Are the midrange units of Samsung worth it?


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The answer depends on your needs as a user and how you use your phones. As a user of a Samsung J6 2018, I think that this phone can handle the very basics of smartphones such as texting, calling, gaming, video and photo capture, and others. It does work well but don't expect too much from the phone. After sometime which I estimate is a few months (2 -3) I experienced a couple of lags but it was not the that noticeable. The main problem that I have from the phone is the camera; the camera for me is below average due to the lack of focus that the phone has it performs badly in dim lights and creates too much noise, but the phone has a front facing light for selfies and also in the back so I think it makes up for it. Aside from the camera I really don't have any complaints since the phone works alright for me. Phone calls are great, viewing movies are good, the speaker for me is loud, the overall experience for me was great. That is why I think that the phone is worth it especially since the is on sale in some places.
Obviously, it is worth to buy the midrange units of Samsung because it doesn't require a high budget while you still have a good phone to use. Some can compare with high models of Samesung but more lower price.
Of course it is worth it. I own a J7 Pro from Samsung and as far as its performance is concerned. I'm very much more satisfied with it. In terms of pictures, I enjoy a very high quality of pictures. in terms of connectivity. It offers a fast internet connections with an LTE enabled netwok connections. So with this, Samsung's mid range phone are worth our money.
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