1. TSM

    USB-C - love it or hate it?

    My Huawei phone uses a USB-C, and now my Macbook only has USB-C as well. I've had to buy adaptors for all my USB peripherals (printer, harddrives, USB sticks, memory card readers, etc ...) Do you agree with Apple that all devices will start using USB-C in the future?
  2. TSM

    Ideas on what I can do with my iPhone 1?

    I was cleaning out my room and found my iPhone 1 from 10 years ago. To my surprise, it still works! What are some fun, creative things I can do with my phone? Is it worth selling?
  3. DenisMNE

    Any app that lets you listen to music in the background that is free ?

    Is there any app which allows you to listen music in the background and it costs nothing ? I have a AudioTube for years, it has been taken off the market for some time and I was unable to find any new ones. Anyone uses some apps that can do it ?
  4. EfficientNinja

    How often do you restart your Android or iOS device?

    It's been a common practice to restart our desktop computers or laptops daily when we are done using it, whenever it feels slow, we have to apply changes, or when something is wrong. How about your smartphones? Do you have a regular schedule of restarting it? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or not at all?
  5. EfficientNinja

    How to connect your Airpods to your macOS device

    To connect your Airpods to macOS devices you do the following. Step 1. On your macOS device, click Enable Bluetooth. With macOS you do not necessarily have to put your headset into the newly connected box. You can open the cover (There are two earphones in the box) or take out the headset to...
  6. EfficientNinja

    How to delete an application on a MacBook

    Users always install the applications that they need on their MacBooks, especially if they are free. But sometimes the application doesn't do what it was advertised to do, or the user is no longer using it and needs to be deleted. However new macOS users do not know how to uninstall unused...
  7. Chris Crocker

    How to fix "No SIM Card installed" error on iPhone

    If your iPhone is operating and displays a very annoying message that the SIM card is invalid or No SIM has resulted in you being unable to use the service. Now take a step-by-step approach to solving problems with your SIM card when mounting it on your iPhone. Notice that the SIM is not...
  8. BillEssley

    Apple supports in recovering deleted data on iCloud

    This feature was recently updated by Apple for iCloud. You can recover backup data that may or has been deleted within 30 days. Apple allows this feature to get back those backup data before erasing them completely from the system. To use, users go to and follow the login...
  9. rizzywrites

    Review Apple airpods?

    Hi, guys!! What are your reviews about these apple airpods? Is it way better than what we are used to? Here is its image