To android users, what application in your phone do you use the most?

I just bought a new phone and I'm troubled with what to install. Suggest your most used application and I'm willing to try and install.


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Well since our smartphones are commonly used for connecting/communicating people, the very first application I have downloaded on my mobile was Viber because I need to stay connected with my family and loved ones, but I suggest you try IMO.It has a high-quality video and voice call an Android and iPhone better than Viber and messenger and WhatsApp!


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The first thing I've downloaded back when my phone is new is utility apps. Specifically, the app Greenify. Because for us android users we like to customize things, and the android platform is built to be customize. In this app you can hibernate apps so that they won't run in the background (when you're not using them) that leads to longer battery usage. And also it has this widget which you can click to lock the screen of your phone as well as hibernate apps. And also, One thing I like about this app is that it's not so heavy (in terms of its data to be downloaded) And it really works! (P.S. if you're device is rooted, It's very much useful)


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Depends on what exactly do you need. What are your hobbies? What do you like? First things i installed were social media apps, since i live far away from my friends so i need some way to contact them. Then comes everything related to music, since i'm a huge music nerd. That is followed by some tiny, almost unnecessary apps that only serve the purpose to make me feel cool :D
I would be happy to make a referral, but first what are you daily needs? For example, are you looking to connect with friends or coworkers, searching for a ride somewhere, or are in need of an accounting software for work? As you can see from these examples, the smartphone can certainly provide many different and beneficial uses, all depending on what your needs are. Personally, a few of my favorite apps I have installed are Facebook, Quickbooks, and Uber. These are just a few examples, but really the sky is the limit! =)


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Hi! The very first apps that I downloaded on my phone were Dictionary,Maps and Social media apps. For a non native speaker in English a dictionary on your phone can be very useful and helpful whenever I stumble upon words that were new to me. Sometime's it's kind of embarrassing when you could not understand the words that the person your talking to, was saying. Maps, I love to travel and going to places I've never been both for work and for leisure. Maps on your phone would help you to save time and money just by planning ahead where you are planning to go. Of course Social Media apps to keep you updated and connected to your loved ones and friends. I hope that would help you to decide on what to download ;)
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