USB-C - love it or hate it?

Do you love or hate USB-C?

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My Huawei phone uses a USB-C, and now my Macbook only has USB-C as well. I've had to buy adaptors for all my USB peripherals (printer, harddrives, USB sticks, memory card readers, etc ...) Do you agree with Apple that all devices will start using USB-C in the future?

USB-C has 3 main advantages:
1.r eversibile:if you come home while you are drunk and it's dark u can still plug the phone into the charger
2.much more stable doesnt get as damaged as a normal USB
So yea,pretty much better than regular USB
I like USB-C because for me it's easier to plug into your device, even when you have the lights off. I say this because you could put it upside down and it'll still work and don't have to worry about breaking the metal covering or the components inside.


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I'm could be skeptical about it and say that this was a dick move by Apple to get more money out of their customers. But honestly, it is an improvement and everyone, including myself, should move on to this plug. As @Malcolmjr96 already said, it's easier to plug in. There's no up or down, no 50% chance that you try to plug it in wrongly and unwillingly damage your phone or charger.

I'm not going to pay extra for it though. If I buy a smartphone that uses this charger, it has to be included with the phone or the phone must be cheap and the charger doesn't make the whole combination more expensive than other phones.
USB-C is an advantageous upgrade from the regular USB but the only problem with it right now is that majority of us consumers are still using older devices with USB. We just need to use adapters for now until we can slowly upgrade our old devices to newer ones with USB-C.

I do agree with Apple's statement that all devices will eventually use USB-C in the future. I personally love USB-C on my new smartphone because of its ease of use and will definitely add it to my requirements when purchasing new devices and peripherals.
Easily the USB-C!! You can plug it in the dark without touching the port for multiple times. Besides that, the fast charging option is also a possibility with it!

However, one of the biggest troubles is if you have forgotten your charger, you can't just blindly borrow another from a friend.
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