1. jeniffer26

    Still playing Super Mario?

    Who woul forget Super Mario games? As for me I will never forget how super mario created best memories of my childhood. I was able to beat my big brother in playing super mario and get a treat because I beat him. Not just because it was enjoyable but because saving the princess made me more...
  2. jeniffer26

    Playing games in phone or tablet?

    I would like to ask which device is best to use when playing an online games since both have advantages and disadvantages. I been playing lots of online games and I am having a trouble whenever I log in to a game sometimes my account can't be log in the tablet because I log in the phone. Would...
  3. jeniffer26

    Mobile Legends: Tips to Improve performance

    Mobile Legends: Bang bang is one of the famous game released on July 2016 and published by Moontoon. It was designed for mobile games but it can also access using PC. There are two opposing teams fight to reach and destroy the enemy's base while defending their own base for control of path...
  4. httplyka

    To android users, what application in your phone do you use the most?

    I just bought a new phone and I'm troubled with what to install. Suggest your most used application and I'm willing to try and install.
  5. Rodney Olson

    Best Android games?

    In this week I have more free time and I am going to play games for fun. Do you know any best Android games that you have ever played? please recommend me with name, link download, images and video gameplay if you're possible.
  6. CyberAlchemist

    Quick and easy games for your Android smartphone?

    I am looking for a few quick and easy games to install on your Android smartphone and playing. Do you know some, please suggest names and reasons why you like them? If possible, please share link to games on Play store for Android or App Store Downloads on iTunes. I would check details...