What is good about Samsung phones than the other branded phones?

What's good about Samsung than other brand of phone?Samsung spend a lot of their (R and D) or Research and Development team,they are always on the quest of how to improve their products and services for there target market.In other words Samsung unceasingly or continuously innovate so every quarter if not every year they have new phone model available on the market thus more stylish more advance than their previous phone model.they are ahead of everybody in the smart phone industry.Finally Samsung spend a lot or huge amount of money for advertising there product aggressively world cup foot ball expect Samsung to launch their product whatever great sporting events that's happening Samsung was there so that make's their product known to the world and people likely to buy it.
I've been using for decades now. What I like about Samsung phones is that you can maximize it's features to what you requires. The phone is flexible in what the owner's need. The camera are very good.Tho the pricing is a bit higher now than the brands before it's also acceptable since the brands now are all upgraded to the maximum.
One reason why it's famous is because it's one of the first brand of phone that are release. I have samsung phone and I don't have an issue about the durability. They also offers mid-range smartphone with good specs. that's why I think they have a lot of customer. There's no reason for the company not be famous because they compete in the market for the best high-end phones.
I've been an avid user of Samsung phones. I've owned a Galaxy S5 and I currently use a Galaxy S7. What's so good about Samsung phones? One of my considerations when I chose these phones was the camera. At the time that I bought them, they were both contenders for best cameras inside a smartphone. They also have the best screens for phones of that year mind you. Other phones don't come close to the quality of these phones but recently, from what I have read and watched on reviews, Samsung has been stagnating. It's not all glitters and rainbows using these phones though. They are not perfect. The Galaxy S7 for example had this subtle curve on the front screen which made it virtually impossible to put a screen protector on. Owners of this phone will know there hasn't been a successful tempered glass screen protector for this phone. I feel like Samsung is moving away from what they set out to do with the Galaxy S7 which is that they listen to customers. Their market strategy right now seems to mimic Apple more. That's why I didn't opt for the Galaxy S9. I'm considering leaving Samsung.
Samsung is one of the best brand in terms of mobile phones. It has a big edge with the other competitors in the market today. It's design and quality makes it on top. The vesatility of it is beyond and incomparable with the other brands. And the most important of all, Samsung made a phone that can last for years.
Samsung as a phone brand has truly matured making it the 'other' hardware brand identified with Android apart from the Pixel. It has done this by providing both bleeding edge models (Note and S-series) and more affordable lines (A and J series) that show their technical leadership and expand the market, respectively. The phone brand is backed by a large technological conglomerate involved in everything from electronics to heavy industry. This gives them the ability to invest and lead in research and development for superior products.
Ever since I never had a problem with Samsung. I even recommend it to my friend. I guess besides its an android, you can easily access apps with no trouble at all, I'm getting a quality camera and its easy to navigate it.


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Samsung is one of the leader in the smartphones. The first reason I think in my experience using Samsung devices for a long time is that Samsung does it better resolution on their graphic display. Number two reason is the design, specifically talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8. I think a lot of you will agree with me. It's a really nice design, it looks like a phone that's been brought back from the future. Third, Samsung phones are very durable and can serve you many years if properly maintained. I have Samsung Note 5 from 2015 till today. It's not flawless but it works well. Another reason is it's not as expensive than iPhone and it has much more better specs than other smartphone brands.
Well i'm very curious about Samsung phones, Why their so famous ? Is it because they are also one of the first brand that release with an android OS? Or because of the great durability it brings? For now it is still a big question at the back of my head.

I have been a Samsung user since 2010 and all I can say is that Samsung is one of the best smarthphones and top of the notch compared to other phones. Samsung first of all have a reputation of creating a state of the art design and features in one phone. It has great design, user friendly phone and long battery life.
Samsung phones has its uniqueness than to other brands of mobile phones. It has its own well developed O.S that other sometimes copied to other one. Samsung is now one of the most indemand mobile handset to the millenials. Even it cost high in the market its still one of the most people used to.
Samsung has the best in the class quality control among all Android devices. Unlike other Android devices the phones made by big brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC employ top of the line quality control. The build quality, component quality is leagues ahead of knock off brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus and Meizu. Android brands like Samsung, HTC, LG invest a hell lotta money in R&D sector so as to bring something innovative in their phones. This is the very reason why all new features among Android devices are introduced by these big brands while knock off brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi just try to copy them.
I been using Samsung in how many several years, In my experience Samsung is most trusted brand, a friendly user interface smart phone. It has also lots of features like, wide clear screen display, broad range of internal memory up to 64 GB, dual camera with a high MP that can used all the time for taking pictures and recording videos and it has a extended life battery.
Well, Samsung has great offers to you. you can download games, movies, apps, and games as long as you want to. Unlike in Iphone, you cannot easily download things. It's because the protect the so called copyright of one app, music, etc. You can do whatever you want on Samsung. On the other hand, I very much like Samsung than the other Android phones because they make good and has high durability smartphones. Camera, built-in speakers, fingerprints and other things is a total package for Samsung.


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Both Samsung and Apple are the best brands, but Samsung beats Apple due to their prices being lower. But what can you expect when Apple apperantly makes bad financial decisions, that they even have to sell charges seperately from the phone? Not sure if that's just a rumor though, but still, I see no reason why Apple stuff is so expensive. If they'd sell cheaper than Samsung, they'd be the best brand.

But then again, if you can promote Samsung stuff with your own brand and sell it at a higher price, why shouldn't you?
Well i'm very curious about Samsung phones, Why their so famous ? Is it because they are also one of the first brand that release with an android OS? Or because of the great durability it brings? For now it is still a big question at the back of my head.
Well, when mobile phones hit the market way in the late 80s and early 90s,(depending on the country and region) everyone including me were super excited about owning the gadget through the price dictated which brand to go for. As the competition heightened so came the test on quality.
That's when Samsung started to stand out from the crowd to deliver user-friendly phones in terms of size, quality, usability...name it. With time their reputation grew because they seemed to be ahead of the game in terms of "reading the minds of their customers" before they produce their gadgets.
These are some of the reasons why Samsung is still one of the best phones to go for.


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I have a Samsung phone which I am very fond of.I like mostly the camera as takes high quality pics, with high resolution.There is the battery as well showing up durability, it takes me using more than 20 hours till I have to recharge the phone again.There is a wide range of features and applications to choose from.Altogether my Samsung device has all the qualities I am expecting from a phone in today's technology world.
Samsung phone is more easy to use than the other phone and the camera is very clear. The Samsung is very competetive to the other brand.
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