. Try first to read what in it. Because there are times that some of your apps will not be compatible anymore it you upgrade to the latest version. Try to read some review first before upgrading it. :)
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