Nokia 3310: The return of the legend?

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If you're born in the 70's and 80's, I'm sure you're as familiar as me with this awesome phone that became a crazed in the 90's. I heard that HMD Global has launched a new version of this handset in 4G! Do you think that this amazing phone can still regain its former glory?
It is an awesome phone in the 90's but I think it is not helpful for works like smartphones today, estimate a few people are using this phone because it has low price and familiar with some who like phones in 90's.
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I almost bought this phone last month when I was looking for a small phone to use and free the work load on my android smartphone phone. There was a promo about the phone and I called one of the sales attendants to find out which product that they are marketing and to my greatest surprise, the guy told me it's a new version of Nokia 3310. To be honest, I felt he was trying to sell me a lie in order just to make a sale because this is something very peculiar here, so I wasn't convinced and I never bought the phone.

I never actually tried to Google the product in order to find out if a new product version of the Nokia 3310 was actually manufactured, but on reading about it here on this thread, I'm so regretting not buying the phone because Nokia phone products happens to among the strongest and most durable phones I know.
Yeah, I think it regains its fame just like in the early days. In fact, I have my own, I just purchased one last year and it still great like the previous version. The great things about the previous version of Nokia 3310; it is compact and strong. Now I like it more because the screen is colored and has a camera too.

Today, here in my country. I've seen many people who have it. That proves that Nokia is still a strong brand.

I just hope that Nokia will regain its global market share. And develop more top of the line smartphones that can compete with the existing brands that dominate the smartphone industry.
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Wow, what a nice looking 3310. I hope Nokia can recover and become successful once more like they were back then. I am fan of this brand and I am looking forward to buy new mobile phones from them.
I used to love this old Nokia 3310 phone back in college. Everyone was talking about it like it was in everybody's wishlist. I remember looking at it from the store's glass phone showcase selling it like it was the best creation in the world.

I did not expect that it's gonna be back in the future of course with the brand new version. But I don't know how people of the new generation will appreciate this kind of cellphone because it might confuse them with this same old brand new cellphone.

The phone is light and thin, and puts a twist on the 2000 version, with a bigger screen and smoother finish.

In terms of functionality, using the click-buttons takes some readjusting, and the central controller is fairly clunky to navigate.

While the phone does have predictive texting, it didn't seem to recognize several words or names, which we had to manually add to the dictionary.

The phone's camera is very low resolution and photos came out grainy. The Nokia 3310 could be a good secondary back-up phone, we don't see many people choosing to use it as their primary device.
I think it will just soon phase out or its popularity will just fade soon. For me, the main reason why it booms to popularity is that of nostalgia feeling but in terms of practicality and what is usually demand nowadays, people will switch to smartphones when it comes to choosing than Nokia 3310.

I believe Nokia is in the progress of rising again, but they can’t revive Nokia’s 3310 former glories. All that is left is to move on and go with the latest trend in the society.
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