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What do you think are the better phones for gaming? Online or offline game performances. I regularly play video games especially mobile games, but some phones does not meet the specifications needed for a game or usually crashes when you are currently playing. What are the things to consider when you want to buy a phone that you know you will use mainly for gaming. Especially for games with excellent graphics. Thanks.
I have seen a new phone that has good quality in gaming. it's razer its 5.7-inch display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and 64 GB of storage. the ram is 8gb you can put memory a 2 terabyte micro SD card and the graphics are high. the battery is 4000mah that can longer to play.
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I suggest you to buy Razer phone, as we all know Razer brand is top in the line in terms of gaming pleasures. And as i research about this Razer phone was released in November 2017 and its specs are truly amazing. You can check the spec of Razer phone and compare it to other top line phones. see this link marblank1313!
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Just what I've expected from Razer, this phone is quite expensive. And while 8GB Ram is great, it only has 64GB internal storage, and doesn't seem to have options to expand it with an SSD card. I mean, my phone cost me even less than half that price, has 4GB and the same memory, but can be expanded by 256GB.
It's not a bad phone, but for that price, I think we can get better.
Well for me, there are factors I consider when buying a smartphone that can perform best in gaming. Those factors are longer battery life, higher core for best processing, high screen resolution, high memory capacity and most importantly top of the line ram. There is no better smartphone made for gaming today that can meet my expectation than the 8gb ram Asus Zenfone AR or the 8gb ram Razer Phone.
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If it's for gaming, you need to consider the RAM, storage, Core and Battery, as well as how much money you have. hehe. There's so many high end smartphones right now than can meet your gaming expectations.
I think asus zenfone is good for gaming if you want to experience a good peformance and the good quality of the game but specially only mot asus zenfone is the gaming snartphones there many phones that have a good quality of RAM , Cores and Graphics so i recommend you choose a good quality of ram and cores and have a higher internal storage


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Nubia gaming phone is absolutely insane, you should definitely check it out. It has 8 GB of RAM quad-core processor with boosted cooling. Massive screen of 5.7 inches and a 128 GB internal memory. Basically a heaven for a gamer such as yourself.


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I will pick New Razer gaming phone 2 because it's have on it's back a slab of aluminum with a razer logo and the front glass is protected by corning gorilla glass.This is the most interesting part the New Razer gaming phone 2 it's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon eight hundred thirty five with a 8 GB LPDD4X RAM and 64GB of internal storage.and it can expandable by using Micro SD card.It has a display 5.7' 1440p IPS LCD panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio for comfortable while playing games.and you can buy it as low as a 693.02 US Dollar in the market.
You may want to consider iPhone X. It now comes with a screen size of 5.8-inch with resolution of 1125x2436. Though Macs aren’t really the best for gaming, iPhones such as this are great for games. It has longer battery than previous iPhone models and has borderless OLED display. For iOS users like me, this is indeed a great news!
Long before the Play Store we know today, the App Store hosted games worthy of this name. The number of video game applications available in Apple’s digital store is practically incalculable, and the quality of each one never falls below expectations. Choosing between the iPhone 8 (or 8 Plus)
For me the razor phone is good for gaming.I just hear that razor phone was nice and really smooth for gaming. So the razor phone is the best gaming phone for me.


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I'm actually not a fan of using smartphone to play games, I know that there are so many who appreciate and love using their phones to play games but I'm not among such click of individuals, so I have no vital information to give you on this note.

I prefer using Playstation or Xbox One for my game plays.
Definitely recommend the Asus ROG gaming phone, though it still not out yet it's a beast and here's why; the 2 things you need to remember for gaming is the RAM and the Internal storage, This phone has 8 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of internal storage and it also boast a chip set that is a snapdragon 845 and i think that is the latest and fastest snapdragon chipset out there.
For me, Asus has the most compatible phones for gaming, it has long battery life, and mostly has 3-4gb RAM which is important in running applications smoothly. I currently have a Zenphone 4max, which has 5000 mAh. The battery lasts for a whole day, so you just have to charge once a day.
I only play games with my phone the simple one a drag racing car,i really enjoyed playing it. All you have to do is that you try to avoid the car or motor bike being collided with the other moving dummy car or thrown out of the road.But i haven't tried playing with highly complex game.May be if i will download those game on my phone that will consume huge chunks of byte with the ram of my phone will also hang.If you want to avoid hanging your phone every now and then better check the byte of a certain games your about to download it.
Hello, I hope this video will help you to decide which smartphones are good in gaming since there is a lot of gaming phone for it now. I already send the video here for your reference. Thank you

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