Describe your ideal smartphone

My ideal smartphone is with a built in battery and can last 24 hours with high capacity. I prefer a latest model as much as possible to enjoy new features. When I buy a new smartphone, I always look for its features and user friendly phones. It's shouldn't be very expensive but with excellent design and features. I use my phone for work and downloading music videos and so it's important to have bigger storage. An excellent is also a big factor so I can enjoy taking pictures.
with a high battery capacity and at the very least has 8GB RAM
Your requirement on this point is very essential. :)
enough storage space
How much space do you need? can you give an estimation?
High quality camera isn't a requirement
Sometimes you need to take a photo then you will think it is very important for you.
I also want a phone that can run a game smoothly and has a nice camera. I love to play games so I need it and I keep my files on the phone so I would prefer a good memory. A nice camera is an added bonus.
The latest iPhone and Samsung smartphones could do as well these things.


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To be fair, for a smartphone I don't really need much space. I'd say 32GB is more than enough for what I use my smartphone for, but I'll probably pick something that has more, or allows use of a seperate memory card.

As for pics, my former smartphone could take pics that would still allow my to read a car's licence plate. As long as I can snap a pic of those hit and run cars, I'm good with camera's.
My ideal phone would have atleast 3300mAh battery, excellent camera, minimum 6gb of ram, minimum 128gb of internal storage (upgradable), 6 inches display, rugged, waterproof, dustproof and must of all cheap. I think it's hard to imagine such phone would exist but we never know, I'm eyeing one brand which could tick all my requirements.


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Battery life is important for me so my ideal smartphone needs to have a really good battery life. Next for me is camera, back camera not front i'm not really fond of taking selfies, but I do enjoy taking pictures of places I visit and of people I know. Screen resolution is another thing as well as a decent sized screen.
I prefer a smartphone with more storage space because I love downloading stuff and taking pictures, front and back camera has the same camera resolution, long battery life and a customized cover where we can choose which color or style for our phone.

One can dream! ;)
I'm not really into gaming on a mobile phone so I'm fine with the display size of my iPhone 5S. However, it would be an ideal phone for me if the specs will be as listed below.

Ram: at least 3GB
Rom: at least 64GB
Camera: at least 5MP at the front and 15MP at the back
Resolution: 4K


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I like the iPhone. I have a 6s right now, and after using a lower model android, I'm so thankful for the iPhone haha. My only complaint is it seems to slow down after time. I've heard that every time I update the system, the phone will get slower. Is there any truth to this?
My ideal phone will be as following: 5.5", long lasting battery - at least 2-3 days without charging, NFC. Fast charging is a must as well. USB - type c for a faster data transfer. I need more storage included in the smartphone itself - at least 64 GB. I use a lot of pictures and video content. EDGE and border-less display.
A full-packaged smartphone is all I need to make sure I won't regret buying a smartphone.
A flagship processor (a minimum of SD 820 or Exynos 8890)
13MP Camera with an aperture f1.8 as minimum
5.5" QHD Display
USB Type C
64GB Storage
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