cheap phones

  1. monre509

    What’s the best cheap iPhone nowadays?

    I’m looking for an affordable iphone that is still very usable today? What version of iPhone do you recomment in your opinion? Is it worth buying an old verison of iphone?
  2. SS1234

    Are the midrange units of Samsung worth it?

    The answer depends on your needs as a user and how you use your phones. As a user of a Samsung J6 2018, I think that this phone can handle the very basics of smartphones such as texting, calling, gaming, video and photo capture, and others. It does work well but don't expect too much from the...
  3. Annatech

    Nokia has revived the Banana Phones!

    Seriously, Nokia is having a run with these blasts from the past. You thought the 3310 reboot was the first and last of its kind, but no, there's the Nokia 8110 4G. Remember this? Nokia has revived the good 'ol banana phone and now it looks like this: Specs: Polycarbonate shell 2 MP camera...