RPG games on Android.. Do you play it too?

Hi guys. I'm an avid fan of rpg games since the time of playstation 1. I fall in love at my first RPG titled Final Fantasy. And even today I have that hobby to play RPG on my phone. But can you at least give me suggestion of RPG that you had played so I can download it too. Just leave its name and I'm happy if you help me out here. Thanks by the way. :D
Ever since I started using smartphones, I longed to play an RPG game similar to the style of the Final Fantasy Series especially FF VIII and FF X. Square (the maker of FF Series) has made versions of the same Final Fantasy games in mobile. There are also new FF games unique to mobile but the mode is a little more inclined to freemium RPG style where you get to have an advantage over others because of buying boosters.

For the list, these games come to mind:
1. Dragon Quest
2. Chrono Trigger
3. Order & Chaos 2


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Star wars, knights of the old republic is the one that really kept me busy :D
So many hours spent on it, it's absolutely insane how addicting it is. You should definitely try it out if you have a lot of free time on your hands, because, i warn you : It is ridiculously addictive.

I don't play RPGs in my android, but recently something changed my mind. I started playing Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age PC Edition recently and I was amazed by the world and the gameplay. So, I wondered if there were other games set in the same universe as Final Fantasy XII. Was captured my interest was "Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions" in Android. Although set in the same world as FF12, this game differs in its mechanics and story. I will get this game as soon as I finish playing the Zodiac Age on my computer.

As I was searching for other Final Fantasy games in Google Play, I found that the store also has Final Fantasy VI. According to my research on YouTube and gaming sites, FF6 is one of the best Final Fantasy games out there because of its compelling story and characters.

How I wish I have money today that I would buy those two games immediately :)
You may try Ragnarok Classic MMORPG through your mobile phone. This RPG game is an old school but its still very catchy and fun to play with. Here in this game, you can choose your characters. You can be Acolyte or Archer and I guess there are lots of more character available that you can choose from but these are my favorite. This RPG game you can also interact with other gamers online. This is still existing in play store. Have fun.



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There are emulators out there so you can play PlayStation 1 games on your phone. I'm still looking for one, anyone let me know when you found a good one.

And once you got one, I would recommend getting Grandia. It's a turn based RPG, but unique in its kind. You can position yourself on the battlefield to avoid damage to all characters, perform abilities to rob enemies of an attack or stall them, learn new abilities, get new gear, and most importantly, enjoy the amazing story and music that comes along with it!

And when you're done with it, you can move over to Grandia 2, but that's on the PlayStation 2. There's also Grandia 3, which doesn't have an equally good story or music, but the combat is more challenging.


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I have a few RPG's downloaded to my phone/android tablets. The RPG's I have are Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IX and a few others that are from indie developers. I try not to waste too much time on games like this on my phone because it kills the battery really quick but if i'm stuck on a train bus, or a long flight for awhile it's a good way to pass time.


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If you need more battery consider buying a portable battery charger. It's something you can charge overnight along your phone, put it in your bag, and when your phone is low on battery during the day, and you know you still got to take a bus or train home that day, you can plug in your phone onto that portable charger, and there you go, you can play your games or use your phone a little bit longer before getting home.

Now that we got that little issue out of the way, a more important matter to me: You have Final Fantasy IX (9 right?) on your phone? Are you using an emulator? Or is it on Google Play Store? If it is in the store, is it for free?
Trying to play old Playstation games on the phone, looking for ways to do so.
I have heard about it but I never really tried playing it. Is it good? I heard from my friends that it's not that great, the only good side of final fantasy is the graphics but bothing more but it's just my friends and I'm still open to try it.
I just learned today that they have it on android. I will check it out later and I hope it does not lag and does not eat my whole phone's internal space.
I know this post was a year ago but just in case you still want to know any RPG android game, I would suggest Dragon Nest M - Sea. It may be familiar to you and YES it's now on the mobile phone.
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