1. Jedi Knight Muse

    How to fix error Uninstall this app now because it isn't...on Windows 10

    The error "Uninstall this app now because it isn't compatible with Windows 10" often occurs when users open certain applications on Windows 10 computers, causing many annoyances. So what is this error and how to fix it? Read the article below! 1. What is the "Uninstall this app now because it...
  2. Pusya

    How to create an app in few easy steps

    Hello and thanks for the attention to read this guide! Here's how I would do it in 7 easy steps: 1) Define objectives; What are you trying to achieve? 2) Lay out your app's functionality features; What do you want your app to be able to do? 3) Research the market; Find out what other people...