Samsung Galaxy or Apple Iphone?


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Smartphones are things that we use in our everyday lives, that is why it is important to choose your next smartphone based on your preference and how convenient the smartphone is for you.

Among other brands in the phone industry 2 brands come on top each year: Samsung and Apple. Samsung is a brand that is known worldwide due to the incredible phones ( Galaxy line) that they produce and its competitor is the brand Apple which produces Iphones which people continue to patronize just like the Galaxy phones of Samsung; each year both of these companies release a new model of their smartphone line. The brands and their fans continually fight as to what brand really produces the best smartphone.

I think that in terms of these things the answer as to which brand or which phone is better depends on the user and how they use the phone in their lives. If a person is the type who likes to have more control and options in their phones, I think that they would prefer the phones produced by Samsung more since this phone is an android phone which allows for better customization and control of the phone. If the person is more into the simplicity side of things they might prefer the Apple Iphone, since provide the basics of smartphones but with a high quality.

There are still many things that would help us say who really produces the best smartphones among the 2 but we can all agree that it still depends on the preference and usage of a person.


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I'd just pick an Android device, as it is cheap and does enough of what I want and need. Also, I feel as if you buy an Apple phone, you'd also need to buy the other products, like a Mac, because I've heard they all sync very well with eachother
I used both Samsung Galaxy or Apple Iphone but now I am using a Samsung galaxy and I prefer using it to iPhone because it is easy to use and it has 2 SIM cards, and better battery.


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The decision between an Iphone or Samsung, certainly, depends on the person's preference, although I would consider other two factors: durability and professional use. Durability of a phone, in my opinion, depends on how much time can last a phone without hardware problems. This point can be accounted for people who don't change their phones every one or two years. As for professional use I intend using the phone to create videos or take a particular photos and, I think, in that case is better an Iphone (talking from my own and friends experience)


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Samsung galaxy. It has a good battery life. It is also cheaper than iphone. The internal storage of samsung is better than iphone beacause it can be expanded to 1TB with sd card while iphone internal storage limit is 512GB and not expandable. Samsung Galaxy for the win?.
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