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Guys please help me. My old phone has trouble with ads. I tried installing adblockers but it only works on my chrome. Ads appear everytime(even when I'm not touching my phone). I think I installed something that caused it. The problem is, I cant look for it and the maintenance can't detect it too. Main problem: the ads are about titan gel and porn sites and scam. I'm a girl. Therewas a time when I forgot to lock my phone because I'm too drawn with Riverdale. My friend noticed my phone and started teasing me because of the pornsite page he saw. Help!!!


If you are getting ads that related to those sites then you should check your smartphones or install an antivirus apps to scan your smartphone because it maybe infected by malware or virus.
I experiencing this also and I don't know every two minutes there's and ads popping up and it's kinda sick.

When I play online games on my phone there's an ads always pops up.

I do some research how to rid ads and the solution is Simple turn on airplane mode or check your downloads if there's some unwanted files you didn't know.

I'll show you some screenshot.


Like jar or etc just delete its a virus, I hope it will help.
Your phone must got virus that triggers those ads. Try to reformat your phone and clicking the factory reset button. If those ads is still popping. Then just replace your phone with a new one.


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The only time I have I have experienced this is when I visited some sites and enabled push notifications, I kept receiving pop up notifications even when I have exited the site. Sometimes the notifications would be to update my android version that it's vulnerable to one virus or malware when I'm sure that I'm making use of the latest lollipop android software version.

All I did was go back to that browser which I used before I started experiencing the continuous notifications pop up and had the browser history clear and this stopped instantly. I hope this works for you as well. Good luck.
I bet you're using Samsung. I've also encountered this problem before on my old Samsung. I tried downloading adblocker apps on my phone but whenever I unlock my phone, ads still pop up. So, what I did was backup all of my files and hard reset my phone. Here's how to hard reset:
But, if you'll see somewhere in the pop-up that it's from Google then this video might help.
I wish it will never happen to anyone. I don't know what I'm gonna do if I ever I'm gonna be on that awkward situation.
Try to check manually all your phone's applications that contains annoying ads if you suspected that it came from an app that you have installed.
Another option is to install a mobile security app and try the premium or pro version for you to recognize what might have caused those ads that pops up.
If it doesn't work, try a factory data reset and install all the necessary apps and avoid clicking any ads that suddenly pop-up.
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