What do you think about Samsung Galaxy S8?

I am using Samsung Galaxy J7+and planning to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S8. Did you guys use this new smartphone and it is worth buying or using? any comments?
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To be honest I haven't tried using any Samsung Phone but almost all of my friends are avid fans of Samsung Galaxy S8 and according to them the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best Samsung phone so far.
Am a fan of Samsung phones, my previous phone was Samsung galaxy S8 edge. My opinion on Samsung S8 is its an awesome phone with stunning camera, if u love taking photos you will definitely love this phone. Also it has good battery life and its available in grey, silver and black. Perhaps if you want a better deal you could wait for Samsung S9 with much better features since I heard it will be released in about a month's time.


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Mmm I haven't use a samsung s8 because it's very expensive for me as a student. But I already seen many reviews about this phone and it's great said by the users and I'm excited to have one in the future I guess. They don't have any issues on the phone and the developer can make an update if there is.
I once own Galaxy S8 but I accidentally drop it from a 4th floor building. Surprisingly It still work but the screen was extremely damaged. Base on the scenario I think Samsung products are pretty durable.
Some of my friends own Samsung galaxy s8 and I envy them. Lol. Super clear camera, long-lasting battery life, wonderful water resistant design, it is pretty amazing. No wonder it was awarded as the best smartphone of 2017. It's price lowered big time as it was launched last year. Even s9 will be released soon, I think s8 is still worth buying. It's still on my wishlist and hopefully, I can have it soon.
But of course, if the price isn't an issue to you and you can wait for the release, you can also consider buying s9.
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I am actually planning to have another phone because of business matters and I am into Samsung-researching lately and what I have discovered were the specifications of Samsung galaxy s8, and I liked it! I hope this will be available in my hometown, because I gotta purchase one asap.
My wife used to have Samsung S8, it is expensive, it's because of that screen. The screen is the sharpest, clearest and gives lovely color for a great movie watching. I also believe that S8 is one of the most secure phones, it can be unlocked with your face, a fingerprint or an iris scan. It's a good phone for her.
It is expensive for now but i am planning to buy it soon. I am saving extra money for it and maybe the price will be lower in the near future. haha. I am interested to own one for i have read, seen and heard about it a lot, positive things i may say. My friend also have one and been talking about it that much in such a good way.
It's very expensive I can't buy one but my mom just bought it recently so I was able to experience it. The screen it the best; it's the feature that stands the most, and it has the best design so far. The fingerprint sensor is a huge miss and your hands must be dry before unlocking it too.
my current phone now that I use is Samsung j7 too, and I don't have any idea about Samsung s8 but if I have a chance to buy and have enough money I will look for it, but I still look the specs first.I think it has more new features are added.
It's to expensive and I think some people want's to own it not because of it's performance but the fame they get when they own it. I would rather buy an Asus Zenfone AR or Sony XZ which for me performs better than those mainstream phone.
It is expensive for some people while others didn't think it is expensive because they could want to have a professional and beautiful smartphone. You can feel that when you have it on hand.
There is a lot of not so expensive phone that can out perform both Iphone and Samsung. Don't get me wrong, I use both IOS and Android as a matter of fact I am currently using a Iphone 8+. Since Iphone claimed they have the best camera, I compared the Iphone 8+ to my not so old Sony XZ and the result was not the Iphone claims it should be. Well that's my opinion.
i think the s8's price is not that reasonable to what the s8's specs is. there are a lot more cheaper units on the market that can deliver what the s8 can interms of specs and performance. but yeah it still totally depends on what you use it for. if you just need a phone just to use it for calls, messaging and social media, then s8 would not serve its worth. instead stay with the lower versions of the S series. But if you're more of a gamer, loves performance, good looking screen, edits pictures and takes pictures like a lot, and edits videos using their smartphone then yes S8 is a good match for your needs.
Samsung S8 is absolutely good, but it is so expensive that buying it is not a practical thing. If you have a lot of extra money why not buy it, maybe its worth it, but if you don't, just stick on the phone that you're using, it is still a good phone. Sometimes you just have to be contented on the phone that you already have.
Samsung s8 is obviously good. Even though I do not have one but I had tried to use it before when I borrow the phone of my friend just to take a picture. Honestly, I like the quality of it except for its camera on the front cam. I do not know, almost everybody loves the quality of its camera but I do not like it. It's because of the obvious filters which I observe that it changes the shape of my face and complexion. Besides, I do not need filters because I am confidently beautiful with a heart :) . I just want a camera that makes great photos.


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Seems like an amazing phone with countless options on it, obviously for that price you are bound to get a high quality phone. If you have cash, that sweet, green paper, then do it. I have received nothing but good feedback from my friends who bought it.
In my opinion Samsung Galaxy S8 has many new features that makes this smartphone better than previous flagships of Samsung. Samsung introduced Samsung DeX, Microsoft Continuum-like feature that allows users use smartphone like a computer by docking it to monitor, keyboard and mouse. It also comes with heart rate sensor and support Samsung Pay with NFC and MST connectivity.
It's a great device. It looks good and pretty attractive. I like the water resistant and wireless charging feature of this smartphone. I will definitely buy Samsung Galaxy S8 if I have enough money on me. It's very expensive but if you have the money, go for it.
Well at the moment i owned one right now and using it for daily use.have to say device is amazing.But will say every one of us is different. the whole experience as using this phone, its shape ,and specially design is so impressive to me.only thing is speaker is not very good.it works well but if you are music listener without headphones than you might not like it,otherwise its a brilliant device.
Overall it has good voice but its not stereo speakers.But they are quite loud.As i myself don't really feel a difference.but overall its has a good experience
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