How to create an app in few easy steps


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Hello and thanks for the attention to read this guide!

Here's how I would do it in 7 easy steps:

1) Define objectives;
What are you trying to achieve?

2) Lay out your app's functionality features;
What do you want your app to be able to do?

3) Research the market;
Find out what other people include in their apps.

4) Choose a development path;
How do you want to create your app, and what tools to use (i.g. coding).

5) Build your app;
Find a suitable platform and start "constructing".

6) Test app's functionality;
Run the app, check out the design and look how the features perform.

Start the app and enjoy it. Make sure to promote it properly as well (unless you made it for yourself only).

Once again, thanks for reading!
Looking forward to hear your opinion.



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You make it sound really easy, but for everyone reading this: It's not as easy as it's being written here. Coding itself is something that takes a lot of time and keeping up with the latest technologies, especially when you plan to learn it and do everything on your own.
Same for step 3, Market Research. You don't just Google a few things for an hour and then have your master plan for success.

There's also another step you didn't mention: Step 8, Keep it updated. Always check if everything runs as well as intended before launching, but if your app never changes, never keeps its users informed of what has changed on the app, people might stop using the app. Especially when users come with suggestions or bug reports, the last thing you want to do, is ignore them or do nothing with their feedback.
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