Nokia has revived the Banana Phones!

Seriously, Nokia is having a run with these blasts from the past. You thought the 3310 reboot was the first and last of its kind, but no, there's the Nokia 8110 4G.

Remember this?

Nokia has revived the good 'ol banana phone and now it looks like this:

Polycarbonate shell
2 MP camera with LED flash
2.4” curved display
Smart Feature OS powered by KaiOS
Qualcomm® 205 mobile platform (MSM8905) - up to 25 days of standby time from a single charge
512 MB RAM
4 GB storage

The long battery life is pretty exciting. I think I'm tempted to buy these, just for old time's sake. What are your thoughts with Nokia's new and improved throwbacks?


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As much as the device looks good but I think I have had enough of these old obsolete devices. What would I actually be doing with this Nokia 8110 4G that I can't do with my Samsung galaxy J7, Tecno Camon C8, it250 and Afrione 2-1 android tablet device? Please I'm done getting another one to add to my stock :rolleyes::cautious:


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Wow, it feels so good when Nokia phone company tries to bring back old memories of devices they produced far back when most people didn't get the chance to make use of them. As much as I would love to get this Nokia 8110 4G, I just cannot now because it's not been too long I bought the new reproduced Nokia 3310 that was launched in February 2017.
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My phone Nokia N70 is still very much alive. It's working fine and what i love most from it, it never lets me down. My new smartphone's battery has a problem or maybe it is really what it is. So if ever Nokia would have new lines of smartphones, i would be gladly to try it.


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Well i think its a great phone, although the design didn't change significantly i still think that there's a market for their designs. People who loves analog and digital fusion will definitely love this phone, specially users that lived in the years when analog devices are evolving to digital:geek:. The specifications are not that outstanding but the effort of reviving a classic phone on today's market is a great idea:).
I think the main purpose of these revivals from Microsoft is to reach their old customers who doesn't like so much complexity and usability. And based on my personal opinion, this is a good one for back up purposes only and the strong side of this devices are for phone and texting conversations only. With a small screen size we can't optimize social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and watching streaming sites like YouTube will be a difficulty.
For me the decision by Nokia to revive this kind of phone if indeed true is a big risk from the standpoint of marketing. While some might be amazed with this, referring to the senior generations, but I guess majority would rather go for the latest versions of android phones. Functionality is among the main keys for choice. If Nokia would really revive this, I would advise it to keep the quantity to a minimum or just good enough for those who would likely patronize the product.
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