On smartphone's performance, is it all about RAM? The bigger the RAM, the faster it performs?


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I'm not too knowledgeable about stuff like that. But I remember reading that RAM capacity is only one of many significant factors to consider when buying phones. I think it's true. Another important feature is battery life. People prefer phones that don't need to be constantly recharged especially, because most users are on the move and travelling to different places.
RAM is pretty important when it comes to a phones performance, but its definitely not the only thing. Basically the more RAM a phone has, the more things it can do without crashing or getting slowed down. Each application the phone is using takes up space in the phones RAM, so if you know you'll be using lots of different apps then definitely look for a phone with at least 4GB of RAM or more.

You also want to look at processor speed, and like another poster mentioned, battery life.
Yes, definitely it is one of the important things to look out when buying a smartphone. The bigger the RAM the faster the phone. It is also very useful in doing multitasking without or with less lags and crashing. Some games also needed higher RAM for it to run smoothly, if you are fond of games though.
You dont need too much RAM. 2GB RAM phones are enough to have a fast phone for gaming. But the thing that on your phone that makes it fast to perform its calculations are the Processor cores. The More core of your phone the faster it can be :)


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This is quite true. RAM or Random Access Memory is like a file cabinet, all the things you put in this file cabinet is easily accessed once you need it. But RAM is not the only thing one should consider in determining the quality of a smartphone.

RAM is only one of the component in all smartphones. There are two kinds of component digital and hardware.
Digital component is pertaining to software, applications, themes, and system files. Hardware components are pertaining to physical parts like CPU, Bluetooth,WIFI, and of course RAM.

Now all of this components are all important in order for a smartphone to work properly. But why most people consider RAM as one of the key specifications for buying a smartphone?

Its because of speed !

Although CPU is one of the most important hardware component on smartphones. RAM is your guy for speed for data processing. While CPU is the brain that commands all of these components to do what they are told by the user. The RAM is responsible in data traffic.

For example you opened your internet browser in your smartphone, the CPU will command the WIFI, browser application, and system files to activate. This is where the RAM comes in. In order for the WIFI, browser and system to do their work in a fast pace...All the the data are given to these components by the RAM simultaneously.

Let's put it in a different perspective.

RAM = Highway
1 highway = 1gb

Now if you have 1 highway you will have two lanes.
Lets consider these lanes as Request and Recieve.

At 1gb of data you will have the speed of a 1 request lane and 1 receive lane.

Just like any highways sometimes there will be traffic or bottle neck.....it could be too much car on the request lane or in the receive lane.

In order to remove congestion on traffic we must add more highways.
Imagine if you have 4 highways (4gb). The speed of the lanes will improve dramatically.
That is why RAM is so important. You don't want your smartphone to be in traffic;).

The larger amount of RAM is the better since it has an influence on the general performance of your smartphone. It is where the data and programs are stored while being processed, hence if you have a low RAM, there are some programs you cannot run as it requires much more space in your RAM to be processed.
It is common you can hear people when buying phone, they tend to look firstly on how big is the RAM to determine its performance. Is it true?
Good question Sir, I would like to say that even if you have a phone that has a 2,3 or 4 GB of ram it didn't mean that it is faster than other phones that has a low ram because, RAM ( Random Access Memory) is just a memory without processors. I can say that processors is one of the factors that you can run big RAM games and apps. Even if you have only 1gb ram but has 8 processors at 2Ghz it can run large games without lag.


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Yup the RAM, if you're more technical by choosing your phone. but right now. some of the consumers just looking for how high the camera pixels of the phone. some of them just using the smartphone to take selfies.
It's kind a true that the RAM i a big thing when u want your phone work fast. But the phone just can work fast even if it has 16GB of RAM and it has a cheap and low CPU (Processor). So what i am trying to say is that the phone must have a good processor and enough capacity of ram to work smoothly.
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It's not all about the phone's RAM. But it is the greatest factor which plays an essential role in the phone's overall performance. The phone's overall good performance comes with its sufficient amount of RAM, its Core Processor and the phone's battery mAh. It's absurd to have a phone with the fastest speed performance while the battery drains so fast. It's still useless.
Yes actually, RAM is the temporary memory that you are using while using a certain application in your smartphone. RAM is very important in terms of the speed of your device while multitasking. Of course the higher the RAM, the better and the more applications can be ran in background.
In in playing with mobile games, RAM is very important because it makes sure that your game won't lag or stop. Because of the complexity of programming of mobile games, high quality graphics and online games usually have higher memory. They eat up RAM tremendously that you won't be able to use other apps if this games is open. It is indeed recommended for you to use a higher RAM for a better smartphone experience.
It's not always the RAM that matters when it comes to the performance aspect of your mobile phone. For example the camera of your phone, even if you have 8gb of RAM but the lenses and the sensors of your phone's camera is not made top of the line then you will still end up taking bad photos. The processor of your phone is also as important as any other parts of you mobile phone and same goes to the battery, operating system, internal memory, display and the over all functionality of your mobile phone. Do not just base your decision on the RAM alone when you are buying a mobile phone. What you should do is evaluate the overall performance and balance of all components on a particular mobile phone before you buy it.
It is common you can hear people when buying phone, they tend to look firstly on how big is the RAM to determine its performance. Is it true?
I agree with you on that, RAM along with the Internal Memory can make or break your smartphone.

Nowadays you need to have atleast 1.5GB - 2GB RAM to fully use all the functions of your smartphone and to give you a better user experience.

Here's some of my past and present configurations:
1GB RAM /8GB Int.Memory
1.5GB - 2GB RAM / 16GB Int.Memory
4GB RAM / 64GB Int.Memory
It depends on how you want to use your phone, if you want to multi task or you want it to be gaming phone, the higher the RAM the better. You should also consider the battery capacity and the ROM capacity.
Yes I think so. Having a bigger size of RAM in your phone allows you to open apps and run it in the background. It helps your phone perform better without lagging.
Yes, I certainly agree on that point, which I would also consider when I'm buying a new phone. Aside from that you will enjoy having more applications and phone capacity is good enough to download more games and a lot of stuff you love to do.


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I like to take a look at the processor first, the stronger it is, the happier i am :D
Then it's followed by RAM. In my opinion it's just under processor in terms of importance. But still, the more RAM your phone has, the less chance of lag it will have. Don't focus only on one specification when looking for a high quality phone, take a close look at everything. Ask if you need anything else :)
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