Hard Reset for Samsung Galaxy S6?

Can you tell me how to hard reset for Samsung Galaxy S6? I want to do this because sometimes it is freeze and I could not use it and had to open its battery.
If your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone has ever encountered a case that does not respond to any operation, then it is time you need to hard reset your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 can be hard reset by pressing the power button for 7 seconds.


Good luck!


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1. Turn off the phone first using the power button.
2. When your phone is off press and hold Volumeup button + Home Button + Power Button together for a few seconds until a menu appear.


3. In the System Recovery menu. Select "wipe data/factory reset" by using volume down / up button to navigate and power button to confirm.

4. Select "yes" to confirm.

Before you proceed to this procedure i would like to remind you the risks of this action.
First of all this could not repair the problem on your phone. In this procedure all your files and applications will be wiped out. This includes pictures, videos, apps, documents and other files.
Also after the reset had been done, the application available on your phone will be outdated.

Second it may resolve your phone's problem but after this procedure there will be a GOOGLE ACCOUNT VERIFICATION. This is one of the phones protection against theft. You should know your official google account and password on that phone. Believe me i had done this on my S5 before and its not easy....specially when you forgot your password.

Lastly there are many factors why a phone freezes. One factor is a phone virus! you should consider scanning your phone first with an updated antivirus software. Second you should first check your phones Storage. Try freeing up some space on your phone drive, i suggest 1gb of free space is a good amount. Transfer some applications on your SD Card to reduce data traffic.

Check your data statistics, the amount of RAM used during a normal phone activity. If the data usage is around 80% of your phone you might want to uninstall some applications.

I suggest you do some research first before going into the reset procedure. I hope this help. Best of luck:)!!
Fishbate do you know how i can i fix my Samsung Galaxy S4, it doesn't open anymore i checked the battery and it's completely fine. I was wondering if i can hard reset it as well?


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Hi there Petrichor your phone's state is a different story. A term for your phone's state is called "DEADBOOTH" :cry: it a state where there is no power or activity on your phone. There are several reasons why these things occur. One reason is Hardware problem. Hardware components like power regulator , relays and SMD problems could be the culprit. Second is short circuit...yup it may! ..although electronic components are tough they are susceptible to moist specially on its weak points (the earphone and power slots).

I assume you have something important on that phone that's is why your asking how to recover it right...

Well i would say there is a 50/50 chance you could revive it.:eek:

There is a procedure called JTAG, a special hardware which can communicate on dead booth phones. These procedure use's a a box equipped with a communication cable and a reading device that scans your phone. Usually this procedure is available on service centers and manufacturing plants.

JTagging uses a communication port or Jtagpins on your phone which is embedded on the phones circuit board usually located at the back behind the battery.


The Jtag Box directly communicate on your phone's hardware. This will enable you to access and re-write some protocols which you can modify to revive a phone. User can also get access to boot system, partitions and other stuff that is usually on the manufacturing and developing side. User also can determine the problem on your phone using a series of test which is also available thru a software that a Jtag have.o_O

As you can see these procedure takes a lot of skill and time. Take note that it may or may not revive your phone. So it really depends on your decision...
Also this procedure is pricey. If your planning to buy a Jtag Unit it will cost you around $100 more or less. If the contents of your phone is that important then go for it. Of course you can always go to the nearest service center and let them do the work. I hope this help..;)good luck...
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