How to turn on Raise to Wake on iPhone


Feb 19, 2013
Raise to wake iPhone is also an useful to wake up the iPhone screen, is a good feature when you hold the iPhone, the screen will automatically light up without the hard key. The following post will help you enable this feature on your smartphone. To turn on Raise to wake on your iPhone do the following:

Note that this feature is only available for iPhone 6s and above.

Step 1: Go to the settings on the iPhone.

Raise to wake iPhone settings.png

Step 2: Choose Display and Brightness.

Raise to wake iPhone 1.png

Step 3: Select Raise to wake

Raise to wake iPhone 2.png

to turn on the feature

Raise to wake iPhone 3.png

So you have enabled the Raise to wake feature on the iPhone then.
Wish you success!
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