If you were to choose between Samsung S8 and Samsung Note 8, which would you choose and why?

I am about to get a new phone in a month and I'm leaning to get the S8. However, I'm also having second thoughts if I will go for it or consider getting the Samsung Note 8. If you were to get one, what would you choose and why?
To be honest I am not a Samsung user, i've never tried using any type of Samsung Smartphones but if I based my choice on specs alone I would choose Samsung S8.
Go for the Galaxy Note 8. Based on the specs alone, Note 8 may cost you more bucks but definitely worth it. Comparing the RAM of both phones, Note 8 have a 2 gb advantage which means a lot if you are always online and have much things to do on your mobile phone.
Thank you for providing detailed specs. Based on this they are almost the same but I liked what you said regarding the RAM. I am a heavy smartphone user and the 2 GB advantage will be really helpful. It also has a better camera so that will work to my advantage because I like taking photos and even though I have a digital camera, the phone camera will be helpful especially if I'm on the go.
I've always been a Samsung person but recently, because of its features, the iPhone X model caught my fancy. If budget and preference aren't an issue, then you should certainly go for S8. The specs were provided above so that should help in your decision-making.
If you are ok with spending a few more dollars, I would definitely go with the Note 8. As someone showed earlier with the specs, the Note 8 has more RAM, which is a huge deal when talking about how much we use our phones these days. The more RAM, the more you apps can be used and the longer you can use all those apps, without the phone getting bogged down, and slowing to the point of needing restarted.

A couple other differences between the Note 8 and the S8 are the Note 8 comes with the S-Pen and has a dual 12MP camera. The S8 does not have either of those additions.

Here's a pretty good video that compares the 2 phones, I'd definitely check it out. I think it will help you make the best decision for you:

Thank you for the link and for shedding more light on having more RAM! Actually, the bigger RAM of the Note 8 seals the deal. I am currently experiencing a slow down using my S7 due to the apps I use and it gets irritating at times. Being a heavy user, I need a phone that won't lag and won't have issues even if I use too many apps. The dual 2MP camera is a good factor too since I like taking photos.
You should get the note 8 because of its spec the 6gb ram is really a big deal, I only have 2gb ram and im using samsung I can really tell you that its not ideal for gaming or downloading many apps. And its a phone and the same time a tablet, so its dual purpose
i choose the Samsung Note 8. Notes have been known for their cameras. I guess, the note 8 has this exquisite feature too. It has higher RAM too. The screen size is also a plus. Maybe some of its models have gone through rough time, but I guess Samsung now has improved its latest flagship phone.
Im picking the Note 8, it has a larger screen and the name of the game nowadays is the RAM at 6 GB it's a winner. The S8 has only 4GB RAM which means the Note 8 is a lot faster. S8 also has a smaller screen size, although they have the same internal memory and cams at 64 mb and 12MP, the Note 8 is the better smartphone.
I will pick S8 without second thoughts, it is just because i am not a fan of the note series. For me, the screen size of the notes are too big. The note 8 has greater specifications but still i would prefer to buy and use the S8.
I will choose Note 8 over the S8. For one reason, I liked the pen/stylus a lot. I have tried using it and it is so freaking awesome. It feels like you are really using a pen. The way the strokes flow is so lifelike.
I'm going for samsung note 8, because in my experience it allows you to be more productive like the previous version of samsung note phones. And also, with note 8 having Spen you can draw vectors with ease and typing is much easier in samsung note 8.
I go for samsung S8.I love the design and excellent display and of course it has a great camera which is one of the most important thing for me in choosing a phone.Water resistant is a plus.
Whenever, I am considering a new phone such as the S8 or note 8; I usually like to perform as much research as possible but, if you were looking at advanced features have you considered the S8 plus? My research mainly consists of going on YouTube and watching a couple of videos as well as go into a physical store to look and handle the different phones. It really all depends on what you may plan on using your phone for. You can easily look up and compare the specs all you want but, you want to pick a phone that is going to fulfill all of your needs and wants. Do you need it for keeping track of appointments or writing down crucial information? Do you actually require the stylus? If not before then why would you need it now? Only you can be the one to determine that. Oh and in case you have not been following the news the S9 isn't too far behind as far as being released. So, you may want to wait for that! So, you have little over a month away of March 25 and the S9 and S9 plus that will be released. Which will you chose; especially since you have waited this long?
if i were choose by the two, I will choose the samsung s8 because it I like small than bigger one after all both specification of the two are good one so there no worry about it. Samsung s8 also is a water proof resistant so theres no worry if your phone is in the water. Samsung s8 also is a new release by samsung company so the trend is huge.
Samsung Note 8, it is worth it for its features, specifications, display, camera as well the battery life. Even though I do not have that both phones (but I am a user of Samsung phones), based on my research Samsung note 8 has much good reviews if it will compare to Samsung S8. I also do not like the camera of S8 because of obvious filters. I tried it from my friend's phone and I do not like it. I also tried the Samsung note 8 of my aunt and it has great quality. I think they are almost similar for its features but Samsung Note 8 is much better for me.
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