Best Android games?

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In this week I have more free time and I am going to play games for fun. Do you know any best Android games that you have ever played? please recommend me with name, link download, images and video gameplay if you're possible.
I would recommend Mobile Legends. It's a pvp moba and you can play it by in your Android or iOS phone. It's available at the Playstore and Itunes.
My favorite Android games are:

Plants vs. Zombies 2
This game is very interesting and it also requires you to have a smartphone with high specs to play it smoothly. If you played version 1 then I am sure with version 2 you will face more difficult.

Air Penguin 2 Android
small game but more funny and relaxing when you have free time.

Temple Run 2
Let run and feel, you will like this game like me :)

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Clash royale is pretty fun and it's only been around since 2016. Another one is Hearthstone if you're into card games. It's made by Blizzard, one of the largest video game companies in the world, so it's good quality. It's also themed around the Warcraft universe. A couple of other games (not by Blizzard) that come to mind are Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor. They're both MOBA style games.

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Hi there, I've been using Android Smartphones for around 6 years now and I don't use any antivirus app. I know that Android has a safeguard against viruses that's why you don't need to install an antivirus program or app.

There are times when I feel that my phone is getting slow, what I do is just empty the cache memory and everythings good again.

Just don't download from uncertified sites or any sites your not sure of. In cases that after you've download an app and your phone suddenly gets slower than usual, I suggest that you uninstall the app and delete all residual files.


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Hey OP!

Let's see here, first let's put a few categories and fill them up:

Strategy games:
First, I suggest Clash of Clans

which is already suggested in this thread, but it's actually not bad at all once you get into it. then I will suggest you play Plague Inc.

Where you basically design/engineer a virus to kill everyone on the planet (very fun to play on small tablets when you are wasting time)
Next up is the legendary Plants vs Zombies.

It is funny, quirky, and highly repayable. I can't begin to tell you how many hours of my life have gone to this game. I suggest you truly give it a try.

Next let's talk RPG games:

First, Last Days on Earth Survival,

This is still a developing game, but trust me even at this stage it will have you hooked and coming back for more. You basically play as a zombie apocalypse survivor, without taking too much away from the experience let's just say that it is the BEST game in this genre that I have ever seen, you literally have dig deep into forests just to find a deer, hunt it, skin it, and use a tanning bench to harden the leather and use it to make your running shoes slightly better lol.
It is well worth it, if you are a perfectionist who wants to build a gigantic base full of zombie traps and customize pretty much everything I highly suggest you dig your fangs into this game.

Next, Knights of the old republic

I can't really explain this without writing a wall of text, basically it will satisfy your star wars itch FULLY. Give this one a shot.

And lastly Titan Quest,

This is basically orgasmic on so many levels, it is Diablo on adroid, and dare I say even BETTER than diablo.

These are the RPG games that I can suggest, and believe me I had to pick 3 out of numerous ones that I played, so these must be really worth it (at least for me).

Now, if you are just looking for innocent 15m riding on the bus gaming time then look into Candy Crush

and Alchemy,

or maybe even Eufloria

or Osmos HD.
This one has a fantasmical soundtrack.

These are just off the top of my head, Let me know if you want more suggestions.
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Mobile Legends is my go-to on android or iOS, it is similar to LOL or other games with the same style, but it has characters that I like a lot more.
If you like puzzles and i hope you do i 110% recommend this game named "Twenty" I've been playing it for over 3 years now and i just cant find the drive in me to uninstall it. It is a really fun game and i hope you'll find it interesting too, if you like war types of games i suggest then clash of clans or mobile legends, they are the most popular nowadays and they have a really cool graphics too, although you have to be online when you play them but its fun!


play store twenty link
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You might consider playing Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising. It bring backs old memories from my younger days. When I'm still a student, My friends and I usually play it most of the time.
I'm into pretty much any type of game for androids, but I can recommend Toy Blast if you like puzzles. It very enjoyable and helps me pass the time. It's kinda like Candy Crush, but I prefer Toy Blast now. If you like word games, you can try Wordscapes. It's quite and enjoyable and fun. If you're interested, here are the links.

Toy Blast -
Wordscapes -

Have fun!
If you like simulation games, I suggest you should try SimCity BuildIt. Basically the game is all about building a city and you are the mayor. If you are into strategy games then I suggest you try Clash of Clans. It's a type of strategy game that you have to build your based and try to prevent another player to attack you base successfully. And If you prefer online RPG then try playing Mobile Legends. It's like Dota but played on your mobile phone.
I suggest you try the "Dumb ways to die" series and "The hardest game ever" series. These games are small games and so easy to play. I don't know if you will like it but i do enjoy playing it. It's like game for kids but really not for kids, confusing, haha. Great stress reliever for me, i hope you do enjoy these games too.
I highly recommend Rules Of survival. It's an online game where in you can play solo or by team. You will start of without any Firearms or device then a plane will deploy you to the battle field wherein you will loot for firearms, armor, helmet, medicine kit and other necessary items for your survival in the battle field. This game is really addicting!! You'll feel the adrenaline rush thru your system when you engage into a crossfire. Sorry I can't provide any picture since I'm only using a phone and there is no add picture option in the comment section. However, you can just go to your playstore and type Rules Of Survival and you'll see it on the top list. Hope you enjoy! Give me some feedback if ever you tried the game.
Me, I would like to recommend Banana Kong, because First of all, banana Kong is a very fun and addicting game for me and you can play it offline, it has so many features, the Gorilla which is the main character is Very wacky, if this game has a story i think it would be great, he has so many power-ups and friends including a wild boar, a toucan, a giraffe and a cheetah, but my favorite one is the wild boar, please play this one, just Go to the app store and type banana Kong, I assure it will be a good offline game :D
If it's rpg you want, Adventure Quest 3D and Avabel Online are my top two. Maybe Black Desert Online if it's free but sad to say, it's not. Both games can be found in the playstore. I've played 2D side scrolling Adventure Quest in a browser long time ago, 3D version is much better. I love Avabel Online's graphics.
If you were like me who wants to exercise your brain a little bit and improve your spelling techniques and vocabulary while playing, i recommend Wordscape.

It's one of the popular word games in our country where a lot of people played it. Its like a scrabble game which you have to find all the missing words to advance to the next stage.

I also recommend Temple Run 2, if you want to have an excitement and adrenaline rush. The game is all about running as its name suggested while earning points, rewards and upgrades. It would take a lot of time though to master it in my case.☺
For me, The best and most popular game that played in the our country is Rules Of Survival, You can play him in Android and can also be in iOS and can be on Computer or PC Server. He has a similar role in the PUBG game (PLAYER UNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) but it's free only in the Play store. This game is Survival and you will only survive in the end, you have to take your own device to kill the opponents and the map has a wide area and you need to enter to the safe zone so you do not die and while the time runs out the safe zone is getting smaller and few are left behind and you have to kill them so you're the best player in the game or you're the top 1. Different techniques you need to survive for a long time, and it has a rank that will determine if you are good at playing it.
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