Real books or eBooks?


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This is just a general question. If you like to read, would you rather read from a physical book or read it as a png file (or however it's done) on your phone or tablet?

Personally, I prefer the physical book. Mainly so that I always know how long the current book still is. It gives me that constant reminder in my head that tells me how close we are to the plot point and the ending. I also love the smell of newly purchased books. I don't know if eBooks have it, but in fantasy stories, there often a map of the world the story is situated in, giving you a better idea of where the protagonist is and where who is planning to go somewhere. Also other valuable information, like a glossary or other books in the series or by the author.

And all in all, I just love holding a book and turning pages, rather than scrolling. It would make me feel like I'm scrolling through a long post on 9gag. And being on my phone, I usually let myself be distracted by games or 9gag, to the point where I forgot that I was reading a book.

So what about you guys? Physical books or eBooks? Or both?
Ebooks is more easy to use than any traditional books or physical books as you say. We have a lot of encyclopedia but my kids they do prefer to search and study thru computer or cellphone instead of books. When I asked them why they are not using it, they said it is more practical and easy, :)


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Fair enough, a smartphone can hold the information to all books within your hand and at the tip of your finger. When I need to look up facts and information, in other words non-fiction books, I just use the internet as well, but when it comes down to reading fictional stories for my amusement, I rather have the books in my hands.

Also, reading on a phone will easily distract me, and after a few seconds, I'll quickly close the app and open up a game or Facebook.
Real Books or ebook: It really depends on what topic or issue you want to. In term of History I prefer realbbooks of course because it is more relevant but if it comes to the story, i do love ebooks because i don't need to buy a book just to read the updated story of my interested topic. It can help to save money also because not all the time you need to pay for the certain thing if you can get it fred in a good way.


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Huh, that would be the exact opposite for me. If I ever want to read up on history, I would rather read it as an e-book. Well, rather online, because historic books might have wrong details that have only been discovered many years after the books have been written. Not saying Wikipedia is always a trusted source, but you wouldn't believe how certain things are so much different online than in a book. It's like the book are a movie version of the truth.
For me, I would rather read an ebook because now aday's we are already in modern technology and busy at times. In my opinion some other books is not yet updated based on my experience so I could say It's more easy for me to use the ebooks.
You have a good point when using a phone, you are more likely be distracted with other websites, applications, notifications or even text and emails compared to reading a physical book. Even though, I still use e-book more because I can only read during night time which makes it hard for me to read a physical book when the lights are out.
I always love the printed books. They give me a feeling of going through the story better and getting the real feel of the book. The smell of the pages leaves me nostalgic and gives me the motivation to read the book even more. The e-book gives more strain to the eyes and I cannot read it for a longer length of time.


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I absolutely prefer real books. Sure, ebooks may be handy on the go and easy to store on your phone rather than a book shelf; but the thing is I started reading an ebook probably 2 years ago and am still only halfway through it. I always forget about it!

In that same time, I've probably read 8-10 real books. Perhaps it's where I am right now in life, but I'm not really often at a place away from home where I have time to read, and the want to. When I do want to read, I'm at home, in my chair, with my current read sitting on the table next to me.


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Glad to see someone who's also from the old stamp! Doesn't mean eBooks are bad, no, far from it. But there's just something about holding an actual books and reading through the pages.

So what kind of books do all of you read? My niche is Fantasy, and a little touch of Sci-fi is acceptable (so no big intergalactic wars with lots of tech). Last series I read was the Talon Saga (5 books) by Julie Kagawa. An excellent mix of 50% real life (well, the story happens in real life, but we see the war behind the curtains of reality), and 25/25 Fantasy and Sci-Fi, would definetly read it again.


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I chose real books over ebooks because you can have it with you all the time and read it as much as you wanted to since you will not depend on battery life. Real books can also save your precious eyes from harmful effects of radiation due to long usage of digital devices.
II prefer the real book because because reading a real book is less harmful to my eyes. The other thing that makes a book in physical shape a better option is that I prefer the relaxed environment with a book in my hands in relation to the tense situation with the phone in my hands.


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I still prefer the traditional book because nothing beats the smell of books, but since they're hard to come by these days (specially some titles) an ebook is easier to find. an ebook is also more convenient in many ways compared to a traditional. You can easily bring over 500 books in your phone/tab/reader anywhere you go vs the traditional books where just 3 in your bag is already very heavy enough. Still with all the cons of traditional I still choose it :)
I really love reading either physical books or an ebook. I read stories in different apps online when there are times when I can't yet afford to buy the book. But aside from being just a reader I also collect books so I prefer them than an ebook.
For the new generation e-books are the norm and I think it is more convenient to carry your phone rather than a physical book. But the downside is there are plenty of temptations when you are using your phone, rather than finish reading the book you tend to waste your time in social media or online games. That is why e-books can never replace the feeling of flipping a page the sensation of holding a book and being swallowed by the contents of what you are reading, in other words, you feel more involved when you are using a physical book.
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