Ideas on what I can do with my iPhone 1?


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I was cleaning out my room and found my iPhone 1 from 10 years ago. To my surprise, it still works! What are some fun, creative things I can do with my phone? Is it worth selling?

It's not that old that's why it's not that valuable if you sell it. But you could still try and look for a collector and maybe they could buy it for a small price. Or you could give it to me. Just kidding.:LOL::LOL: Why not keep it? Put it on a time capsule. After how many years you could get it and remember your memories with it. (y)
I wish you lived at the place whre I live and theft is like a very common thing. We always keep our oldest phones as a means of jumpstarting our lives after a phone muggery. That is before you accumulate enough cash to buy another one.


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You might want to check the gallery of that iphone and see the pictures of your long lost dog or even your pictures with your ex girlfriends
Amazing! I have seen some people who were looking for those kind of iphone which they consider vintage phone already. You may take care of it becaise we can never tell if one day, it may cost a fortune.
I would recommend you to save it for about 50 years and then it will have some value as an anitque. Right now you cant sell it for a lot of money, maybe just a few bucks.


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I would keep it until it becomes antique, or antique enough for it to be worth it's original price again. Although, in the event that it breaks or doesn't work anymore, scrap it, either by selling it for whatever amount you can or dismantling it and using the part for something else. The second option works better for people that love tinkering.
Take good care of it and keep it for a little longer until you can sell it for more money! The fact that you were able to keep your phone for a decade blows my mind. Mine stop working after 4-5 years
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