What is good about Samsung phones than the other branded phones?

Well i'm very curious about Samsung phones, Why their so famous ? Is it because they are also one of the first brand that release with an android OS? Or because of the great durability it brings? For now it is still a big question at the back of my head.
What I like about Samsung is the camera. I had a Samsung Galaxy Ace before with 5MP and the camera was even clearer than my LG K10 that has 13MP.

I love taking selfies! One of the most important specs of a cell phone for me is the quality of the camera. Of course, you don't want your picture to be blurry especially when you go somewhere else to discover new and beautiful places. Every moment counts, so you should always make sure that you were able to capture those clearly.


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In my opinion its primarily because of cost and efficiency. The are products out there that are almost similar to Samsung and other brands, but Samsung has created a good stand between a low cost phone with the highest quality with the latest features.

Second is marketing, a good product is nothing without a great marketing strategy. A global approach to the product makes it stand out from other products. If your products is available globally , along with the high tech features and a good user friendly interface more people will get it. More users means more profit...good product means great reviews and great reviews means more users...its the cycle;).

The more users it have the more people have access to services and maintenance. That is also one of the reason why Samsung is famous. The availability of service, accessories and repair is almost within reach giving a more longer usage for every unit...

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Well, the answer is simple and has two points:

1. It has enough supply connection and manufacturing resources to produce devices on large scales.

2. Marketing is everything and Samsung markets their products very well.
I'm going to be very upfront but have you seen S9? It's one of the most beautiful phones I have ever seen in my life. Their flagship phones are so stylish and sleek. Whenever we watch Netflix using our phones on travel, you can't just help but appreciate the phone's design. The visualization pops out and you get engrossed in what you're watching, it just makes the phone so worth it.

Most of my friends prefer Samsung because of how gorgeous it looks and I can truthfully say the same.
Samsung is a huge company that started developing consumer electronics. When they entered the mobile industry they are equipped with optimistic individuals that are constantly seeking for new developments. Another reason is that since they are a manufacturer of consumer electronics, the access on new hardwares and other components are easily acquired along with the new technology adopted into it. So for my standing point, what makes Samsung great is because of the individuals that are working non tirelessly behind the spot light and constantly searching for new developments and technology to incorporate for their upcoming developments.


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What I love about Samsung is that even though their phones aren’t the cheapest, the company has consistently been showing real value in its products. Consumers are getting a device that can match an iPhone at the same price. Another thing is that Samsung offers trustworthy products from appliances to televisions, so consumers are also likely to trust its smartphones.
Design-wise Samsung is a trailblazer, in terms of processing power, sharp cameras and so many other innovations they always lead the way. Samsung not only builds premium phones for the rich but also mid-range phones for all segments of the society.
Their phones also have an easy to operate native UI, which anyone even first time users can operate without any fuss.
What made Samsung a successful Android phone? Because of the company's effective marketing strategy, Samsung invest more on their advertising campaign. At the same time, Samsung also invest on making quality smartphones. Samsung took everything out from their wallet and took the risk heads on, and eventually now it paid off.

To be honest, there are other better Android smartphone brand than Samsung when it comes to price and phone specification. But what make Samsung different? Samsung is not afraid to take the risk, to lead the way towards technological innovations.

But I still do think that Sony and Asus is better than Samsung when it comes to quality and prize for smartphones.
Samsung is a big name in the smartphone arena and it's one of those brands that can compete with Apple. Samsung phones are also more cost efficient compared to Apple's devices but compared to other Android phones, they might cost even more because they are a well-known brand and they market their products more.

They were one of the first companies to support Android OS back when it was not yet mainstream and that might be one of the factors why they are more popular with the public.
What I like about Samsung is that they are very dynamic and adaptive when it comes to the needs of their clients and consumers. They are consistently upgrading their smartphones to better versions. Samsung phones are very handy and its operating system is super efficient. For me, Samsung's edge to other smartphones is that it is easy to operate but secured at the same time.
Well, what I really love about samsung is its camera and its amoled screen which compared to other brands, samsung really do have clearer graphics and its color (referring to the screen) is more lively than the other. Quality wise, samsung really do impress me especially of its camera which is really an HD one.
I've been using a Samsung brand of phone for almost 9 years now. As a Samsung phone user, what I like about Samsung brand are the quality, durability, cost and its features. I know there are a lot of other brand out there that has the same quality as Samsung but for me Samsung's phone good quality started even its name is just starting to grow. Samsung continues to improve the quality as the years passed by and even today's generation they have even a better quality. I like its durability also, because it cannot easily break down even if you did something bad because some of other brands before, if you power off them several times not in a proper way then usually it ended up to stuck on rebooting and you cannot be able to go to at least in the home screen. Unlike to Samsung, even you did something like that to Samsung brand it won't easily go the same way. I believe almost all of the Samsung smartphones' cost is cheaper than the other, though they have expensive but that one has a lot of high end quality and features. And speaking of its features, though the phone is not that expensive it has still a perfect feature as the expensive one. By the way, all of these are just based on my experience of use of Samsung brand. It may not be same as yours but this is just what I thought about Samsung. I hope it helps even just a little.
For Android phones, Samsung phones is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to its quality. It's more popular in my area as well than Sony, Oppo, Zenfone, etc. It's a high end phones. The only issue for me is that the battery has the tendency to overheat though especially while playing high quality games. The great thing about Samsung phone is that it's user-friendly and has a lot of compatible apps.
Samsung phones become one of the famous brands of phones because of its good features, durability, when your phone is samsung, it is good to use,clear camera, good quality of flash camera, easy to use.
And its always has a latest model,
For me samsung is the second of the best brands of phone.
It's not about the name of the Brand or on how famous this brand is. But it's because of its quality that satisfies the consumers for so many years and the durability is on them it will last long than the other brand of phones that only last for only a couple of months ,well I don't want to mention the brands of phone I am talking about.Then when we say Samsung we knew that the features of their phone are amazing that they satisfy and met our expectation on their phones.
The best thing about Samsung is that it has it all you needed. Even in a simple model, still you can enjoy their built in apps like you cannot find to other brands like its camera. Its has a perfect capture. Its long life span makes me love it most.
I could not speak for the other brand for i never had tried the other brand.But for Samsung, what is good about Samsung is that they are user friendly meaning their very easy to use,and they have a lot of built in apps like google chrome,gmail where you can open you email and sent email as well,google drive,play movies were you can watch downloaded movies on you phone,calculator is so useful especially if you are computing.Good camera that brought pictures to life.Play music will you can listen your favorite music. Calendar you can be updated of the most important date in your life you can also set alarm for date that you don't want to miss such as birthdays,anniversaries and a lot more.Durability it will depend on the person who use the phone extra care will matter irregardless of what brand of phone your using
I super love Samsung phones because it is user-friendly and durable. I have used this brand since 2012 and it never failed me. My brother has Samsung cellphone that he brought last 2010 and it's still working until now.
Well i'm very curious about Samsung phones, Why their so famous ? Is it because they are also one of the first brand that release with an android OS? Or because of the great durability it brings? For now it is still a big question at the back of my head.
Samsung has good camera compared to other android phones. Their specs are superior to Iphone, and it is more user-friendly compared to Iphone. The great thing about Samsung is they have Android system, which allow them to download mostly anything they want, which is a limitation for Iphone as they have to stick to App Store.
Samsung is the best brand in smartphones. What's good about it's feature is that any type of user can adopt since its user friendly. Features you want are available even those unexpected things you want to have is already built in.
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